My Girlfriend Tried These Vibrating Panties

I had never even heard of vibrating panties until I read an article online where a boyfriend had bought them for his girlfriend as a surprise. I was so turned on by said article and what they got up to that I did some research of my own, told my boyfriend all about what I had read over dinner and we discussed all of the terribly kinky things we could do if we owned pair of our own and with that, the decision was made to buy ourselves some.

We have a blast with them (especially my clit), so I wanted to share with you my experience and just how we unleashed a kink for them so easily.

What are vibrating panties and how do they work?

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Vibrating panties are just like a regular pair of panties except they hold a secret, inside the lining, right where your vagina is, you will find a secret pocket and inside you will find a powerful vibrator. This vibrator is shaped perfectly to nestle against your entire vagina and bring you total satisfaction.

You can control the vibrations via remote control (at least with the ones I bought you can do this from up to 8 metres away), this way the person wearing the panties can control the vibrations or you can hand the remote over to your partner who can control them from anywhere in the room.

Because of the way my vibrating panties are designed it means the vibrations are pin-pointed onto my clit, however, the vibrations still vibrate across my entire vagina which makes my inevitable orgasm mind-blowing and pretty uncontrollable.

Why My Boyfriend & I Decided to Try Vibrating Underwear

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Reading the article I found online made me horny, I imagined myself as the woman writing it, she went into depth about how fun it was to use and how it really spiced up family gatherings.

I loved this idea, I wanted to spice things up for my boyfriend and I. I know it’s naughty but the idea of wearing my vibrating panties in public and nobody knowing was a huge turn on for me and I knew my boyfriend would be so up for it. There was something so intriguing about knowing we could be anywhere, a museum, a bar, a family gathering, a hotel, on a hike and I couldn’t make a noise if I started to cum. I knew I wanted my boyfriend to have the remote whenever we went out, it turned me on so much knowing he could watch me cum in the stationery aisle of Walmart and I would just have to keep on browsing like normal.

The night my boyfriend and I had dinner and I told him all about my plans he had to make me stop because he was getting erect, he told me he wanted them too we just had to stop the conversation when out in public.

The Best Vibrating Panties We Found

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So, here it is, the vibrating panties that are by far the best. I searched and searched for the best brand, the best vibrations, the most comfortability and finally, I decided on this pair of vibrating panties. The reviews were amazing and I loved the look of them, however, all of this was all well and good but I needed to try them out to see if they were actually any good.

We tried them at home the first time we used them, I know that’s not very adventurous but I wanted to be sure of how it actually worked and if it was going to be powerful enough. We made sure it was all charged out, I put the panties on and lay back on our bed, my boyfriend was sat next to me, the remote control in hand. He switched it on and I closed my eyes, he increased the vibrations until I was comfortable with the speed and power of it.

He was touching himself, watching me get off to the slow rumble. He decided to turn it up one more setting and I yelped, the vibrations swarmed my clit and vagina, I was engulfed by the power and pleasure it was giving to me, moaning and using my hands to touch my breasts and his cock.

Before I knew it I was on the edge of an orgasm, pushed over the edge within seconds, I was cumming hard and fast into my new panties. My boyfriend watched on in disbelief as I came and I came. I was trembling but he wouldn’t stop the vibrations, my clit was so sensitive at this point but it wanted to cum again and with each second my second orgasm was building more and more and before I knew it I was cumming again, screaming in pleasure. I had to physically pull the panties down, I couldn’t take any more. I lay there, soaked, my boyfriend completely and utterly in awe of the scene he just witnessed.

All he said to me was ‘You’re going to have to learn to be a lot quieter when we are out in public’.

They are amazing, but here’s everything you need to know about them:

  • The remote control works from up to 8 metres away which is astounding, my boyfriend can be in another room making me cum just with the flick of a button. The only tiny downside is that whilst the vibrator is waterproof the remote control is only splashproof so you do have to be careful near the water with the remote control.
  • The slip-on panties are really comfortable, the ribbon ties make them so sexy but also practical so that you can really adjust the size to your liking.
  • The panty vibrator comes with a discreet storage case which I cannot recommend enough, it makes it easy to travel with, store away discreetly, keep clean and in an easy to find place. There’s even an opening in the back of the case which allows you to charge your vibrator via USB without ever removing it from its storage hideout.
  • The vibrator features 12 speeds and 8 patterns (whisper quiet), there’s so much to play with and it gives you lots of wriggle room to get used to what you like and what you don’t like so much.
  • Designed by pleasure experts without the hefty price tag.

The Time We Used This Vibrating Underwear In A Busy Night Club

It’s where my mind went to as soon as I first laid my eyes upon them, I wanted to use them somewhere busy, somewhere where nobody pays attention and somewhere we can really let loose.

A night club was the perfect place for us to try out our new vibrating panties in public and I couldn’t have been more excited.

We had gotten used to the panties in the bedroom by this point and were ready to venture out into the real world. I slipped the panties on under my tight skirt and we hopped in a cab to a local night club that we have been to before. The vibe is cool and hip, the lighting is dark and infrequent, the music echoes around the place and everybody does their own thing. We sat on two bar stools, ordered a drink and began talking. I had almost forgotten I was wearing my vibrating panties when my boyfriend turned them on and I jumped.

I looked at him wide-eyed, he kept on turning up the vibrations all whilst looking me in the eye and trying to maintain a conversation. I gripped onto the bar, I was hoping nobody would notice. I told him to turn it down but he pretended like he didn’t hear me.

The vibrations were intense, my mind was racing, I was going to cum, I couldn’t hold it in any longer and then it stopped. I looked at my boyfriend and he was smiling, ‘You didn’t think I would let you cum that quickly did you?’

Sweat beads were forming on my forehead, my vagina was soaking wet. I was still gripping onto the side of the bar. I recollected myself and continued as if nothing had happened.

I got up to dance and my boyfriend watched me, he turned on the vibrations as I danced and it felt liberating. I danced and moved my hips to the music all whilst my clit was having her own party. I had to really concentrate on not showing on my face the pleasure I was having. I danced and my knees trembled, my orgasm was building was again, I moaned softly, nobody could hear me and before I knew it he switched off the vibrations again.

I was getting frustrated now, I sat back down next to him, he smiled at me. I could see his boner trying to force its way out of his jeans. I ordered another drink and he switched it on again, the bartender was making my cocktail as he turned the vibrations up high, I knew I didn’t have long before I was consumed by my orgasm. In my head, I urged the waiter to hurry. He handed me the drink and I breathed heavily as I thanked him. Turning to my boyfriend I knew he wasn’t going to switch it off this time, my clit pulsated with pleasure as I finally was allowed to come. I gripped my cocktail glass, squeezed my legs together and came hard, it felt incredible as I sat there on the barstool, not one other soul knowing what just happened.

The Other Vibrating Underwear & Remote-Control Vibrators You Need To Try

Since trying my very first one above I have branched out to try some others, I love them, they have given our sex life a huge push and it has made us so kinky. I love having an array of vibrating panties and remote-control vibrators that I can use at a moments notice, I have my favorites and I have back-ups, they are so much fun.

Affordable Remote Control Panty Vibrator

woman in pink panties

These vibrating panties come with 10 vibration speeds and 6 intensity levels, this is also a super affordable addition to your sex toy collection. The panties are soft, comfortable and made from lace so they are sexy too, the ribbon ties add a cute twist and make them fully adjustable.

The vibrator is battery operational (which is the one thing I am not too crazy about), but the vibrations are powerful. The remote control works from between 3-5 metres away and is also super easy to use and discreet to keep in your pocket.

I do prefer my panty vibrator but if you are on a smaller budget this one is great too.

Remote Control Egg

fifty shades of grey love egg

Something a little different that I found is this remote control egg, it features 2 speeds and 5 patterns, and the remote control works from up to 10 meters away.

You slip this egg inside of your vagina switch on the vibrations and enjoy the tantalizing experience of having your vagina caressed from the inside. Lots of women find they can orgasm from this sensation alone as it stimulates the nerve endings inside the vagina, plus it feels great.

I like to pop it in when I am at home, it makes my vagina so wet and I just love the sensations it brings.

Bluetooth Vibrating Panties

phone app vibrator

Completely hands-free this vibrator slips into your panties and nestles perfectly against your clitoris. Its vibrations can be synced to an audiobook of your choice and controlled via the app so that you can use it wherever and whenever.

It can be used with both apple and android devices, it’s USB rechargeable and it comes with 5 different vibration modes. It’s a small, discreet and powerful vibrator that can turn erotic books and evenings with and without your partner into pure unadulterated fun.

We-Vibe Remote Control G-spot & Clitoral Vibrator

we vibe vibrator

This panty vibrator is so cool because it allows you to turn virtually any pair of panties into a pair of vibrating panties thanks to the magnetic clip which secures your vibrator in place.

It is loaded with 10 vibration speeds, can be controlled via the remote control or via the app from anywhere in the world. It’s also 100% waterproof, comes with lube and a cute satin storage bag.

It’s easy to use and USB rechargeable, which is something I love. This vibrator is great fun and super convenient if you’re not in the same place as your partner.

How To Use Vibrating Panties (Must-Read)

woman in skirt showing her pink lingerie
  • Make sure the vibrator is in the right position: by this I mean make sure you have it exactly where you want it. Some people like direct stimulation, others prefer a rumble over their entire vagina, do what works for you.
  • Kinky places to use the remote-control vibrator that will make you feel naughty:

Hot dinner date, in your garden, at a night club, out shopping, in the mall, in the pool, at a hotel, etc.

  • Play a game with your partner where they have full control over the remote, completely lose control and allow them to decide when you’re going to cum and how many times you’re going to cum.
  • Try mixing a remote love egg and remote bullet vibrator together (be warned it’s intense).
  • Have your boyfriend control it during sex while you are giving him oral. This is really good fun and makes sense really intense, it’s definitely something everyone needs to try.

DIY Plus Size Vibrating Panties (Customize Your Own Vibrating Underwear)

cartoon remote control and cartoon of panties

Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect size lingerie as most vibrating panties are one size fits all, if you’re finding it hard you can make your own using this advice.

#1. Use your favourite lingerie/underwear.

Find a pair of panties that you love, they don’t have to be your sexiest pair just a pair that you find comfortable, ensuring they fit well.

#2. Purchase a remote-control vibrator.

Slip this remote control vibrator into your panties and enjoy. The key is making sure the vibrator won’t move around, once you have that covered you have a pair of vibrating panties that you can use whenever you want.

#3. Cheaper alternative: Don’t use remote control, just use a normal silent bullet vibrator

If you’re on a budget then this silent bullet vibrator will do the job, it’s a little smaller but it will get you off and it will feel like wearing vibrating panties.

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