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  • sex doll laying on bed

    The Best Silicone Sex Dolls (Must-See)

    I’ve put together a list of my favorite silicone sex dolls, these are seriously the best dolls money can buy. I own three of them and really recommend you try one of them out yourself. More

  • Male sex doll on couch smoking a cigarette

    Best Male Silicone Sex Dolls

    Are you looking for a male sex doll? I have a collection of the finest male sex dolls money can buy, this list is so amazing you need to check it out. More

  • Female sex doll torso exposing breasts on sofa

    Best Sex Doll Torsos (Budget Dolls)

    Owning mini sex dolls and sex doll torsos is really a convenient way to enjoy sex dolls but without taking up too much space. These types of sex dolls are ideal for those who live in smaller homes with not much space, those who live with roommates, and those without the budget for a full-sized […] More

  • sex doll in sultry pose on bed

    The Best Realistic Sex Dolls Money Can Buy

    If you’re looking to buy a realistic doll I’ve spent a few weeks putting together a list of the best dolls from all over the internet. I’ve personally got three dolls and this is made from all my research from my past purchases. More

  • sex doll laying on bed

    7 Reasons You Need To Buy A Silicone Sex Doll

    What are the reasons you should try a sex doll? I’m going to break down the real reason you should get one of these ultra-realistic sex dolls, as a guy who ones two and uses them all the time I’ve found there are a few massive reasons everyone needs to try one of these dolls. More

  • realistic sex doll on bed

    Advice sex doll owners need to know

    I’ve owned life-like dolls for years now and I’ve found out some pretty crazy things that I wish I knew at the start. So, I decided to create this article to show other sex doll owners tips and tricks they need to know to get the most out of their sex dolls. More

  • life like doll on floor

    Does owning a realistic sex doll make you weird?

    The idea of owning a realistic doll made for sex is weird, however, it’s no different from owning any other sex toy, but, yet it feels different. I personally own two and I know a few other sex doll uses who help me write this blog. We all have different views, so I put them together and to find out if owning one of these life-like dolls is creepy and weird or can it be perfectly normal if done right? More

  • How A Sex Doll Could Spice Up Your Marriage

    Adding a sex doll to our relationship has completely changed the way we have sex and I’ve decided to create this article to show you what adding a sex doll to your marriage can do in terms of spicing things up. I go into detail and even show you the dolls we use. More

  • woman on hotel chair

    Simulating A Threesome With A Sex Doll

    One of the best sexual experiences of my life happened recently with my girlfriend when we brought my realistic sex doll into the bedroom and simulated a threesome, it felt so amazing and we’ve said it was one of the best sexual experiences of our relationship and I’m going to tell you how to do it too. More

  • sex doll laying face down on bed

    Will Sex Dolls Replace Women?

    Sex dolls are slowly becoming as real as women and with the new robot technology, it’s becoming hard to feel the difference between real sex and robotic sex with a realistic sex doll. I look at some research, compare my own experience and tell you whether these sex dolls will replace women. More

  • sex doll on bed

    The Real Price of a Realistic Sex Doll

    If you want to be the owner of a realistic sex doll, I’m talking as realistic as the picture above, what are the real costs, is it cheaper or more expensive than people make out? I will tell you about my experience in owning two of these sex dolls and about how you can get massive money off these dolls if you’re smart and buy them in the right places. More

  • realistic doll

    How to Hide a Sex Doll (The Non-Creepy Way)

    Hiding a life-size sexual doll is creepy, there’s no way around it. As an owner, I’ve found that out for myself, however, if you do it right it doesn’t have to be creepy at all. In fact, it’s just the same as hiding any other type of sex toy. You will learn how to hide your doll without causing damage to it and how to make it so no-one finds it. More

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