The Best Realistic Sex Dolls Money Can Buy

Buying a sex doll was one of the best decisions I ever made, I bought my first sex doll before I met my girlfriend but we still use my sex dolls frequently and I don’t think I could have it any other way.

If you have never seen a realistic sex doll before you wouldn’t believe just how true to real life they actually are, every detail of my doll is crafted to perfection and feels like the real thing.

Now, I am not talking about any random sex dolls, my sex dolls are a little bit pricey but their realism is just jaw-dropping and I couldn’t downgrade now that I have tried out sex dolls as realistic as mine.

I wanted to make a list for my readers consisting of my favorite realistic sex dolls that are customizable, incredibly realistic and the best in the industry:

sex doll standing against a wall
This doll is called Gabriella and you can get here at the best price there.

This is Gabriella, a silicone sex doll (more silicone dolls here) with a thick big ass. It’s hard to tell she’s a sex doll from the picture but I promise you she is. Her big ass and muscular thighs feel incredible as they wrap around you and guide you into her realistic pussy and ass.

You can give her brown, green or blue eyes and blonde, black or brown hair so you can make her absolutely perfect for you.

Gabriella has an outstanding ass but keeps a petite frame measuring 5’2 with perky B-cup breasts and a flat stomach. You can move her into any position you want and she will gladly invite you into her mouth, ass and vagina that all come with fantastic detailing and realistic textures.

You can also use this guide to see how to take care of your silicone doll, it’s easy to keep these dolls like new if you follow that guide.

sex doll with red hair on bed
You can get Auburn here on SiliconWives.

Auburn has beautiful red hair but it can be changed to be black, blonde or brown, along with her eyes being able to be changed to green, blue or brown.

Auburn is 5’2, with pert B-cup breasts and a slim waist. This silicone sex doll has incredible sultry ‘come to bed’ eyes that feel like they are begging you to f**k her.

Every detail of this sex doll are done with perfection, she looks as though she is experienced but if you read her description they actually made her as a virgin with not much experience so she has plenty to learn.

Just like with all of these sex dolls you can penetrate her anally, vaginally and orally.

adult doll sitting in bathroom
Sasha is one of the most realistic dolls on this list. You can get Sasha here.

Sasha is a Brazilian sex doll with a cute, petite body that loves to be fu**ed. Sasha wants to be treasured by a man that knows how to treat a lady but she needs someone who can also give her outstanding pleasure.

Something I love about Sasha is that you can actually choose your height preference, you can choose between 4’7, 4’10, 5’2 and 5’5.

Sasha doesn’t give too much away in your photos but you can tell she is hiding a tight, beautiful pu**y that go hand in hand with her picturesque figure and breasts.

Sex doll posing for the camera
You can get Britney here.

Britney is 24 years old and is extremely flexible so you can enjoy lots of different positions. Britney is a horse trainer from Arizona and loves it in every hole.

She measures 5’3 and has the most magnificent breasts, body, face and pu**y. Caress her body and destroy her holes because¬†Britney enjoys it in every way and is always ready to fu*k.

sex doll bent over couch
Dominique is one of my all-time favorite sex dolls, you can get this sex doll here.

Dominique is a handful and in more than one way. Her beautiful thick thighs and ass are irresistible, the way her lustful eyes invite you to f**k her make it hard to look at her photos without getting a hard-on.

This silicone sex doll has bouncy H-cup breasts that require lots of slapping, grabbing and caressing.

Dominque was a medical student but it gave it up to become a stripper as sex and pleasing men was calling to her and something she loved to do.

Dominique loves all three of her holes filled, along with being teased and having your cum across her back.

sex doll in sultry pose on bed
You can get Samantha on this website.

Samantha is one of the most popular sex dolls in the world, she is extremely pretty with plump breasts and a fleshy inviting pu**y that grips your co*k and gives you explosive orgasms whenever you want them.

Although Samantha has lots of lovers she is always faithful to you and loves to give you extreme pleasure with her three tight holes.

Measuring 5’5 inches Samantha is slightly taller than the other sex dolls we have seen so far but that just means more beautiful flesh to kiss and grab.

Japanese style sex doll on kitchen counter
The cheapest price I found Lana is on this website.

This is Lana a petite yet surprisingly busy Japanese silicone sex doll. She keeps in shape but frequently exercising and keeping herself busy by designing lingerie for an online adult store.

Lana is fully customizable, you can change her eye color, skin color and hair color, meaning you can make her your ideal sex doll so she comes perfect for you and your needs.

Lana is really beautiful to look at but even more beautiful when you’re inside of her and you feel how tight she is.

Sex doll with big boobs posing for the camera
You can get Dolores at the best price here.

Dolores is a confident woman with huge breasts and a taller than average 5’6 frame. Dolores can bend into many positions and you can pleasure her anally, vaginally and orally.

Dolores aims to please but also enjoys being teased, caressed and spanked.

Made from high-quality materials Dolores is a luxury sex doll that wants to satisfy your needs and loves to be f**ked whenever and wherever you want.

Dolores has a beautiful face, hair and body but for me, her breasts and ass really take the cake.

Where To Store Your Sex Doll

Even if you live alone, it is important to know where to store your sex doll. Some people like to leave their sex dolls out all the time but others like to put them away from time to time. I wrote a whole article about how to hide your sex doll that you should read up on as there’s more detailed advice.

Your sex doll should be stored in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.

Sex With A Sex Doll

Having sex with a sex doll is incredibly satisfying, feels amazing and is incredibly realistic and comparable to sex with a real person.

I think everyone has a different experience but overall there is no right way to do it, just use lube and have fun. Explore your fantasies and discover your kinks. Your sex doll is there to please you and wants you to have as much as fun as you need too. However, make sure to read this advice.

Owning A Sex Doll And Having A Partner

When I bought my first sex doll I didn’t have a partner but I got a girlfriend and when I told her about my sex dolls she was a little bit withdrawn but soon she warmed to the idea and we even bought her a male sex doll and re have regular threesomes/foursomes with our sex dolls.

It doesn’t have to be unhealthy to own a sex doll and having a partner, just be cool about it and explain that it’s just like owning a dildo, vibrator or fleshlight. I wrote a whole guide to having a threesome with a sex doll.

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