Best Male Silicone Sex Dolls

Gay men, straight men, bisexual men, curious men and women all own male silicone sex dolls. Sex dolls aren’t just modeled on women, there is a handful of male sex silicone dolls that get used just as much.

It can sometimes be hard to imagine a male sex doll if you have never seen one before because they aren’t as popular nor as mainstream.

My girlfriend and I bought a male sex toy once we started simulating threesomes with our sex dolls and although I felt a little weird at first, she loved it and seeing her getting off on it, made me equally as excited.

We also found that she loves sex machines, so if you want another realistic option that’s a little cheaper, check out this guide we did on our favorite sex machines.

There are only a handful of male sex dolls that I know of and want to actually talk about so below I have outlined my top 4 (including my girlfriends favorite):

The Best Male Sex Dolls

Male sex doll wearing a towel
You can get this male sex doll here.

This is my girlfriend’s favorite male sex doll, this is the first male sex doll that she tried out and she can never get enough of him.

We changed his hair to black and his eyes to blue, but there are lots of options to choose from. Hunter has chiseled abs, a muscular body and a huge 8-inch penis.

Hunter loves anal and oral sex as well as pleasing you with his large, realistic and veiny c*ck.

This silicone sex doll also measures 5’3 inches which is a really realistic height for a sex doll. Because of the steel skeleton, Hunter can maneuver into many positions and pleasure you in any way that you need.

Why This Is Our Favorite Sex Doll-

  • 8-inch hard realistic c*ck (also detachable)
  • 5’3 inches of realistic height
  • Customizable eye color, hair color and standing option
  • Gorgeous body
  • Realistic and authentic experiences

Although pricey this sex doll has allowed myself and my girlfriend to experience things we would never have before. We aren’t open to allowing strangers into our sex life so owning our own sex dolls is ideal as we can experiment and experience new things whenever we feel like it.

Cute male sex doll posing for the camera
You can get this sex doll here.

Ethan is a cute male sex doll that measures 5’3 inches in height and has a throbbing 8-inch detachable penis. Ethan may look young but this is all down to genetics as he is actually in his 20’s. Once you feast your eyes upon his muscular body you will see just how mature he actually is.

You can bend the skeleton easily and ensure Ethan is in your favorite positions. He loves being spanked and he loves it when you take total control.

This male sex doll is astonishingly realistic and customizable so you can make him as desirable as you wish. Dress him up or keep him naked, it’s up to you as all he aims to do is please you and ensure you are having the best time.

Male sex doll on couch smoking a cigarette
You can get him at the best price here.

Liam has dashingly good looks, it feels as though he is undressing you with his eyes through the screen. His body, face and penis are all striking and make him a much sought after silicone sex doll.

Liam has an amazing 8-inch detachable penis that provides glorious internal stimulation, he also loves oral sex (giving and receiving).

This sex doll can be put into most sex positions and enjoys penetrating you and being penetrated by you. He has had some experience but he will be devoted to you and your body as soon as he arrives on your doorstep.

Male sex doll with striking features posing
You can get this amazing sex doll here.

Patrick is an anime-inspired Japanese male silicone sex doll. He has a chiseled face and striking silver hair (that can be changed to blonde, brown, black or silver). Patrick is ideal for men and women thanks to his insanely good looks, 8-inch penis, oral sex skills and deep anus.

Patrick has an amazing body, measures 5’3 inches in height and longs for a life-long partner that he can please and spend his days with.

I have never seen an anime-inspired sex doll like Patrick before, he is definitely unique in his looks and has a moody/sensual look going on that is desirable and intriguing.

How To Care For Your Male Sex Doll

Caring for your male sex doll is really important, whilst they can withstand quite a lot it is important to do/not do certain things in order to maintain them and ensure they are always in top form.

  • Always use water-based lube, always. You can use your own spit but using lube is always the best option as it makes the sensations more realistic and prevents and rips and tears over time. This goes for any sex toy/sex doll, lube isn’t expensive and a little always goes a long way.
  • Cleaning your sex doll after use is also very important, clean your doll as per the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent smell and bacteria from building up on your sex doll.
  • Store your sex doll in bed, in an upright position or lying flat in a cool and dry place. Bending and cramping your sex doll into tight spaces for long periods of time isn’t ideal and will deteriorate the quality of your sex doll.
  • If you can remove your dolls clothes when not in use this is best but if you can’t, ensure there are no tight accessories or clothing restricting the sex doll as these may cause indentations. Also, make sure not to dress your sex doll in dark clothing for long periods of time for fear of staining your sex doll.


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    • My thoughts exactly. None of the ones I have seen, on any website, are aesthetically appealing to me. I’m hoping that in time, as much focus will be put into the males as there already is on the female dolls, with more options. I am awestruck by how real the female ones look.

  1. I was thinking that exact thing that the above posts mention. I want a rugged barrel chested muscle guy with a more chisled handsome face. I don’t want a man that loves likes he’s gay! I want to man that looks like he wants a woman!

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