Must-Have Cheap Sex Dolls

Often when we hear the word ‘cheap’ or ‘inexpensive’ when looking at sex dolls you imagine you will find the awful 90’s blow-up sex dolls or some cheap sex doll that will fall apart within the first use.

I am just a normal guy and I love sex dolls but I haven’t always got the budget to buy the most expensive, most magnificent sex dolls, (my favorite sex doll¬†retails for around $2000) sometimes I have to compromise and get something within a smaller budget and I know so many of you are the same.

realistic sex doll torso posing for photo
You can get this torso doll here.

Today I wanted to share my favorite cheap sex dolls that don’t compromise on quality but are a little more affordable than some of the other sex dolls out there. Scroll down to check out my list:

This sex doll torso is now on sale so it’s the perfect time to get hold of it. It’s incredibly realistic and offers you real satisfaction and pleasure whenever you want it. You can use this torso anally, vaginally, and orally.

The torso is ideal for those who have limited storage capacity and those on a budget as you still get all the benefits of a sex doll just without the bigger price tag and the ability to store the doll in a lot more places. See my article on how to store your sex doll.

Made from high-quality materials and medical grade silicone you can be sure that this sex doll torso is one of the best in its range.

Lifelike silicone ass and vagina
You can get this doll at the cheapest price here.

Lifelike to the max this silicone ass and vagina are made to feel just like a real woman with amazing detailing. Easy to hide and easy to clean, this cheap sex doll will keep you satisfied for years if you look after it probably.

You can enjoy this sex doll in missionary, doggy style, and just about any other sex position you enjoy and can get comfortable in.

This sex doll is incredibly affordable and ideal for those with limited storage space and a tighter budget.

sex doll lower body
Get these amazing legs at the best price here.

Made to feel exactly like a real woman this legs and feet torso sex doll is ideal for those who love feet, legs, and a tight pussy and ass.

Incredibly realistic and easy to use, this sex doll will provide you with endless fun and mind-boggling experiences on any surface and at any time.

Easier to store than a full sex doll and more than half the price, making it a bargain without compromise.

Enjoy medical-grade silicone for outstanding lifelike pleasure and anti-fouling material meaning the legs and feet sex doll is resistant to scuffs, marks, and other damage.

Sex doll with big breasts posing for camera
You can get this silicone doll here.

Although this sex doll isn’t the cheapest on this list it does at the time of writing this article actually have $1000 off of the sales price which is an incredible saving, especially if Sasha has been on your wishlist for a while now.

Sasha is an amazing sex doll and of the best sellers online. Her body is sultry, sexy, and inviting. You can change her height to your perfect size, making her more unique to you and your sex needs.

Sasha is Brazilian yet petite with a tight body, tremendous breasts, and a beautiful vagina, ass, and mouth.

realistic sex doll torso
You can get this sex doll here.

I LOVE this sex doll torso, it comes with so many customizable components so you are free to make it your own. It is so soft and highly realistic that it feels just like a real woman.

The tight vagina and ass feel exquisite as you enter them along with the mouth giving you jaw-dropping blowjobs.

This sex doll torso isn’t too hard to hide away and can still be dressed in lingerie and small t-shirts if clothing on your sex doll is something that turns you on.

Sex doll exposing butt and breasts on bed
You can get her on SiliconWives.

Alabama is a blonde bombshell sex doll, she isn’t cheap but at the moment she does have $200 off her sales price which is a great saving.

Alabama has a beautiful body, she is petite but with double-D breasts and measures just 4’11 (149cm). Alabama is a southern belle with big dreams.

You can get this torso here.

Take her tight and realistic pussy, ass, and mouth and show her exactly what she has been missing. Alabama is customizable, easy to use, and get into the perfect position, and is so realistic that it’s hard to remember that she’s a sex doll sometimes.

Labeled a luxury sex doll torso because of just how realistic it actually it is, from the curve in the spine to the lifelike butt and vagina that send shivers down the spine when you feel how real they actually are.

The sex doll is so real that thrusting in and out of it is a pleasure and slapping the ‘skin’ in the heat of the moment feels spectacular.

This torso is easy to store, clean, and use. Great to use solo or with your partner, this is how I simulate a threesome with my sex dolls and my partner.

realistic sex doll on bed in sexy pose
You can get this gorgeous doll here.

Lily is a busty petite sex doll that comes with customizable features and at the moment she has $199 dollars off of her asking price.

Lily has incredible breasts, a supple body, and incredible features that make her so tempting and hard to ignore. Lily will take you to another universe of pleasure with her anatomy that has been crafted to please and make you feel things you may not have felt before.

Once you see her incredible breasts bouncing around, her soft skin moving with your thrusts, and her mind-blowing body in front of you, you will fall into her bewitching temptations.

sex doll in lingerie laying on bed
You can get this Japanese doll here.

Gigi is a Japanese sex doll with a beautiful body and amazing features. Gigi enjoys sex toys and pleasing you. Undress her and enjoy her phenomenal body.

Gigi is 4’7 (140cm) so she’s easy to store and so much fun to play with. Enjoy every inch of her body and she will enjoy every bit of yours, Gigi aims to please and will keep you on your toes.

Which Sex Doll Should I Buy?

Which kind of sex doll you should buy is all down to you, your preference, and your budget. If legs and feet turn you on then go for something that fits your needs, if it’s just the ass and vagina that you want you might enjoy a torso sex doll. There are lots of options but it all depends on your needs and the money you are able to spend.

If you have a really basic budget then blow up dolls are also an option and if your budget is a little higher then silicone dolls are the best dolls you can get. It’s all about the level of investment you have and are willing to spend.

How Do I Prolong The Life Of My Sex Toy?

Caring for your sex toy is really important to ensure it lasts for years and doesn’t produce any tears. Most sex dolls all come with a free repair kit, however, make sure to always use lube, clean your sex doll, store your sex doll correctly and make sure your doll doesn’t have any heavy or restricting clothing on when stored.

Advice On Cheap Sex Toys

All of the sex toys I promote and talk about are from my favorite sex doll website and I can’t recommend them enough. If you are on a tight budget but desperately want a sex doll I would only buy from reputable companies as a lot of the time cheaper sex dolls from lesser-known companies can be harmful and toxic. All of my sex toys are 100% safe. You could also check out these cheap sex toys, which might help fill the void, till you can afford a nicer sex doll.


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