Tentacle Dildos: Why You Need To Try One

If you never owned a dildo, that is completely fine. Every now and then, I come across someone that just doesn’t feel the need to own one and I never force them on buying one.

The only thing I say to them is to at least give one a try. On the other hand, if you had some experience with dildos, you probably know how fun they can be, but we are not talking about regular dildos in this blog. No way…

What I’m about to guide you through is something rather unusual in the domain of normal sex toys (if there is such a thing) and I mean the highly controversial tentacle dildos.

The first thing that comes to mind? Big, hideous monsters from the deep that we usually see on tv or read about, ready to plunge their tentacles at you and pull you in the dark and scary abyss, right? Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but that is not entirely true with these lovely little toys. 

What Is And Why Would I Use A Tentacle Dildo?

cartoon of tentacle next to tentacle dildo

Using dildos is great. Whether you are using them alone or with a boyfriend, they can be lots of fun and really spice up the bedroom shenanigans, but there is something even better for that if you are up for it – tentacle dildos.

Tentacle dildo is pretty similar to a regular dildo, but it comes with a twist – it has bumps, nubs, and ridges on it that make the pleasure much greater.

Imagine an octopus or a squid. They have those long extended tentacles that have those little suction cups going all the way from the body to the tip of the “arms”.

Well, tentacle dildos are designed to mimic those exact patterns, but they are not that squishy and slimy. However, you are able to choose both the firmness and the patterns of your dildo. For example, lots of companies may offer you to make a custom dildo that suits you in every way. Any firmness, textures or patterns that you like they will indulge.

Tentacle dildos can be a little rough on the eyes at first cause they kinda look like octopus (or squid) tentacles but don’t let that be a deciding factor in whether to try one or not. I guarantee you will have a blast and probably never look back at other dildos in your collection.

Do You Have A Tentacle Sex Fetish?

cartoon of tentacles coming out of the ground

I don’t know about you, but seeing Hentai porn for the first time raised some questions in my head. How can someone watch this? But quickly, I saw that there is nothing wrong or tasteless about it. On the contrary, it was exciting, freeing, and a tad different from other porn I watched.

Now, don’t be embarrassed if you didn’t know that tentacle and hentai porn even exist. Lots of people don’t, and that makes it a whole lot better. Do your own research and find out if a tentacle or hentai porn does the stuff for you or not. Lots if not all porn sites have a hentai category and be sure to check it out for additional guidance. 

The Glass Tentacle Dildo I Have Fallen in Love With

glass tentacle dildo

This glass tentacle dildo is as beautiful as a sex toy can get. If you didn’t know it was a sex toy and you saw it lying around someone’s house, you would think it is a work of art. And it is by my standards. 

This beautiful glass tentacle dildo is wonderful on the eyes. The transparent pink color perfectly matches our little lady parts. The curve on it is elegant but functional with a great handle at the end. Lots of stimulating rows of bumps, nubs with a bit exaggerated vein-like ridges that are amazing at giving you the most pleasurable sexual arousal.

First time using this dildo and why I started trying fantasy sex toys in the first place

Why did I start using fantasy sex toys

Well, it was kind of the next step in my kinky and slutty sex life. I’ve tried most of the sex toys (can’t really say I’ve tried them all), including dildos and they got a bit boring for me. I started using vibrating dildos and squirting dildos, but they all lacked something new and exciting.

Then I saw some of the fantasy sex toys on the market. I was a bit shocked and scared at first at the sight of them. They looked terrifying even to hold, let alone put them inside of me.

 When I saw the Lovehoney Tentacle Textured Sensual Glass Dildo, it was so beautiful that I knew I had to have one.

I bought it for the sheer elegance and craftsmanship and I didn’t think I was going to use it at all, but the slut inside me prevailed. One night I was staring at it on the nightstand and some jitters came over me.

Mine previously aroused Hentai fantasies started coming out and I grabbed my favorite bottle of lube, getting ready to use one of my regular dildos, but something in my mind told me that this was the night. With my eyes closed, I reached for the glass tentacle dildo and felt my way around my pre-lubed pussy. Slowly I inserted the tip and the glass felt cold but mesmerizing.

 The feeling on my other hand as I stroked the shaft was incredible and I couldn’t wait to shove the whole thing in my already dripping pussy. Every rib and nub could be felt going in and out and the walls of my vagina were screaming from pleasure and soon, I did also.

The feeling of a tentacle-like thing tearing through my pussy was more than I could handle and my legs were shaking along with the whole bed. The orgasm it brought me was one that I will remember for a long time. 

Why This Dildo Rocks My Fantasy World

Apart from single-handedly being the most beautiful sex toy I have ever laid my eyes on, this tentacle wonder has numerous features that truly rocked the foundations of my sex life. The very definition of a fantasy toy is held in this spectacular piece of hand blown textured glass designed to maximize your sexual experience. 

On the fun end, we have a curved shaft that easily locates and stimulates the G-spot, and on the other end, there is a handle that is amazing at manipulating the dildo. As it is made out of glass, it is temperature responsive and suitable for all lubricants, plus it is hypoallergenic and safe for both vaginal and anal stimulation. 

It guarantees enhanced sexual arousal and satisfaction with pronounced pleasure nubs on both sides of the shaft. The intense stimulation also comes from its sloping shape and twin rows of bumps that will make you go to the fantasy world in a blink of an eye!

Other Tentacle Sex Toys That I’ve Added To My Collection

You can’t have just one, trust me. I love the one above so much, but these are the others I had to mention.

They’re a little different from the one above, but just as much fun.

The Ultimate Hentai Tentacle Dildo 

green hentai tentacle dildo

This beautiful and elegant tentacle dildo is a must-have for any fantasy toy lovers collection. It features a smooth tapered tip and an amazingly designed curve that is perfect for reaching the G spot easily. With an insertable length of 8 inches and a circumference ranging from 2.5 inches at the tip to its widest point of 6.25 inches, it guarantees to feel you up with your tentacle fetish fantasies. 

It is handmade from 100% body-safe and waterproof silicone and includes an incredibly strong suction cup that will stick to almost any surface you desire. It has a weight of 366g which makes it easy to manipulate and get to all the good parts of any hole you wish to explore. Firmness is soft/medium (shore A-15). You can even see how this beautiful tentical dildo is made, in an awesome video.

The Twin Anal/Vaginal Tentacle (Double Penetration Dildo)

twin tentacle double penetration dildo

Now, this is a one of a kind hentai tentacle toy. The sheer look it gives tells you that you are going to enjoy every inch of this wonderful two-headed silicone delight. However, it is for a bit more adventurous type of hentai lovers as it is for double penetration. Nevertheless, it has great things to offer, so trust me it is worth trying.

The natural curve of this silicone toy lets you easily hit all the pleasure spots you need for a great sexual playtime. It is handmade from 100% body-safe silicone, weighs 868g and is 100% waterproof. Firmness is soft/medium (shore A-15), which makes it perfect whether you are just beginning your tentacle adventures or are an experienced hentai lover.

How To Use A Tentacle Dildo

how to use a tentacle sex toy cartoon guide

If you think tentacle dildos are the same as regular dildos, you would be wrong… and right… There are so many sorts of both types that they sometimes share some of the characteristics – veiny, sometimes even bumpy dildos can compare to tentacle dildos in some ways.

That doesn’t mean that they are the same. Not at all. Tentacle dildos have a wide variety of firmness, length, girth that should be taken into consideration. 

Some tentacle dildos are too sloppy or squishy to be used when riding cause it can fall out of your pleasure hole quite easily. On the other hand, some are too firm and stiff to be used for rough penetration (unless you are used to doing it that way).

Choosing the right firmness is a strong factor in determining whether the toy is good for you or not. It all depends on your preferences.

The bottom line is that you should know what you want from a tentacle dildo, and it will give you immense pleasure.

The important thing when using a tentacle dildo is that you also use a lot of lube (again the same as a regular dildo), but here I can’t stress that enough.

Try to use as much lube as you can because of the bumps and ridges on the dildo’s shaft. If you don’t lube it up properly, it can cause pain and that is certainly what you don’t want from a pleasure-inducing toy to bring you.

How to clean a tentacle dildo

Cartoon of tentacle being cleaned with bottle of sex toy cleaner

Tentacle dildos may be a bit harder to clean than regular ones. They tend to have more details on them, whether it’s in the ridges, “suction cups”, veins or nubs they can be a bit tedious to clean.

If you have a glass tentacle dildo, just submerge it into the water and use a cloth to clean all the little crevices neatly, so it doesn’t stay “dirty” after usage. If you use it anally, then it would be wise to use a condom, as there are many details that should be cleaned after anal use. 

If you own a silicone tentacle dildo, you can also clean it with water or use a toy cleaner and a cloth for wiping it clean.

Also, if you use it anally, be sure to use a condom cause silicone is a pain in the ass (no pun intended) to clean after anal use with all those ridges and nubs. Storing silicone dildos is best done by wrapping them in some cloth bags and putting them away in a drawer.

Don’t store silicone toys next to each other without some layer of cloth between them. Silicone does weird stuff when in contact with other silicone toys.

I hope I brought the world of Hentai and tentacle porn a bit closer to you with this guide, and I hope you will give it a go!


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