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  • woman in puppy mask

    My Guide To The Puppy Play Fetish

    Have you ever wanted to try puppy play? Maybe you’re finding it hard where to buy puppy play gear? In this guide I will tell you everything you need to know, including where to buy puppy play toys and gear for the fetish. More

  • woman in cute pjs on bed

    The Ultimate Fantasy Dildos

    Are you looking for a fantasy dildo? Something that will take you to another world, or allow you to act out a kinky fantasy that you never thought possible, if that sounds like you then I’ve got you covered. More

  • woman wearing blue thong

    The Best Thrusting Vibrators & Dildo

    This is a trusted list of all the best thrusting vibrators and sex toys from all over the internet. There’s also a beautiful guide on how to use them for the best stimulation (must-read). More

  • woman poking her tongue out

    The Hottest NSFW Audios You Need To Listen To

    Does ASMR turn you on? I think it’s one of the most sensual things out there, so I collected my favorite NSFW asmr audios and put them all in one place, so I wouldn’t forget them, I now decided to make that list public, here it is. More

  • woman taking selfie in red lingerie set

    My Favorite Sexy Roleplay Outfits

    I love playing dress up with my boyfriend and over the years we’ve collected loads of beautiful play outfits, so I decided to rate them all and put them in a constantly updating list. So, if you’re looking for something sexy, I’ve got you covered. More

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