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  • zoomed in photo of a couple facing away from camera. woman in femdom latex outfit pulling up mans top up. The image was taken in a bedroom in front of a bed

    Beginner To Advanced Gentle Femdom Guide

    This is a beginner to advanced gentle femdom guide that will show you exactly how to dominate from a place of love. It will also teach you how to submit and become a good sub for your femdom master. More

  • image of a woman taking a selfie in mirror in her bedroom. She is wearing red lingerie. It's a close up from her knees to her stomach.

    What Is It Like Being A Hotwife?

    I’ve been a hotwife for many years now and ever since Brandon first shared me I’ve loved the lifestyle, but there has been ups and downs, so I’ve decided to write about what it’s really like being a hotwife, the goods and bads and everything in between. More

  • two men sitting on the couch in the living room with a woman between them on her knees on the floor in her underwear undoing both their trousers

    Wife Wants A Threesome (What you should do)

    So, my wife wants a threesome, what do I do? If your wife wants a threesome there’s a few things you need to do to make sure it won’t hurt or break your relationship and these things are pretty simple and quick and will just make sure you’re ready for it. More

  • positive pregnancy test on pink background

    Breeding Kink Ideas (Full Guide To This Fetish)

    Do you have a breeding kink? If you do and want to take it to the next level, this is a list of the hottest breeding role play, dirty talk and situations to take your breeding to a new world of pleasure. You’ll honesty find things out about this kink you never knew you were a turn on to you. More

  • Cum Kink Guide: Guide To Cum Play

    Having a cum kink and a lust for cum play is super common and I wanted to create a guide about how to take your cum fetish to the next level, so I did and it will show you everything you need to know about cum and playing with it. More

  • white woman in yellow underwear and white stockings hugging a black guy in jeans and black t-shirt with his hand on her bottom and her hand on his chest in their living room.

    List of Cuckold And Hotwife Dirty Talk Ideas

    You can satisfy a cuckold in ways he never knew possible by learning the simple art of hotwife dirty talking. It can transform this kink and allow you to explore the mental aspects without even leaving your bedroom. It can also take couples who are already part of the hotwife lifestyle and make the sex they do have even better. More

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