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  • girlfriend in lingerie taking selfie in mirror

    The Best Sex Swing (My Girlfriend Tested Them All)

    My girlfriend and I have been testing more sex toys, well not sex toys, more sex accessories and by that I mean sex swings. We spent the last few months trying to find the best swing and we finally have… Seriously it’s a game changer. More

  • woman in blue lingerie

    Cheap Sex Toys (Guide You Need To Read)

    We all want amazing sex toys, at least I do, but not all of us have $100 to drop on a vibrator, so I created this list of the best budget sex toys most people will be able to afford and it’s a must read for beginners looking to build their adult toy collection. More

  • woman pulling down pants

    I’ve Found The Best Male Vibrator

    Who knew men could enjoy vibrators too? It blew my mind when I realized this and the pleasure something so simple can brings, is going to blow yours too. More

  • woman in blue lingerie with foot on chair

    Best Female Sex Toys I’ve Ever Used

    There’s a simple trick I always use to make my girlfriend cum. Sometimes she even squirts when I mix the tip up a little and it’s as simple as pressing a button. More

  • woman on red sofa

    10 Sexual Gifts To Get Your Partner

    We all need to spice things up sometimes and that’s why I created this beautiful guide to sexy gifts. It’s the perfect read if you’re looking to spice things up a little. More

  • before and after penis pump

    I Tested The Best Penis Pumps

    Penis pumps can be an amazing tool to give you a longer, harder erection. I use a few different types and I felt like it was time to talk about them and share some advice on using a penis pump. More

  • Must-Have Cheap Sex Dolls

    Are you on a budget, but still want to feel how amazing a realistic sex doll is? You need to try these budget realistic sex dolls. More

  • sex doll laying on bed

    The Best Silicone Sex Dolls (Must-See)

    I’ve put together a list of my favorite silicone sex dolls, these are seriously the best dolls money can buy. I own three of them and really recommend you try one of them out yourself. More

  • Male sex doll on couch smoking a cigarette

    Best Male Silicone Sex Dolls

    Are you looking for a male sex doll? I have a collection of the finest male sex dolls money can buy, this list is so amazing you need to check it out. More

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