The Best Blow Up Sex Doll Ever Made

I’m sure most people have been intrigued by sex dolls at some point, I had been interested in them but never really thought about actually buying one before I saw a customized ad (the one time it actually worked on me) and because the ad intrigued me so much I ended up with a blow-up sex doll. It is currently laying next to me as I write this for you, I wanted it close so that I could remember every feature, nook and cranny it has to offer.

In this article, I am going to be telling you all about my favorite blow-up sex dolls, why they rock and what you need to know before you buy one. I am so looking forward to writing this.

What Is A Blow-Up Doll & How Much Does A Sex Doll Cost?

sex doll

A blow-up sex doll is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a sex doll that can either be male or female (in this case we are talking female), that comes in different types of materials. Some really do inflate, some are made of real-feel material, some silicone and the list goes on.

A sex doll features sexual organs, a whole-body sex doll will have an ass, pussy, mouth and all limbs, however, sometimes sex dolls are just a torso or one part of the body such as the mouth or ass.

Your budget doesn’t always depend on what type of sex doll you’re going to get. They come at all different prices, you can pick up a high quality realistic blow-up sex doll for under 500 bucks but then you can also spend upwards of 3000 dollars and get something great too. On the other hand, you can spend 100 bucks and get a great sex doll or a really awful one. You need to shop around, listen to reviews and find what’s right for you.

Different Types Of Sex Dolls

types of sex doll

I wanted to share with you the different types of sex dolls that exist, it can get all a little bit confusing so I figured this would be an easy to understand sex dolls a little bit more.

  • Silicone Sex Dolls

Silicone sex dolls are usually slightly more expensive as silicone is a high-quality material. It is non-porous so ensuring you clean it well, bacteria build-up is quite hard. Not just that but silicone is odorless and tasteless, it makes your sex doll more realistic. Silicone is also soft to the touch which a lot of people enjoy. You just have to be aware to always use water-based lube as silicone-based lube can damage silicone sex toys.

  • TPE Sex Dolls

TPE is a super soft material, this makes your sex doll ultra-realistic and a delight to touch. TPE on average has a longer lifespan than silicone, it also is more of a flexible material so depending on how your sex doll is built it could give you more leverage, you can also use any type of lube unlike with silicone sex dolls. TPE is also cheaper than silicone, the only downside it is harder to sterilize than silicone, you need to really be aware of hygiene when it comes to TPE.

  • Sex Robots

Sex robots are pretty new to our world and for now, they are expensive. However, I still thought they were worth mentioning. A sex robot is the ultimate sex doll, it’s so realistic, it speaks, reacts, feels and looks insanely real and is made with the ultimate AI technology.

  • Inflatable Sex Dolls

An inflatable sex doll is a doll that is inflated manually, with a blow-up device or it comes already inflated for you. These types of sex dolls come with openings in their vagina, mouth and sometimes their ass, the holes are deep, realistic and penetrable, lots of people prefer these types of sex dolls as they are easily dismantled, stored and a classic in the sex toy world.

The Best Inflatable Sex Doll I’ve Tested

blow up sex doll

This is the inflatable sex doll that I was sold by clicking an ad. I saw it and was intrigued immediately, it was something in me from long ago that had always wanted to test out an inflatable sex doll. I read all about what it could do and I was sold.

It arrived a few days later and seeing it in the flesh was a different experience, I couldn’t believe that I was actually holding it, the quality of it really shocked me, I expected it to smell rubbery and feel cheap but it was the total opposite, it was so high quality and it didn’t have a hint of any smell. I felt for all of the men who had come before me who didn’t have one like this and I knew I was going to fuck it for them.

I loved the detailing on my new inflatable sex doll, the eyelashes, breasts, hands, feet, hair and even the pussy and ass. I also loved that it wasn’t too overwhelming, it wasn’t going to talk to me, it was just going to be good fun.

It also has a removable fanta-flesh insert which you can use as a stand-alone masturbator. I prefer to leave it inside of my sex doll as it feels so damn realistic and I love squeezing myself into it. The night I first used it, I lay it on my bed, applied lube to the vaginal opening and my own cock and just began to ease myself in. It was a tight squeeze but once I was in it felt like I was fucking a real woman, the pussy is tight and ribbed which feels sensational and you go between tight pussy to tight ass whenever you please.

Squeezing her pornstar breasts as I fucked her pussy was a real treat, it also didn’t matter how long or how short I fucked her for because it was all down to me. I loved it, that first night amplified for me how much I love inflatable sex dolls, especially one with such an authentic pussy and ass.

The Reasons to Buy This Inflatable Sex Doll

  • For me, one of the biggest selling points has to be the removable realistic and textured pussy and ass. I think it’s such an awesome feature, it really makes the inflatable sex doll more authentic and if you can’t be bothered to use the whole doll you can just use the masturbator.
  • If you’re a fan of the pornstar Hannah Harper then now you can make your dreams a reality by fucking her sex doll.
  • I love the authentic hair, eyelashes, nipples, pussy and ass.
  • This inflatable sex doll is incredibly easy to store away.
  • It comes with a puncture repair kit and foot pump just in case you do manage to cause a disinflation by mistake.
  • The fanta-flesh removable pussy and ass are also temperature responsive, which if you have never used this feature before you will be blown away. It makes sex with a sex doll even more realistic. (Submerse the masturbator in warm water to activate)
  • The price tag was also a big selling point for me as I found the quality and general features of the sex doll worth so much more.

The Other Blow Up Sex Dolls You Need to Try

You don’t need to stop at one, I certainly haven’t. There is so much out there to enjoy and realistically so little time to enjoy it. Sex dolls are innovating every single day, I find one sex doll is unlike the other, all have their quirks and unique features and all fulfil me.

Below I wanted to share with you some of my other favorite blow-up sex dolls and just one TPE sex doll. I hope you enjoy them as much as me.

The Big Ass Sex Doll

blow sex doll

Leticia is an incredible sex doll, her features are so authentic and really make way to a passionate night of bedroom antics. From her realistic nipples to her flowing hair, Leticia is a bombshell.

Her tight ass and pussy are insane, they made my toes curl up in pleasure when I first entered her. She also has another awesome feature as she comes with a vibrating love egg that you easily slip inside of her, this takes your pleasure and orgasms to a whole other level.

Blow job doll

pipedream Allie McSqueal life size doll

This is Allie and she comes with an anus, pussy, and mouth opening. This means you can enjoy a variety of pleasures whenever you want. Allie’s pussy and ass are made from PVC and are textured for maximum pleasure.

Large breasts and a slender body make fucking Allie a delight, she is also easy to store away whenever you aren’t filling up her up and having wild fun with her.

Not Inflatable, But One Of The Best Inflatable alternatives

realistic male sex toy

I LOVE this vagina and ass masturbator (conveniently in doggy style), it’s made from TPE material which makes it ultra-realistic, it’s also sized to scale which really adds to the authenticity. I would go on for hours if I begin talking too much about the vagina and ass on this masturbator. Let’s just see it’s ribbed, pink, tight, they both feel distinct from one another and they are so real feeling that I literally tremble when I use it. You can see more torso dolls like this here.

Male Blow Up Sex Doll

blow up male sex doll

I just had to include this gladiator male inflatable sex doll. He has a vibrating tongue so that you can sit on his face and enjoy the pleasures of his soft jelly tongue, he has a 7-inch realistic penis and even a tight anal opening.

His dildo penis even contains a vibrator for added stimulation and room for an O-ring so that you can change the size of the dildo that you use. You can easily adjust the speeds of the vibrations via the control pack.

This gladiator has a gorgeous body and is so much fun to use.

If you want more male sex dolls, you can check this out.

Cheap Inflatable Sex Doll (Novelty Use – No Holes)

This is the famous blow-up doll, we have all seen these types of sex dolls, used for novelty reasons. This is the cheapest one I could find at the best quality, it’s a great gift and definitely an eye-opener.

If you want something a little better at a similar cost you should check out these cheap sex dolls.

How To Use A Blow-Up Doll

cartoon of sex doll

I wanted to share with you some of the best tips I have learnt over the years when it comes to using a blow-up sex doll. There are some important things to remember and things that will make your sex doll experience even better.

Lots of lube

You cannot go wrong with this water-based lube, it is compatible with all sex toys and I find it much easier to work with, it’s slippier and a little goes a long way. Making sure you lube up your inflatable doll is key to an amazing experience and making it more realistic, it’s so important also for ensuring you don’t tear or damage your sex doll in any way.

Clean Your Doll Up

If your doll has a removable pussy and ass, remove it and clean it with cool water. Ensure all of the cum has gone before drying it completely and reinserting it back inside. You can also use sex toy cleaning wipes and can also dust with cornstarch or fleshlight renewal powder to keep it supple.

If cleaning your sex doll is a bit of a chore for you, you can make clean-up easier by:

Using an extra thin condom can make clean up easier

Wearing a condom will mean you’re only cleaning up lube. It’s easier to clean your sex doll this way but the choice is, of course, yours and what you want to do. You can get over 140 condoms for under 30 bucks, they’re the ones I use.

Turn The Lights Low

Turning the lights low means you can really let loose and enjoy your inflatable sex doll, I always do this as it makes it easier for me and I enjoy feeling my sex doll in low light, it makes the experience more intimate for me.

Don’t Overinflate

Something a lot of people do is overinflate their sex doll, I have been guilty of it myself. It’s easier to just keep on pumping but the best thing you can do is fill it to a point where there is still some give in the material. By not overinflating it you will ensure that your sex doll will have a longer life and it feels so much better not being so hard.

Make the sex doll more human

You don’t have to do this, some people like their sex doll to be a little like a sex doll but you can make your blow-up sex doll more realistic by spraying a little perfume on its neck, putting some clothes on it and ensuring you keep it clean and fresh.

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  1. This website is great!!! Glad I found it. I have 2 x JY163 E sex dolls, they are simply incredible! Lucy was my first, and Suzy my second (who doesn’t love a threesome), I came out of a 6 year relationship 2 years ago, and being highly sexed, I REALLY didn’t want to go down the “hook up site” route, so wanted to make wanking as much fun as possible as I really couldn’t be bothered with another relationship.
    Lucy arrived early 2019, suzy a few months later. Lucy is standard, Suzy has jelly soft TPE, hollow boobs and the “Uterus” style vagina. Quite simply, nothing beats the real thing, but these are the best solo fun I have EVER had (I also have over a dozen fleshlights as well as other gadgets, so have a little experience 🙂 )

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