Butt Plugs: The Ultimate Guide

If you have been reading our sexploring sextravaganza blog for a while, you probably saw this coming. Of course, I’d hijack my boyfriend’s blog to write about butt plugs!

I did dabble in these types of sex toys before but never did I truly dive deep into all the wonderful options and possibilities at hand. I recently watched a porn video where something just clicked for me.

This certainly wasn’t the first time I saw someone else using a butt plug. But there was something just irresistible and borderline artistic about the moves of both the woman and man on screen.

The passion was evident and this was one of those porns where you could tell they weren’t faking it. And all the while, the girl had a vibrating butt plug, adding to this crazy-hot animalistic side to her performance.

Needless to say, I didn’t waste a lot of time after that, telling my boyfriend that another takeover of the blog was about to take place.

What Is A Butt Plug?

cartoon butt plug

Now, if you are not a person keen to do anal and such, just keep reading. Because it’s worth noting that a lot of people who are not into ass play are okay with plugs. Why? Simply put, it’s kinky but doesn’t go all the way.

Butt plugs are excellent to get you warmed up for anal and can be a ticket to anal orgasms, but also they can just be used to get you in the mood. They will make sex more intense, especially if you’re a woman because you’ll have a feeling you’re being dp’d. If you’re a guy, plugs can stimulate your prostate and thus lead to toe-curling orgasms.

This sex toy looks just like it sounds – it plugs your asshole with a flared base used to keep it from slipping inside you totally, since the muscles of the sphincter contract both voluntarily and involuntarily when you’re pleasured.

Types Of Butt Plug

different types of butt plugs
  • Vibrating

These plugs usually come with different vibrating speeds and patterns, so you can switch it up and experience various awesome sensations. In some of these toys, you can remove the vibrating bullet and use the plug as a regular one. Allow me to explain the pleasures of vibrating plugs further down below, but for now, let’s move to other types of these toys…

  • Glass

I dip mine into hot or cold water for thrilling sensations. When it comes to the look of this buttplug, it can be transparent or have a nice tint to it.

Practically looking, they are the easiest sex toy to clean. And while some people are scared of some unrealistic scenarios where the plug shatters while inside – really guys, relax, that’s not going to happen. Glass sex toys are made to be skin and body safe.

  • Inflatable

This is kinda different and I wasn’t even aware it existed until I started this journey. But you bet your ass I loved this weird toy! The gist of it is that you insert the plug and then use the pump it comes with to inflate it. This is like owning more than one butt plug – because you control the size of it, so you can switch it up. It’s a great step towards broader experimentation and pushing your body towards new pleasurable heights.

  • Fantasy (Tails)

It pisses me off that tail butt plugs have this weirdo aura to them. People immediately liken you to a furry if you’re into these (not that there’s anything wrong with furries, it’s just that objectively they are way kinkier and out-of-the-box than a random girl having a small bunny tail sticking out of her asshole).

Fantasy tails make you feel cuter, sexier and are a great way to tease your partner.

  • Metal

Usually made out of stainless steel, these are also easy to clean because you can boil them. They also have this cold look to them, making them seem hardcore and therefore kinkier. But that’s just a bonus because one of the great features of metal plugs is the fact that they adapt to your body temperature quickly.

The Best Butt Plug In My Collection

vibrating butt plug

Just like the name says, this vibrating butt plug makes my butt tingle like nothing before!

This butt tingler with a 3.5-inch girth is great for beginners, but I still use it regularly, even though in the last three months I have had more things stuffed up my ass than ever before.

Just like with anal play in general, I lube generously when using this plug. 

One time, I was having a really shitty day, I was laying spent in the bedroom mindlessly going through my phone. I told my boyfriend that I wouldn’t watch our fave show together, because I just couldn’t concentrate anymore that day.

He walked towards the bed with his sweet understanding smile and asked if I needed a massage. I was borderline pissed off, so I nearly snapped at him “What kind of question is that, who doesn’t like a massage?!” But I restrained myself, knowing he isn’t to blame for the capitalism we live in. Also, duh, I wanted a massage.

I turned over on my belly, not before I took off my shirt, remaining just in undies. My angel of a boyfriend went over to get the oil, but little did I know that a lightbulb went off in his head when he saw the lube next to the oil on the shelf! So I laid oblivious while he massaged me, breathing in the relaxing scent of the oil. Of course, the massage quickly turned kinky.

As he was massaging my back, he was slipping more and more to the sides, teasing my sideboobs and cupping my breasts. When he got to my lower back, he slipped my undies all the way down and started massaging my ass firmly.

With each stroke, he slipped his hands more and more between my buttcheeks, until my legs were spread enough to reveal both my asshole and my pussy which was by now glistening with juices. My boyfriend then started working my asshole, teasing the opening with his lubed finger, eventually slipping in, making me gasp.

My man then pulled out and I felt the silicone of my fave butt plug. I literally smiled at the same moment. Slowly, the plug went all the way in and the vibrations started. I was crazy from all the teasing I had received. So it was more than welcome when suddenly my boyfriend turned rough, yanking me so I was on all fours, my butt sticking out to him with the plug and my pussy ready.

I received a pussy eating like none before. The feeling in my asshole, the interchangeable vibrations, my boyfriend’s tongue lapping hungrily, sucking my clit occasionally… I swear this orgasm will stay seared in my mind forever.

Reasons I Love This Vibrating Butt Plug:

  • This is such a great tool for foreplay and teasing
  • The material is really smooth and easy on the skin, so my sensitive self really appreciates this
  • I love, love, love the vibrations! They are a star feature of this product.

The Rest Of My Butt Plug Collection (Something For Everyone)

different butt plugs

My collection is serious and has something for every level.

This collection goes back to when I first started using plugs and works up to every level I’ve been at.

Beginners Small Butt Plug

small beginner butt plug

This one is called the slimline butt plug for a reason. It’s petite and smooth and non-threatening all over. With its angelic white color, it’s perfect for beginners. The price is also great because it’s a mere 10 bucks.

I have progressed to bigger plugs, but I did enjoy this one despite the slimness! It stimulated me on the inside during a really pleasurable and long sex marathon with my man. It stayed in place and really enhanced the whole experience. 

Inflatable Butt Plug That Is Unreal

inflatable butt plug being inflated

The inflatable butt plug was such a unique experience for me. I didn’t believe it will be all that good, but I was on a quest in the name of science (not really, but shut up) and was determined to try it. And thank god I did!

If I was tighter with money, this could be the only plug I own. Why? I control the size with the pump (or I let my bf control it). It’s mind-blowing that this thing can expand three times its size.

Metal Jewelled Butt Plug (Super Pretty)

jeweled butt plug

If there was a more expensive-looking plug in my collection… The weight of this jeweled toy adds to the feeling and the sparkling base rounds up the whole look!

I love adding this to love-making with my boyfriend, leaving it in cold water beforehand. Because that initial feeling of the cold plug entering my hot butthole… 10/10.

The Glass Butt Plug I Use

glass butt plug

This glass butt plug is made using the handblown method! How awesome is that? This means it was made with care and I could tell immediately from the shape of it, especially the tip. The girth is a 4.75 inch way to orgasmic sensations, largely thanks to the “curvaceous bulb”, as the makers describe it.

Just like the metal plug, I love submerging the Amethyst Sensual Glass Butt Plug into cold or hot water, because the material adapts so quickly to the material. The contrast between the cold plug entering my ass while my boyfriend eats me out is reason enough to use these fun sex toys. 

My Recommended Tail Butt Plugs

cartoon drawing of fox tail butt plug

And now let’s enter another realm of kinky…

These are all the best tail butt plugs if you’re into dress up and role play or just looking plain cute this is totally for you.

Bunny Butt Tail

pink fluffy bunny tail butt plug

I use this cutie to tease my guy in our apartment. I walk around with a longer shirt, pulled up so it rests exactly on the pink puffy tail of the plug. I wiggle my butt at him teasingly, pulling away when he approaches me hungrily. It’s not hard to guess how this usually ends – after I finally allow him close to me, I get quickly turned around, ending face-pressed against the kitchen counter, feeling him enter my already moist vagina with his throbbing cock.

Fox Butt tail

fox tail butt plug

Unfortunately, I don’t own this tail plug myself, but the reviews are great and who doesn’t want to feel foxy and domineering once in a while? This medium-sized plug is made from stainless steel and the tail can be removed if you want it to. The fur is faux, so no cute foxes actually died for your kinky sins. 

Cat Butt Tail

cat tail butt plug

Oh, I love using this cat tail butt plug. We actually roleplayed one time as superheroes, and of course, I was Catwoman. You can probably guess the rest, but my bf did end up with a lot of scratches on his toned arms and back…

This plug is made from glass and is easy to insert once lubricated, so I can relax totally with the 4.6-inch girth in my asshole.

Pony Butt Tail

woman holding pony tail butt plug

This pony tail feels sensational when brushing against my legs. This happens when I make my teasing rounds around our apartment or when I finally give in and find myself on all fours with my mouth filled with my man’s fully erect cock.

The Large Butt Plug That Is A Beautiful Challenge

woman holding large butt plug

Did you train your butt enough to be ready for this big butt plug? I know I did.

But bear in mind the 6 inches – I had to prepare carefully with this. Using first a vibrating dildo in my pussy to get in the mood, I lubed up my ass and played with my fingers. Eventually, I started inserting this lubed up plug. The reward was… well, big and unforgettable. Yes, I’m talking about my squirting orgasm.

One of the awesome features of the Doc Johnson plug is the patented antibacterial Sil-A-Gel formula. I love it when sex toy makers go the extra length to ensure our health and comfort.

Butt Plug Training (How To Use A Butt Plug)

butt plug training guide

Get clean:

Just the same as anal play in general, douching can be needed to feel fully comfortable for butt plug fun. Or at least make sure you went number two that day, while also avoiding spicy food that is hard on the stomach.

Pick the right size:

There is no need to rush things. If you’re new to the world of anal play or just butt plugs in general, start with something small and slim made for beginners. If in doubt, read all the descriptions of plugs carefully, because most of them mention if the toy is suited for beginners, intermediate or experts. Maybe you’ll start small and immediately realize that you need something bigger and that you barely feel your plug – this can happen, but still, better safe than sorry. Just move on to a wee bigger size and work from there.

Lots of lube:

Whenever you hear “anal” just add “lube” to your thoughts! It’s ultra-important to take care of that sensitive part of your body that has so many nerve endings.

It’s worth noting that you should take your plug out and re-lube it every once in a while. When it comes to how long can you wear it – there is no consensus here or clinical trials on the subject.

Some go for 2-3 hours max while others claim to wear them for 2-3 DAYS. Take this with a grain of salt, cause I’m no doctor or scientist, but personally I wore mine for circa 5 hours max and I think that’s the longest I would go for.

Also if you want to see the different anal lubes I recommend check out that guide, it will help you find the perfect lube.

Get comfortable:

Use this (especially for the first time) when feeling relaxed. I have mentioned using this when I was feeling stressed one day. But bear in mind that I was by then already experienced in anal play and, more importantly, my boyfriend massaged me first and relaxed me with an etheric oil.

Maybe it would be ideal if you try it out alone first. Set the mood, dim the lights, grab the lube and roll the porn! Or whatever else floats your boat.

Who knows, maybe you end up loving it and walking around just cherishing the feel in your butt! If you’re wondering what’s the feeling like, my experience is a feeling of fulfillment and sensations coming from the contractions.

Here is my full guide on how to have painfree anal sex.

Other Reasons You Need To Try A Butt Plug

cartoon of different butt plugs

Use it to prepare for anal sex

If you’re too tight for anal sex then using a butt plug will work wonders. It’ll also make anal sex more pleasurable by taking away the painful feeling. Ask your partner to start with a finger and loads of lube and go from there, following the pace that suits you and your sensitive rosebud.

Try It During Sex (Feel Like Double Penetration)

Want to experience being penetrated in both holes, but not willing to bring in a third person? The plug is your best friend then. Much like a good pair of anal beads you can fantasize about having two men at once, your partner in your pussy/mouth while the while the plug is doing the work in your asshole. Or you can openly roleplay about a third person hitting you from behind.

Will using a butt plug give you an A-spot orgasm?

Butt plugs can absolutely aid in an orgasm or help you achieve an anal orgasm. When it comes to guys, this toy is great for that coveted prostate orgasm! If you want some other amazing anal sex toys, then you should check out this guide on anal dildos.

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