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    Erotica Sites Like Literotica

    Are you looking for an amazing erotic story blog? I love erotica and have been a big fan of literotica for years, but sometimes I get a little bored and need something real to enjoy, these are the sites I go to when that happens. More

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    Ball gag: The Full Guide to Using Ball Gags

    Looking for a ball gag? Maybe you want a o-ring, a spider gag or a gag that will make you drool everywhere? Or you want to find out what the above means? Either way I got you covered. You will learn everything you need to about ball gags in this simple guide. More

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    Size Queens Guide to Giant Dildos

    I’m a size queen, there I said it. I feel like big pleasure is the best pleasure and that’s why I decided to share my favorite large dildos and explain how I use them and why they bring me so much pleasure. More

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    Butt Plugs: The Ultimate Guide

    Butt plugs are one of the most underated sex toys out there. They can take basic sex and turn it into the most intense pleasure festival. That’s why I wanted to create this full guide on butt plugs and how to use them. More

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    What is the best anal dildo?

    What is the best anal dildo you can buy? I was curious and decided to find out. I asked friends and did lots of testing and I found this amazing anal dildo. More

  • woman in cute panties on bed

    My Pegging Story (Guide & Toys I Use)

    I love pegging my husband, there I said it. He came to me a few years ago and asked if I would try it and being a supportive wife I jumped at the chance to please him. I had no idea I’d enjoy it even more than him. More

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