Best Sex Doll Torsos (Budget Dolls)

Owning mini sex dolls and sex doll torsos is really a convenient way to enjoy sex dolls but without taking up too much space. These types of sex dolls are ideal for those who live in smaller homes with not much space, those who live with roommates, and those without the budget for a full-sized sex doll.

The size of these mini sex dolls and sex doll torsos doesn’t impede their quality, yes, they are cheaper than full-sized sex dolls but they are still incredibly satisfying, they just take up a lot less space.

If the price is the issue, I also did a guide on cheaper sex dolls, it’s pretty awesome and filled with amazing deals.

Enjoy my list of the best mini sex dolls and sex doll torsos, I hope you enjoy it.

Female sex doll torso exposing breasts on sofa
You can get this doll at the best price on SiliconWives.

I had to include this sex doll torso first on my list, it is too good to pass up and ignore. For the money, you are getting an incredible deal. Not just a tight pussy but a butt that you can penetrate and finger but you also get the ability to enjoy oral sex, along with enjoying her squeezable perky breasts.

All features are to scale and have been crafted and designed so that they are as lifelike and true to a real woman as possible.

This sex doll torso is so popular because it’s easy to store, isn’t as big of a commitment as a full-sized sex doll, it’s cheaper than a full-sized sex doll and it’s amazing to have sex with.

It’s heavy, you can enjoy the sex doll torso in many positions and you can even dress it up in t-shirts, lingerie, and just about anything you want.

The pussy and ass feel so realistic as does oral sex. You can enjoy so much stimulation whenever you want it with this mini torso sex doll.

Mini sex doll with vagina and ass on show
You can get this sex doll here at the best price.

More affordable than the first sex doll is this ribbed vagina and ass mega male masturbator. This mini sex doll is better known as ‘Alana’ and she is made to full-scale. Enjoy a true to life-size ass and realistic canals to plunge into and play with.

Alana is quite heavy and will stay completely stable on most surfaces. Enjoy her in doggy style as she presents her ass to you whenever you may need it. You can even slip on a pair of panties (size US 6-8) so you can undress her ass whenever you want it.

Made with soft skin and skin that can be slapped which is perfect when in this position. Enjoy her solo or with your partner and experience new things as well as uncomplicated constant pleasure.

Dark skinned sex doll torso with vagina, ass and breasts
You can get this amazing silicone doll here.

A beautiful dark-skinned sex doll torso for an incredible price, this sex doll torso has so much to offer from the beautiful big breasts, pink nipples, pink pussy lips, and realistic ass it’s hard to say no.

An incredible body awaits, lay this sex doll torso down and explore every inch of this mini sex doll as it presents to you everything you need to get off and fulfill any kind of fantasies.

Made with Fanta-flesh for added realism, this sex doll torso is amazing and really allows you to explore what it’s like to own a sex doll without having to spend lots of money.

Lifelike silicone ass and vagina
You can get this silicone doll here.

Weighing in at 22lbs (10kg) this sex doll ass and vagina is incredibly fun to play with as it isn’t flimsy and will stay secure on hard surfaces.

The realistic ass and vagina have been crafted to feel just like a real woman, the pink plush lips of the vagina and tight ribbed ass canal and opening is so lifelike that it’s shocking.

This ass and vagina are easy to hide, easy to clean, and easy to move into any position you wish.

The canals are tight and wonderfully realistic, however, make sure to use water-based lube to really get the full effect as it takes this sex doll to a whole new level of pleasure and realism, plus it will help to prevent tears in your sex doll.

Womans hand touching vagina sex toy
You can get the pipedream extreme here.

Meet Layla a sex doll made from high-quality materials, her vaginal and ass openings are so realistic that they are hard to not just stare at.

Her pink swollen pussy lips are begging to be penetrated and her tight puckered ass opening is desperate to feel your hard co*k.

Her two openings are incredibly realistic, you can place Layla on your bed and thrust in and out of her whenever and however you wish. Enjoy pulling at her skin and enjoy the satisfying sound that slaps make against her skin.

Realistic ass and vagina in doggy style position
You can get this luxury doll here.

This luxury silicone vagina and ass is incredible. Not only does it look so similar to a real woman but it also feels like it too, it’s made from anti-fouling material which means it’s durable and can withstand scrapes, scratches, and damage. This is ideal as it means you can get rough with it and not worry about damaging the silicone.

Easy to use, easy to clean, and incredibly realistic inside and out there’s so much fun to be had with this sex doll torso. Use it alone for some seriously good release or with your partner and bring it into the bedroom and simulate your own threesome (how we simulate a threesome with a sex doll).

‘Alicia’ is a realistic petite sex doll torso with pert and bouncy breasts, a tight pink vagina, and a ribbed ass. You can squeeze, slap, grab, and caress Alicia as she is made from super realistic material and she loves it.

This sex doll torso is really reasonably priced and is sold by one of my favorite sex toy retailers whom I trust and use myself for all of my sex toys. This sex doll has great reviews and has shown many men, women, and couples the ride of their lives.

As you glide inside of her (with the help of water-based lube) you are instantly met with incredible sensations and stimuli that strokes and glides against your penis. I love this sex doll torso and although really reasonably priced for the quality, anyone who does have the spare cash and is looking for a petite sex doll I definitely recommend Alicia.

Smaller than anything we have seen on this mini sex doll/torso list but the quality is still up there with some of the best sex toys. Made with premium-grade silicone for ultra-realism and a unique realistic experience every single time you use this vagina.

The vaginal opening is made to feel just like a real vagina that will leave you satisfied whenever you need to be and tingling from head to toe after you realize just how many orgasms you can have with this tight, wet, hole.

Easy to store, discreet enough to hide, and more than simple to clean.

If you’re a fan of legs and feet this silicone sex doll is perfect. Made from medical-grade silicone this half sex doll can be used for vaginal and anal sex along with feet play.

This half sex doll has been made to feel exactly like a real woman, she also can be put into lots of different positions so you can enjoy her in any way you want.

Dress her up or keep her naked and waiting for you, slip into bed with her and get straight to business. She loves anal sex but she loves you getting off to her incredible body and enjoying yourself in any way you want even more.

half male sex doll nude and on his knees
You can get this male doll here.

Anyone can enjoy this incredible male sex doll, he is made with a strong muscular body and of course, his 8-inch fully erect penis can’t go unnoticed.

His penis is veiny, realistic, and even has balls that you can play with. Ride this male sex doll to your heart’s content, blow him, and use him to simulate a threesome with you and your partner.

He is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store and is one of the very few mini male sex dolls on the market.

This male sex doll is made from Fanta-flesh which is shockingly realistic material that will keep you on your toes and will help bring your fantasies to life.

You can also see more male sex dolls here, my girlfriend and a few of my gay friends love these dolls, so check them out and let me know what you think in the comments.

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