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    How to care for your silicone sex doll

    Japanese sex doll nude posing for the camera

    Caring for your sex doll once you have bought it is so important, it’s a responsibility owning a sex doll and they often cost quite a lot of money so you, of course, want to do everything to prevent your sex doll from deteriorating and losing any of its quality. There are lots of things […]

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    Must-Have Cheap Sex Dolls

    Often when we hear the word ‘cheap’ or ‘inexpensive’ when looking at sex dolls you imagine you will find the awful 90’s blow-up sex dolls or some cheap sex doll that will fall apart within the first use. I am just a normal guy and I love sex dolls but I haven’t always got the […]

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    Best Male Silicone Sex Dolls

    Male sex doll on couch smoking a cigarette

    Gay men, straight men, bisexual men, curious men and women all own male silicone sex dolls. Sex dolls aren’t just modeled on women, there is a handful of male sex silicone dolls that get used just as much. It can sometimes be hard to imagine a male sex doll if you have never seen one […]

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    Best Sex Doll Torsos (Budget Dolls)

    Female sex doll torso exposing breasts on sofa

    Owning mini sex dolls and sex doll torsos is really a convenient way to enjoy sex dolls but without taking up too much space. These types of sex dolls are ideal for those who live in smaller homes with not much space, those live with roommates and those without the budget for a full-sized sex […]

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    Advice sex doll owners need to know

    realistic sex doll on bed

    I’ve owned life-like dolls for years now and I’ve found out some pretty crazy things that I wish I knew at the start. So, I decided to create this article to show other sex doll owners tips and tricks they need to know to get the most out of their sex dolls.

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    Does owning a realistic sex doll make you weird?

    life like doll on floor

    The idea of owning a realistic doll made for sex is weird, however, it’s no different from owning any other sex toy, but, yet it feels different. I personally own two and I know a few other sex doll uses who help me write this blog. We all have different views, so I put them together and to find out if owning one of these life-like dolls is creepy and weird or can it be perfectly normal if done right?

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