Size Queens Guide to Giant Dildos

Does the length of the penis matter? Is the bigger penis better? When the conversation about the penis begins, it is impossible to avoid the eternal question of whether the longer one is better. 

I think penis size preferences vary from woman to woman, and in this article, I will describe to you how I realized that I need extremely large penises and realized that I couldn’t live without them anymore. I hope you enjoy it!

I’m A Size Queen and for me, Bigger is Better

cartoon couple in bed with the male cartoon flashing his body to the female cartoon

For me, size matters and I suppose I am what you would call A “size queen”. 

I’ve been with all sizes from really quite small to really big, and when a guy’s pants come down anything under at least 7 inches is a disappointment to me. 

A few years ago, when I had sex for the first time with a guy with a truly enormous penis I realized that I wanted to experience it again and again. 

I realized that I like seeing the size of the dick compared to my body and grabbing it, seeing how big it is in my hands. 

After that sex experience, for me, bigger is better in any position, in any hole, and if it hurts. Even then, I actually find the pain to be arousing.

With a bigger size, you can be more adventurous and experimental in bed. After my first time with this guy, he said I was the first to take all of it with no complaints. 

I was so happy and full of pride for weeks, and after that, all I want is more and more inches. It gives me a strange sense of power and strength. I love it when I feel so stretched out after sex. 

I like that they can achieve long, hard strokes without fear of it falling out. For me, it’s important that my preference is all about feeling accomplished. 

Being able to take something so large and thick takes effort and feels like I have conquered a difficult challenge. I also physically like the feeling of fullness. 

A smaller dick will give you more focused attention to the G-spot, while a bigger dick gives a broader sensation that I really enjoy. I am crazy about big cocks and the fact that after sex I can hardly walk.

The All-Time Best Large Dildo (My Favorite)

large realistic dildo

My boyfriend bought me this big dildo as a surprise, and believe me it was a really good surprise. When it comes to sex toys for him and me, we agreed on one simple rule – the bigger, the better. 

In this case, not only did he choose a tremendously large toy, but he went with a dildo with a monstrously meaty girth that was ultra Realistic, that comes with a suction cup and measures 8.5 inches that, I had to admit, felt extremely realistic.

One day he came from work and told me that he had a gift for me, but that I will get it in a few days. I was very curious and decided to speed up things. Since we were at home that night, I decided to warm up things a bit and put on some sexy makeup and lingerie. 

woman wearing sexy black lingerie taking selfie in mirror

He was standing in front of the sink preparing something, so I approach him slowly from the back, kissed him hungrily and whispered: “Why don’t we go to the bedroom first, and eat later?”. I knew that he wasn’t going to refuse, so I went to the bedroom to wait for him. 

He came close and started to touch me while I was pushing my delicious tongue into his mouth aggressively. He reached between my legs and nudged my thong aside with his finger. Soon his head was between my legs and he was gently nibbling and licking my pussy.

He licked my pussy so good, that it totally drove me crazy, and I needed him to put his cock in me immediately. He climbed on top of me and slid his dick deep inside my hot pussy. 

My pussy was steaming hot around his cock, it was so hard and good that I didn’t know what to do with myself, and I felt something different with him. 

My boyfriend was super excited and his cock was pulsing like never before. After a minute he gently removed his dick and spread my pussy with his fingers. I could feel how open I was, and at that moment he slowly pushed something hard and huge in me. 

I just let out a brief sigh of delight and realized that he just gave me my present, and moaned to him “Yes, oh God it is so big…Fuck me with it.”

At first, I was a bit afraid because it was so big and he was able to slide the dildo just halfway inside. 

He started with slow and controlled movements and used an extra lubricant. He slowly pulled and pushed the toy in and out of me and began running it up and down through my oozing slit, pressing it into my clit. 

I can tell that I loved the weight of the hefty dildo against my flesh, and could feel how my vagina started to tighten as the thickest part of the toy began to enter. It was good but, it hurt a little too. 

Kiss me down there, I told him. He put his mouth to my creamy crotch and started tonguing my clit. My moans were so fast and loud that I could felt that my orgasm would be swift and powerful. 

As soon as he started licking me he took a firm hold on the dildo and pressed it all the way home inside of me with one long, steady thrust until I could feel it whole inside of me.

I let out one giant scream as the toy pierced me like nothing else ever had, so strong that my boyfriend briefly stopped licking me because he thought that he hurt me. I corrected that misconception by squeezing his face tightly to my sloppy pussy with both hands, showing him that I was coming. 

This orgasm was so intense, and probably one of the most powerful I have ever had. He left dildo a few seconds in me and as I began to relax, he gently withdrew the dildo from my vagina.

Why all size lovers need to try this dildo

After this experience, we continue to use this dildo often. All I can say is that all size lovers should try this dildo. It is a realistic toy with realistic details such as lifelike veins, and it comes with a strong suction cup that will attach and stay stable to any smooth surface. 

The firm shaft hits your G-spot due to its slight curve. It is large, but not too large that it looks intimidating and it is an excellent choice for the people who want to experience lifelike masturbation because of an s suction cup, which is surprisingly strong given the weight of the beast. 

For a more realistic feeling, put it in hot water and it will look much closer to the body temperature.

Other Huge Dildos I Have In My Collection

sizes of different dildos

I like to experiment with toys, and when I get a new one, I want to try it in every shape, size, color, and material that exists. Now let’s get straight into the list of best dildos that you need to try.

Biggest Dildo On This List

big brown suction cup dildo

This lifelike realistic brown dildo is a massive and amazing toy worth the effort to get it in since every inch fills you. 

This is an ultra-realistic dildo for vaginal or advanced anal penetration. This sizeable shaft boasts 10 insertable inches and a delectable 7-inch circumference, which will ensure you or your partner good filling. 

It stays in place no matter where you put it and the quality is excellent. It is perfect for anal orgasms and is perfect for people who like big toys that hit all the right places.

The Thickest Dildo On This List

fat dildo

You always dreamed that your first dildo looks and feels just like the rock hard stud? Well, stop dreaming and get yourself this 7 inches king cock dildo

You will feel every vein, every inch of the shaft, and every bit of the head which is carefully handcrafted with exquisite detail to give you the most realistic experience ever imagined. It is suitable for hands-free fun, with or without a harness thanks to its strong suction cup base and bulbous balls, and not to forget to mention that it is perfectly safe for both vaginal and anal adventures. His large chap is set to fill you up with 7 firm and flexible inches in an extra-girthy form.

The Long Dildo I Love

long dildo

If you want the biggest and the worst dong around, this 10-inch dildo is ideal for size queens who want more of a challenge. It is a beautiful, huge, girthy, lifelike dildo, which I use very often. 

I have lots of them, but just a few that are as massive as this. It has a really good suction cup which can easily be stick to the drywall, if you wet it a little bit it can pretty much glue to the tiles in a shower, also it is very firm and won’t bend when going inside you.

Large Black Dildo

massive black dildo

Get ready for this realistic ballsy dildo with detailing for the real deal experience. This realistic dildo with 9 insertable inches will give you the ride of your life. 

You will need lots of lubrication with this dildo. You can play with the lifelike balls and you can take a good and firm grip of the shaft. When you are tired and done with thrusting, you can use the balls as a stimulator. This strong suction cup base provides you with base sturdy hands-free experience.

Giant Anal Dildo

giant anal dildo

This is an impressive 9-inch suction cup dildo with authentic details, which has a subtle curve ideal for targeting G and P-spots for incredible orgasmic bliss. 

You will enjoy additional stimulations because of his tapered head and raised veins along the length of the shaft. His girth is perfect and the texture is amazing. The suction cup is really sturdy and allows you to ride it well.

Giant Inflatable Dildo

inflatable dildo

Prepare a good squeeze of water-based anal lube and enjoy the inflatable aspect of this dildo for ultimate tailored pleasure during your time with this toy. This smooth, inflatable latex penis butt plug comes without a core, for complete flexibility. 

It has a rounded tip for comfortable insertion and a flared base to prevent unwanted travel. It is perfect for stretching if you like fisting or just the internal sensation alone.

Fist Dildo

fisting dildo

This fisting dildo is in the shape of a hand of a famous porn star Belladonna. It has an insertable length of 11.75 inches and a girth of 8.25 inches. It is great for play with a partner or on your own, also it is great for people who like firmer or realistic dildos. 

Here it is important to work yourself up to using this toy if you do decide to order it because it is not small. First, you need to try using smaller toys before you attempt to insert this toy, so you can minimize any chances of injury. Don’t forget to use a lot of lubricants when using this fisting sex toy. 

You can see a list of all the best fisting dildos we’ve tested here.

Size Queen Accessories

cartoon woman with question mark above head

If you want to spice up your sex life a bit or surprise your partner with a new pose or a sex game or you want things to run smoothly, maybe the following couple of things may help you with that. They were very helpful to me.

Vaginal/Anal Training Toy

vaginal and anal size training kit

In front of us, we have here a majestic dilator training set that comes in 5 different sizes. It is made from smooth silicone with an ergonomic curve. 

I fell in love with this kit because of the curved shape and the fact that they are tapered on the end. It is really easy and fun to use them because each dilator features a finger loop for ease of use. 

I like having the options of all the sizes because every day is different and it is perfect for advancing vaginal and anal exploration.

Heavy Duty Vaginal Lube

This is one nicest water-based lubes for body-friendly lubrication that lasts, and it is perfect for use anywhere on the body. It can be reactivated with water to make it go further. It’s very slick and it is compatible with all sex toy materials.

Heavy Duty Anal Lube

You want a pleasant anal experience, then you will need this golden girl anal jelly lube. It is a really silky and long-lasting lube, it doesn’t dry out quickly at all and can be reactivated with water, and it is a must-have for anal sex. I also have this guide for finding the perfect anal lube.

Sex Toy Mount

woman using a sex toy mount

Everything about this pillow is amazing. First of all, I was thrilled with the packaging it comes in and the quality of the pillow is very high. Using this pillow in your sex life you will enhance masturbation, enable hands-free arousal, and even make double penetration a reality with your partner. If you want hands-free fun or to add a third person without the person, I would highly recommend this.

You could also check out my guide on sex machines, some of them will allow you to attach the above dildos and enjoy the pleasure hands-free.

Sex Position Chair (Great for use with a partner)

woman sitting on sex position chair

With this super exciting sex position chair, you have a chance to try positions you never thought were possible. Now you can enjoy effortless sex in any position and enrich your sexuality with enhanced pleasure while experimenting with many new positions.

Guide To Using A Large Dildo (Cheat-Sheet)

female cartoon trying to use a large dildo

Cleaning & Lube – Remember, safe sex is the best sex, so use your dildo in the right way and the pleasure will not be absent. When using your large dildo first, you need to clean it and use a lot of lube. 

The next thing is to be gentle, especially if you’re new to large toys, start with something smaller first, and work your way up. After that, start to experiment to find out what you prefer, just remember to go slow and steady. After every use, clean your dildo.

Also, for better pleasure, you could try the next few things.

Large Sex Toy Training – You can train your vagina by choosing the right tool to train by starting with slightly larger toys than one from your comfort zone and make sure you have time to train. Get yourself good and ready, use a lot of lubricants, experiment with the position and know when you need to stop.

Warm-up routine – Warm yourself up a little bit, but literally, apply a bit of heat to your training toy (only do this if your large sex toy is submersible in water). You will see that find that a warm toy feels nicer and makes the body more relaxed.

Use the suction cup – If you want to free up your hands and let yourself in mini adventures around your house and beyond, this is the right thing for you. Suction cup dildos can be used in so many different ways, situations, sex games, locations, and scenarios, and they can be found in so many shapes, sizes, and types. Put it on the wall, chair, bathtub, mirror on the wall and just enjoy!

I actually have a guide on how to use dildos, so if you’re a size queen who wants a few thrusting techniques then check it out.

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