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    My Girlfriend Tried These Vibrating Panties

    woman in panties showing butt in mirror

    I had never even heard of vibrating panties until I read an article online where a boyfriend had bought them for his girlfriend as a surprise. I was so turned on by said article and what they got up to that I did some research of my own, told my boyfriend all about what I […]

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    The Best Sex Swing (My Girlfriend Tested Them All)

    girlfriend in lingerie taking selfie in mirror

    My girlfriend and I have been testing more sex toys, well not sex toys, more sex accessories and by that I mean sex swings. We spent the last few months trying to find the best swing and we finally have… Seriously it’s a game changer.

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    Cheap Sex Toys (Guide You Need To Read)

    woman in blue lingerie

    When it comes to buying sex toys, the saying “You get what you pay for” definitely rings true. That’s not to say that all sex toys are fairly priced, however. Most sex toys that have received a lot of mainstream attention tend to have a significant markup far beyond the cost of materials and shipping. […]

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    The Best Fleshlight I Have Ever Used

    woman with tongue out

    Guys, we have all heard about fleshlights, those sex toys that resemble a female vagina that you can slide over your dick at any moment of the day and mimic the sensation of fu*king a real pussy? If you haven’t heard of a fleshlight that was a pretty solid description, but all you really need […]

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    I’ve Found The Best Male Vibrator

    woman on top of man on bed

    Today I am going to be introducing you to the best male vibrator I have ever used. It had me moaning, cumming and it delivered a new thrill to me and the way I cum. I think it is so etched into our brains that for men there is only one concrete way to cum […]

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    The One Trick I Use To Make My Girlfriend Cum

    We all like to make our partner’s happy, I love nothing more than seeing my girlfriend cum all over my cock and hearing her moan is like a drug to me. However, hearing them moans and making them cum can sometimes prove quite difficult and it can put a bit of a downer on the […]

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    10 Sexual Gifts To Get Your Partner

    woman laying on bed in fishnets

    Hi guys, I am the worst at gifts, I forget to buy them, I leave things too late and I never know what to actually buy that was until I found that my girlfriend loved getting sex orientated gifts and thankfully I in a world that I understand and I have been gifting her some […]

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    All Time Best Cock Ring I Have Ever Used

    woman on bed in beautiful lingerie and stockings

    I want to dive straight into this article and show you my favorite products, tell you all about my experience with them and explain what they do for me. A cock ring is a male sex toy that nestles around the base of your penis restricting blood flow, it can make your penis ‘larger’, it […]

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    I Tested The Best Penis Pumps

    man sitting on chair with amazing body

    I had heard a lot about penis pumps, a few of my sex blogger friends had told me to buy one and I had done extensive research on what they can actually do for me before I eventually just decided to go ahead and buy the most popular one. Supposedly some penis pumps do different […]

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    How to care for your silicone sex doll

    Japanese sex doll nude posing for the camera

    Caring for your sex doll once you have bought it is so important, it’s a responsibility owning a sex doll and they often cost quite a lot of money so you, of course, want to do everything to prevent your sex doll from deteriorating and losing any of its quality. There are lots of things […]

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    Must-Have Cheap Sex Dolls

    Often when we hear the word ‘cheap’ or ‘inexpensive’ when looking at sex dolls you imagine you will find the awful 90’s blow-up sex dolls or some cheap sex doll that will fall apart within the first use. I am just a normal guy and I love sex dolls but I haven’t always got the […]

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