The Best Sex Swing (My Girlfriend Tested Them All)

Have you ever been in the process of getting hot and heavy with your dearly beloved, and just wish you had a little bit of extra leverage or that your bodies were just a pinch more compatible biologically?

Two people can get along perfectly on an emotional and mental level, but it’s pretty rare for two people to be fit into each other like puzzle pieces when it comes to having sex. Not only that, there’s just a limited range of motion, in general, depending on where the venue of the sexual encounter is in the first place. Beds aren’t always perfect, and few couches were made with perfect sexual encounters in mind. What are the things two sexually inclined individuals should do?

A sex swing might be exactly what you’re looking for to help kick up your sex life to the next level. The right swing can be customized for outstanding amounts of comfort and body compatibility. Sex swings can also increase the range of potential sexual positions two people can share, from dozens to hundreds. The reason why sex swings have enjoyed such popularity is that they aren’t substantial in total size (nothing gets in the way or blocked), but still have lots of features that make moving your body around while having sex much, much easier.

Suffice to say, a sex swing can make sexual fantasies come true.

What’s a sex swing?

cartoon swing

A sex swing isn’t too different from the kind of harnesses used in acrobatics or yoga, although the shows that get put on while using this type of swing is definitely on a much different wavelength. They’re essentially platforms made from a variety of different materials meant to suspend one partner in the air, while the other stands or sits to facilitate sex.

Reasons for getting one can be as simple as wanting to keep things spicy in the bedroom to working around physical ailments or disabilities. The sheer range of motion available, thanks to sex swings, can make what’s normally an extremely uncomfortable position into a personal favorite. People who have difficulty with common positions often turn to sex swings to allow them to lead a more fulfilling sex life.

The swings themselves are hardly depraved or perverted in and of themselves. In fact, using a sex swing is no more deranged than putting a pillow underneath yourself for better leverage during sex. I felt the need to include this little bit because having a sex swing in your house does in no way make you some kind of sex-crazed fiend. They also aren’t prohibitively expensive, meaning it isn’t a huge investment that you’ll remember as that time you blew a bunch of money on something explicitly for sex.

A sex swing is made up of two main parts. There’s either the platform or the hammock. This is where the majority of the human body weight will be concentrated. The only difference between a platform and a hammock is that a platform is much more rigid than a hammock. Hammocks have extra fabric for those who want to sink in a little, as opposed to sitting on a flat platform.

Supporting the platform or hammock are the straps. Some straps are suspending the sex swing, as well as straps that make it possible to put your limbs into a more comfortable position. They’re honestly pretty simple devices once you get to know them, but they provide an experience like no other.

The best sex swing I’ve ever used?

man and women using a sex swing with eachother

This is my absolute favorite sex swing of all time. It’s a pretty standard starter swing kit, but it comes with everything that everyone, from a beginner to a novice swinger, needs to take full advantage of the concepts at play. Setting it up was as simple as hooking it up to a sex swing stand and making sure none of the straps were tangled or improperly placed. After a few tugs to make sure it wasn’t going anywhere, I was convinced that any screams would be those of delight, as opposed to those of pain.

From there, it was simply a matter of getting myself situated. My boyfriend and I decided at first to keep things simple and try a missionary-style position. I started by slowly lowering my body back first onto the platform, and then had my boyfriend help get my legs and arms around the straps. Once I was confident I wasn’t going to fall out, it was ‘go’ time. Boy, what a time it was. Whenever I’d get a bit too sore from one position, we’d just swap. By the time the other half of my body was sore, the other half was ready to go again. I think we must have spent at least 45 minutes for our first session.

After that, I was convinced we made the right choice.

What makes this love swing the best?

Affordably priced with no needless extra features

Easy to set up and use, practically usable out of the box (as long as you have somewhere to suspend it)

Sturdy and supportive. I never feel like the straps are going to give out due to vigorous use.

Padding is placed in brilliant places to keep the experience as comfortable as possible.

You Need a Sex Swing Stand!

sex swing stand

The sex swing that most people think of is one suspended from the ceiling or a stand. While getting a ceiling-mounted sex swing isn’t out of the question, it’s worth noting that it takes a lot more know-how to make sure you’ve set it up correctly. Chances are you’ll need to take a trip to the hardware store, and then properly put your hook into your ceiling where it will support the full weight of a human body.

That’s exactly why getting this sex swing stand is a much more prudent idea for those who want to see all that’s possible, without worrying about their own safety. The stand I recommend is big enough to handle any commercially available sex swing and can support several hundred pounds. Set-up takes approximately ten minutes while take-down is about the same. When fully erect, it takes up a bit of space. The stand itself is 96” long and 66” wide, so keep that in mind when thinking about where you’re going to place it.

The Other Swings You Must Try (Something for Everyone)

Okay, so after testing we also found some other amazing sex swings that range in different prices and are built in different ways.

The Sex Swing You Can Buy on Amazon (Under $20)

woman using a sex swing

This door-mounted sex swing is as no-frills as it comes. There’s a platform, and there are some straps for the legs and little else. Door-mounted sex swings are very safe and secure since the load-bearing portion of the swing will be wedged on the opposite side of the door you’ve chosen to use. As far as fully functional sex swings go, this is absolutely the most economical option. The one downside to door-mounted sex swings would be that the easiest positions to pull off involve having the person on the swing with the back to the door.

An Amazing Door Sex Swing

man and woman using sex swing connected to door

If a door-mounted sex swing tickles your fancy, but you want a step up from the budget option above, this sex swing is the best option and even has better places to put your hands (dedicated handles on both sides), as well as much less restrictive leg harnesses. It can support up to 325 pounds of weight and is fully customizable, so there’s little stopping anyone from enjoying this swing to its full potential.

This Sex Sling

sex sling

What I enjoy most about this particular sex sling is the fact that each portion that will come in contact with the body has padding and an exterior fabric layer that’s extremely smooth. This eliminates any risk of chafing or rug burn no matter how into it you and your partner become. It’s also different in that the support straps connect to a bar, which then connects to the hook at the top. The practical applications of this mean it will hang in a much more neutral fashion, as opposed to bunching up like you’re trying to fit yourself into a shopping bag that isn’t big enough.

How to Use a Sex Swing

couple using a sex swing

– Setting Up Your Swing

 Before you can use any sex swing, it’s important for you to set it up properly. The three main kinds of sex swings are door-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or stand-mounted.

– Sex Swing Mount Options

Door-mounted: These types of sex swings have strong metal bars attached to straps that are meant to be threaded through the top slit of a door. The door is then closed, and the sex swing is kept in the air since the bars will never pass through the small space separating the door from the frame. I highly recommend setting the swing up, so the swing itself is facing toward the way the door swings shut. This way, your weight will make sure the door doesn’t open up in use.

Ceiling-mounted: A ceiling-mounted sex swing will require you to use a stud-finder to find a ceiling joist you can attach the hook the swing will be suspended from. A handyman is a good option if you’d rather have the job be done professionally. Safety is key here.

Stand-mounted: This method involves mounting your sex swing from a purpose-built stand. These have all of the crucial considerations with sex swings already factored in, like proper hooks and typically even some extra slots to thread some of the straps to for added ease of use.

Ceiling-mounted: This ceiling mount is what I recommend to use for anyone who wants to go the ceiling-mounted method. I say this because it’s an extremely secure way to mount the swing, and it even distributes the weight very well. Since the ceiling is the biggest point of failure for all ceiling-mounted toys, a mount like this one makes the likelihood of failure pretty much zero. I mean, just look at the thing!

Pull-up bar method:

Option one: Free standing squat rack

Option two: Wall mount pull up bar (Ideal and amazing price)

Mounting your sex toy from a pull-up bar is a good option for those who’d like a stand-mounted option that doesn’t involve a purpose-built sex swing stand. This way, there’s some plausible deniability as to what its real purpose is in your home.

To use either of the above options effectively, you’ll need to make a trip to your local hardware store. Find something to attach to the pull-up bar that you can then attach the hook to. A good option would be any piece of metal that can go around the bar itself, and then be fastened in place. From there, just hang your swing and get at it!

– Sex Swing Positions

Now, this is the actual fun part. I’ll go over some of my favorite sex swing positions, because listing all of the possible positions you can try out with your sex swing could fill up several encyclopedias worth of books. Your own flexibility and creativity are the only limits when it comes to dreaming up new positions. 

A few things worth noting is that you should always be mindful of what part of your body is going to be supported and by how much material. Platform-style swings can be less likely to bunch up, leading to less bodily constriction. If, at any point, it feels like the straps, the platform or hammock are going to be cutting off blood flow, immediately dismount the sex swing and try again in a new position.

If you haven’t tried experimenting with how positioning your legs can change the angle of penetration and how easy it is to penetrate deeply during sex, this is very much where sex toys shine. I often lay on my back with my feet high up in the stirrups, while my boyfriend pounds away.

Another secret for expert-level sex swing usage is that you don’t necessarily need to have your limbs not touching the ground to make use of it. With the right adjustments, I’ve used my sex swing to facilitate both receiving and giving oral sex in a much more comfortable position. Also, doggy style can be improved if the platform is used to support the torso.

We’ve been at this for a while. There’s a good repertoire of positions in both of our noggins. Try thinking outside of the box. I’ve used the platform as a place to put my feet, while I’m in a squatting position for leverage during girl-on-top that I just can’t get if we were trying unassisted.

Always lower yourself into the sex swing carefully, and don’t be afraid to let your partner support you while you get secured. Using the straps or supports as a place to keep your hands is always a good plan.

DIY Sex Swing (Can You Build Your Own Sex Swing?)

cartoon hammock

In our world of YouTube tutorials and DIY desire to save a few bucks, it really isn’t out of the question to ask yourself if you can make your own sex swing at home. The materials involved aren’t difficult to source, and the overall design isn’t too hard to copy. The thing is making a sex swing that looks the part is a lot harder than making a sex swing that actually works how it should.

You’d first need to figure out what kind of platform or hammock you’d be using. Starting from there, you’d have to work your way outward, with all of the straps and stirrups you’d like to have included. Ideally, you’d have at least four straps, all leading toward the top of the swing attached together in some way that you can secure a hook to where they all meet.

That hook will then be attached to either a stand or a ceiling mount. The stirrups for the arms and legs will then need to be made. The two considerations are whether or not they’re easy for the person to be secured in, and if they can be adjusted. All of the individual supporting straps require some way to adjust them as well, and then keep that adjustment in place without slipping.

Every single one of the steps I just mentioned is a potential point of failure, and I implore you to not make your own sex swing. It’s pretty easy to see where things can go wrong. Notice that every sex swing that’s sold on the Internet comes with a weight limit that has been meticulously tested by the company.

There’s no such guarantee with your homemade swing. The weight of someone on the swing could break the hook or the straps connecting to it, leading to a long drop and a very sore behind. Not only that, how the straps and stirrups are adjusted might not be as secure as you thought, and midway through a single one of them or several of them can give out while in use.

A homemade sex swing and a homemade death trap are two very similar-looking contraptions. In the end, you’re paying for peace of mind and the knowledge that whoever sold you the swing has a responsibility to keep you and your partner safe.


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  1. What is the name of your favorite and where can it be bought? Thanks and I loved the way you broke everything down and explained it all!! Just the information I needed.

    • If you just click the link under the picture it will take you there 🙂 Same goes for all the products. You can also click the image. Hope this helped.

  2. hey, thanks for posting this. I found this through some google searching. if your on fet or any fb groups I would love to get in touch with both of you. right now I’m looking for specifics on a door swing I ordered from wish actually. its made by domi and I paid $22 for it. Its great beacause it does bare plenty of weight and you cant just put it away. this one didn’t come with any padding or seating for the butt which was fine because I didnt spend much on it. I got it off wish and was like ok lets just get it and see what its like and honestly what I did was get a dancing stretch belt along with it! 😉 what I’m trying to get some help with though is…. for someone to talk me through or walk me through…. the adjusting the straps. I was trying to mess with the length on them and somewhere along the lines I accidentally pulled one of them out and now it just doesn’t look right and I really dont want to try any play without someone helping me with it/properly strapped… trying to be safe ya know? R.A.C.K trying to play safe. I haven’t actually used the swing with a partner yet because I want to make sure its safe, nothing more unsexy than a major injury. I hope my questions, comments, concerns were clear. thanks.

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