I Tried A Sex Machine With My Boyfriend

The best sex machine I’ve used – feel like the sex queen you are
Confession time – I was never really into these things, looking back. Fuck machines looked like too much hassle to me.

Why would I get one if I had dildos and vibrators and other fun thingies? But wow, I’m so happy I came around! Since trying it out, I looove having it in the bedroom with my boyfriend. I’d say he equally loves seeing me get off and scream from multiple orgasms wreaking havoc on my body and leaving me breathing heavily with the biggest smile ever.

As I’ll explain later, there is another major reason why I love sex machines. I feel so empowered when using them. They’re usually hands-free, I control the tempo and I can just sway to the inner rhythm of my body.

So no, this is not something only trashy aged porn stars use on those trashy adult comedy shows. This is something that I immensely enjoy using alone and with my partner. And you will, too, trust me on this!

So without further ado, let’s dive into the fantastic world of fuck machines because there is so much more to them than you’d expect! Did you know you could build one if you find the ready-made ones to expensive? Stick with me to find out how.

What Is a Sex Machine?

me next to my sybian sex machine
One of my sex machines <3

There are a lot of types of these adult machines, but some common elements are that they’re usually larger than other sex toys and have interchangeable elements.

As in, they can be unisex with attachments correlating to girls and guys. When it comes to their capabilities, they vibrate, stroke, thrust, or can do all of that!

Taking all of this into account, you all can already see that everyone can find a sex machine that suits their needs, so maximum pleasure and earth-shattering orgasms are a sure thing!

This is additionally ensured by the fact that most of these are hands-free, meaning you can kick back and let the waves of satisfaction wash over you.
I’m gonna walk you shortly through some common types of fuck machines:

Saddle machines

If the topic of sex machines is relatively new to you, you’re probably at least heard of or have seen a saddle machine.

I used to get so jealous and horny seeing girls in porn writhing in pleasure while riding one of these babies.

I was beyond the moon when I finally got mine and I’ll get to that shortly, but for now, a short description of this fun plaything: As you probably figured out yourself, you sit on ( aka saddle) these vibrating machines and on the stimulators added to them, which are usually dildos for your vagina or butthole, while most have additional parts to stimulate the clitoris.

Thrusting machines

It’s also easy to deduce this one and how it moves – in forward and backward motions, mimicking the feeling of a cock pounding your pussy.

I love thrusters and there was a wide array for me to choose from, depending on the size I wanted, the depth I needed, and if I wanted a handheld one or not.

To be honest, having a handheld is okay, but I wanted something more powerful, and non-handheld ones are exactly that. Especially stand-up thrusters that you put on a table or on the floor and on which you attach various sex toys to, so you can have loads of different fun with it!

DIY options

If you’re someone who enjoys putting up furniture from IKEA, lo and behold – a type of sex toy that you put together yourself!

Just kidding, it’s even easier than that, and you are the one hunting for the ideal toy mount, vibrating or thrusting dildo and so on. But it’s a fun challenge and a way to really get what you want from your fuck machine. Also, fret not, I will suggest some options later on.

There’s also the option of buying some sex furniture and making some light modifacations too it, but I’d recommend this for the more experienced.

The Best Sex Machine I Own

cowgirl sex machine

Nope it isn’t a moterbunny or a Sybian (even though I own one of them), It’s the cowgirl! It’s truley unreal!

I usually use this with my boyfriend watching or participating. And I just feel so comfortable using the Cowgirl Premium, with the sleek black design and all – it always makes me feel like a sex goddess.

When it arrived, my bf was so excited to have us try it out, but I told him I wanted a perfect setting.

So one weekend, I had a “treat yo’ self” day, because I knew that feeling myself would make me feel horny and confident as hell.

I ran some errands during the day, had my hair done, bought some makeup I ran out of and on the way home fantasized, planning my outfit and feeling myself getting wet just from imagining what was coming that evening. When I got home, I did my nails while watching my fave show and afterward took a long, steamy shower.

I lit scented candles around our bedroom and changed into my sexiest lingerie. My boyfriend got home soon after that and I immediately hung myself around his neck, making out passionately.

We moved our business into the bedroom, undressing slowly and getting into foreplay, with him going down on me, while I panted in excitement. I’ve already planted the new sex machine on the floor, so I went to sit on after my first O that evening. Since I already cummed, I was dripping wet, so the Wild West attachment slipped easily into my pussy.

Oh, and before I sat, I gave the remote control to my bf. We stared at each other, me kneeling on the machine, him sitting on the edge of the bed. Setting the vibration and rotation to low, he watched me moan in simmering pleasure.

I closed my eyes and threw my head back, letting the sensations wash over me when I heard him get up and walk towards me. I opened my eyes and took his cock into my mouth, sucking him slowly. The combo felt so good, we were at it for ages.

He took it out and sat back on the bed, cranking up the speed of the machine. I started writhing in ecstasy, feeling the orgasm building up. I was screaming at this point, my whole body trembling.

Just as it subsided, I was in for a surprise, because another one started almost immediately and honestly I felt lightheaded from the wonderful sensations. Just knowing that he was watching me made me feel so hot and powerful, adding to the experience.

Why I Can’t Stop Using This Machine

woman sitting on sex machine

From then on we’ve used it many times, in many variations and I definitely think of this as one of my better investments.

I love the two attachments, because they open a whole world of possibilities, in addition to the six vibrating patterns. It took me a while to get the gist of it all and try them out.

The biggest win for me is using the Wild West attachment’s rotating cock-like internal form because that baby just sends me to heaven.

The Rawhide attachment doesn’t have the dildo addition but is made for grinding and bumping. I just love getting lost while riding it (I’m wet just from thinking about it).

The remote control isn’t the only playful addition. My boyfriend and I also use the app for controlling my pleasure. There is even a video chat platform, we have used it a few times when he had to travel, with fun results.

How Much Does This Sex Machine Cost?

You have to bear in mind that a machine this big and versatile will be pricier than your regular dildo.

Get ready to cash out around 1,5k, but rest assured that you will be set for ages with it.

I’ve called it an investment for a reason, and it really is worthwhile! Unfortunately, I know not everyone is privileged like this, so I’ll explain later on how to put together a DIY one for around 150 dollars.

How to Use This Sex Machine?

how to use a sex machine guide

You should always set it on a solid, steady and flat surface, so you can keep your balance. Thank god there is an instruction manual, which I took my time to read the first time I’ve used my machine (ok I’m lying, I went over it a few times after that, too).

I followed the steps to plug everything in accordingly which was really easy with the instructions. The remote is also easy to use and is connected by a cord to the rest of the machine.

Two knobs are used to change the rotations and vibrations, there is also a pattern button.

You can also use the app instead which is even more simple because it has arrows for changing the intensity.

Your bluetooth has to be switched on, so the phone can pair up with the fuck machine.

By the way, I didn’t use lube the first time because I was already so wet, but generally, I do, especially when using the dildo addition.

When it comes to the cleaning afterward, I remove and clean the additional parts with soap and mild-temperature water, while I use a damp cloth to wipe down the rest of the machine (because electricity, duh).

Close Second Favorite: The Thrusting Dildo Sex Machine

thrusting sex machine

When it comes to thrusting options, I wanted to try them out so bad. And after a lot of testing, this thrusting sex machine was the one I fell in love with!

Please don’t be put off by the hard steel, because it really is a shame to miss out on the satisfaction this brings!

Seriously, it brought me three orgasms in a row. I was alone one night and decided to have some fun by myself.

I turned on some porn and started playing with myself when a light bulb turned on in my head. I took out the thrusting Hismith machine and positioned it for missionary style.

Lubing up and letting the porn play out the whole time, I took the remote and turned it on the lowest setting for starters. I continued watching, touching my clit while having my pussy filled with a big, meaty dildo.

This was heaven for me and I came in three orgasmic waves that left my legs feeling like spaghetti.

Why you gotta have this thing:

For starters, the dildo that comes with the package is average-sized, fit for most women, and covered in silicone, which doesn’t mess with your vagina flora.

It really lets me play with myself in the way I know best, because it’s my body, with multiple fantastic orgasms as a result. A hands-free thrusting toy I can control? Yes, please.

I use it in various positions – doggy, missionary, on top and even standing up! That last one is my boyfriend’s favorite, he comes in gushes of sticky sperm while watching me get pounded.

It’s not as loud as other similar toys I have tried

Where To Buy Hismith Compatible Dildos:

different dildos that work with hismith

I have several dildos that are compatible with the Hismith machine, in addition to the one that arrived with it.

I got them all from this one seller on Amazon and just love the double ones I use for double penetration! I’ve used that one while getting fucked doggy style and having my boyfriend watch.

Now THAT was a memorable night. Besides that one, I have the “two cocks, one hole” dildo, because sometimes I like to test and stretch my tight pussy. I have my boyfriend lube me, then loosen me up with his fingers and – it’s showtime.

I’d definitely recommend the extra-bumpy one, too, because that baby made me feel things I didn’t know I am capable to feel. The combination of the material and the bumps is super amazing.

You can find hismith compatible dildos here, that’s where I got mine.

How To Build A Sex Machine (Highly Recommended)

diy sex machine

It would be a shame if you missed on the customized version of a sex machine! My boyfriend put together one for me and he shared the details and the products he used. This is perfect for all of you who want to use a fuck machine, but find the prices a bit hefty.

Saddle Method (Under $150!):

If you wanna feel like a queen and ride to your own rhythm, then a DIY saddle machine resembling the first one I reviewed is perfect for you.

Step 1: Get This Toy Mount:

woman holding a sex toy mount

First, you need a toy mount, aka a base where you can attach your phallus-shaped addition. My boyfriend and I used this Liberator sex toy mount. The softness and plushness of it make it somehow adorable and approachable. It’s a nice change from the steel machinery you usually see with this stuff. The Liberator is thus a cushion with a mount for your adult toy.

Looking for something else? Here is another option:

woman in lingerie riding diy sex machine

This sex toy mount has a quality supportive base and the reviews confirm this. It is also suitable for a clit stimulator or vibrating bullet thanks to a pocket-within-a-pocket, and it can support two people!

Step 2: Find A Strong Vibrator

Small vibrator, big O’s! Seriously, this was such a good choice, because it stimulates my best bits in amazing ways. My boyfriend says it was a breeze to mount on the base of his DIY creation.

On the other hand, If you prefer penetration, this vibrating dildo is perfect according to reviews:

This realistic-looking dildo has a simple remote controller with 10 vibrating patterns!

It will fill your pussy nicely and send you into orgasmic heaven with a vast array of options!

Step 3: Put it all together

Mount your dildo or vibrator on the base and voila, you have a saddle sex machine for under $150!

The Thrusting Method:

diy thrust sex machine

If you’re more of a girl who likes to get pounded, then a thrusting sex machine is the way to go.

Step 1: Repeat Step One

Honestly, it’s the same as with the saddle method, so feel free to choose one of the two suggested bases.

Step 2: Find A Thrusting Dildo

This trusting thrusting dildo got me over the moon so many times, I’ve lost count! The adorable rabbit-shaped clit stimulator is my favorite part, it makes me roll my eyes back in sheer pleasure. You can use this guide to find the perfect sized dildo, size is everything after all.

Step 3: Stick it inside the liberator

Yup, again, that’s it. Take the dildo and attach it accordingly to the toy mount.

How To Upgrade Your Fuck Machine

different types of sex machine

Lube Up, Forever and Always & The Only Lube I Recommend

I always joke about how I am already half-satisfied when I use this sexual lube, cause it’s eco-friendly. So yay, that’s extra nice! Sliquid is water-based and totally vegan, it’s made for everyone. I like the consistency of it and the fact that it lasts a long time.

Roleplay A Threesome With Your Partner

Are you playful, but not THAT playful? Then a sex machine can be the perfect way to act like you’ve invited a hot guy into bed with you. I get tingly down there just thinking of my thrusting machine drilling my pussy and having my boyfriend’s cock in my mouth at the same time!

There is so much you can do with just one sex machine! From the different positions to the various settings – have it rotate around your pussy, just grind on it while it vibrates, have your partner watch or reward yourself with some “me time”. All in all, the world is your sexy oyster.

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