Erotica Sites Like Literotica

Reading erotica is one of the purest ways I get off.

No, seriously, there’s no better feeling than reading a true erotic story about another couple living out one of their wildest fantasies.

Nothing makes me more turned on.

Now Literotica is one of the best erotic story blogs and has thousands of amazing stories, however, it can sometimes feel a little old and cluncky and after a few months of reading it can be nice to try another erotic site.

So, I’ve decided to make this amazing list of sites just like literotica (some are better).

I Love Reading Erotic Stories

cartoon of woman thinking about reading erotic books

Everyone knows that a good book is far better than it’s movie counterpart in most cases. Even people who don’t read books have heard of this and as they don’t read them, they can’t actually deny it. A book can give you so many more details than a movie but more important is that a book makes you imagine everything you read in your own special way.

Watching porn is still the main way I get myself off, but there are other alternatives for that specific action. Erotic stories, essays or even audiobooks have evolved greatly in the past couple of years. Since everything is going digital and on the internet, erotic stories and books are no exception. 

Now, what do I think about erotic stories? 

I think they are pretty awesome. I love reading them because of how they make my imagination go wild. There are practically millions of stories, some fact some fiction, that you can use to have different scenarios in your head and they can lead you to amazing experiences. 

For instance, Literotica is a perfect website that you can try if you are new to reading erotic stories.

What Is Literotica?


Literotica is an erotic fiction website and the best part is that it is completely free. If you want to submit your own stories, you have to register an account, which is very simple. 

If, on the other hand, you want to browse and read some quite exhilarating and sexy stories, you can do it without an account. Keep in mind that it is adult content and you have to be above 18 years of age to see its content. 

Literotica offers more than 300.000 erotic stories from different authors that are sorted in categories and are available to you at any time from any platform you want to use. Apart from sexy stories and pics, you can find toys & videos, webcams, erotic chat or even personal ads. All of these categories have countless more subcategories and I guarantee you will find something for yourself to enjoy this amazing website. 

Erotic Sites Like Literotica

Since Literotica started in 1998, it is one of the oldest websites for erotic and kinky stories, but that doesn’t mean it is the only one. Numerous other sites have risen in hopes of being the next Literotica and some are quite good. I will name a few here so you can compare them yourself. 

screenshot of is a bit different from Literotica because it features only 100% true stories, or so the main writer Jess claims. I’ve done a bit of research and it seems that she will only allow stories from authors she personally knows, so it seems legit.

The website is more appealing to the eye than Literotica with pictures, colorful titles, and interactive dropdown menus.

From swinger, couples, cheating, and threesome all the way to anal, creampie, big dick, and BDSM stories, there really isn’t much Bitchtopia doesn’t offer. Since they are all 100% real stories, I suggest you give it a try.

screenshot of reddit

Ah, the famous Reddit: the self-proclaimed front page of the internet. It has everything you ever wanted or needed or everything you never knew you want/need. Well, it mostly has it all.

Reddit is a web site based on setting, commenting and evaluating Web content. Although you don’t need to register to view the content, you do have to do it in order to comment and evaluate the given content.

As you may have guessed, Reddit has its side of sexual and mature content in the form of texts, pictures and more. Being given the option to comment and evaluate content makes it more immersive and can be a good source of fulfilling your sexual fantasies.

Sub-Reddits that are like Literotica:

r/gonewildstories –  Everyone loves when girls go wild, but I wasn’t prepared for what I saw in this subreddit. From fulfilling their fantasies in school/college to group sex and gangbangs. Come in and vote for your favorite post.

r/SluttyConfessions – Always wanted to know what that slut from your class has to confess? You can stop jerking off to your own imagination and step in this amazing thread for the most mind-bending slutty confessions that you couldn’t even dream of.

r/erotica – Plain old erotica. This subreddit is fairly new, so it doesn’t have that many posts, but what it lacks in numbers it compensates with content.

r/dirtypenpals – Stories about penpals getting you aroused? Writing to your far-away lover turns you on completely? Feel free to enter this Reddit thread and be amazed at some of the stories you can find.

r/eroticliterature – This is a little arty, people write hot erotic about their deepest, naughtiest fantasies. It’s not my favorite sub-reddit, but it’s worth a look.

r/stupidslutsclub – This subreddit takes you to the minds of your average dumb, stupid sluts. Class sluts, horny-sluts, neighbors sluts, you name it! If you like women who are free with their body and love exploring their sexual side then you’ll love these stories, pictures and videos.

r/sex – This is a listing for the most common occurrences in sex that lots of people have. It is a non-judgmental and safe space for all genders and sexual orientations. Feel free to start with this subreddit before you go into anything wilder. I just love how open this sub-reddit made me feel. It’s a breath of fresh air.

r/NSFWIAMA – This thread offers you the option of AMA or Ask Me Anything. Girls or boys share their stories and they usually respond to every comment and question with no holding back. Anything you ask will be answered as long as it is deemed worthy by the poster.

r/AskRedditAfterDark – This topic is similar to the one above but tends to be a bit dark. Ask anything and Reddit users will respond. Keep in mind that this subreddit is full of people with above-average sexual interests so don’t take the answers for completely true.

r/sexystories – all kinds of sexy stories can be found in this thread. From vanilla sex to humiliation and creampies. All you need is to read a few and see that it is pretty diverse.

r/BDSMcommunity – Nothing like the good old bondage and domination. Whether you are dominating or submissive in behavior, you will surely find a good story to get you off in this Reddit thread. Sadists and masochists will feel like at home when viewing all of the kinky and erotic stories this subreddit has to offer.

r/BDSMerotica – the most erotic stories ranging from mistresses to begging for a cock. Big daddies and little girls all day long. 

r/Cuckold – Are you a cuckold? If you are then you’ll love these real stories, pictures and videos. We’ve talked about cuckolding a few times on this blog and a lot of our pictures and experiences have been shared on this sub-reddit.

r/cuckoldstories – Cuck and ready to duck out of the way for some bull that is hard and capable of satisfying your girl/wife? This subreddit is perfect for you. The most amazing stories of wife-sharing, girl trading and group sex while the husband is watching are on this part of Reddit.

I also did a full guide of my favorite cuckold/hotwife sub-Reddits.

screenshot of

Lush stories is another website similar to Literotica, but a bit advanced in its interface. You can post your own content, but you have to make an account and be registered. It features chat rooms, audio stories, author eBooks and even competitions. With over 50 thousand stories, 400 thousand images and a whole bunch of forum and blog posts, surely you will find something to fulfill your fantasies.

screenshot of

This exquisite website is a delight to look at. It has a beautiful landing page with a clear menu that will lead you to anything your heart desires. They have a pleasant community full of supportive members.

Membership is free and is a must if you want to post your own stories, however viewing all other content is completely non-dependant on having a membership. 

You can simply click on this link and start viewing all sorts of stories you are interested in. The best part about this site is the Little Secrets category in which members can share a sex secret they’ve always wanted to talk about but never had the courage to do so. Anonymity is guaranteed.

screenshot of

ASSTR or Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository is a website that is the most similar to Literotica of all the others by its appearance.

No pictures or gifs to grab your attention. Just plain white background with blue text and grey borders. ASSTR is home to over 1000 authors of original erotic literature and a host for numerous other newsgroups and erotic archives. It is a mirror site for as well. One of my personal favorites.

screenshot of mcstories

Now, this website is where the stuff gets a bit weird. The owner or author of the website has a few disclaimers right on the first page that are clearly visible. He clearly states that his website is for fantasy only so no real stories here, but the “Anyone wishing to try this stuff for real should seek psychological help and/or get a life.” is pretty intriguing if I may say so.

Who wouldn’t want to get a peek inside some of these stories if they are so weird as the author states? I, for one, have ventured into some of the categories and they are loads of fun! From beastiality, furry, fetish and exhibitionism to robots and mind control, everything you never knew existed as a fetish is just a click away. 

What Site Do I Use To Read Erotica?

As I’ve stated earlier, one of my favorite sites to read erotica is ASSTR or Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository because I get pretty distracted by all the colors and pictures on the other sites. When I want to masturbate while reading sex and erotic stories, I really don’t want to have any distractions and that is why I mostly choose them. 

Apart from the one I already mentioned, I really like Sometimes it can get a bit dull just to read the text and imagine stuff, so when I want some of the craziest stories and pictures bitchtopia is where I head.

I also met a few people in the comments and even talked to Jess about getting a few of my stories put on.

If you are like me and like real erotica, you should give it a shot.

A Sex Toy That Pairs Perfectly With Reading Erotica

cartoon of lady holding a sex toy

One of my favorite things to do while reading erotic content in the form of stories, essays and eBooks is to play with myself, of course. In my early years, I mostly used my fingers, but as that got a bit boring, I transferred to sex toys – mostly dildos and vibrating dildos. 

One of the toys I own, and a personal favorite of mine is this magic wand vibrator, it’s freaking amazing and pairs with the above stories perfectly.

The reasons I opt for this one almost every time are plenty. It has a soft, cushiony silicone head and a flexible neck that can reach any place you want. It is perfect for regular massages, but I rarely use it for that.

My pussy is so used to it that I can take all 4 high speeds and all 4 powerful patterns and enjoy it to the fullest! It is cordless, so as soon as it’s charged, you can take it off the cable and put it right where you need it the most. If you can’t wait, it can be used during charging as well. Your clit will never feel the same again, and will always be grateful for the wonderful sensation you provide it with this lustrous toy.

For my dear men readers, that also like to visit erotica sites, I can recommend this thrust male masturbation is unreal. Not only is this realistic vagina masturbator super-tight, but it is made from smooth and supple real-feel TPE, and guarantees to feel just like a real pussy. This fake pussy is perfect for beginners and experts because of the easy-grip ribbing on the outer part and easy usage/cleaning.

It even has a hole in base for inserting a bullet vibrator – what more could you ask from an almost real-like fake pussy? The vagina of your dreams can be found here:

There you go, my dear followers. Even if you are bored of Literotica stories, there is plenty of material to go around. The best part is that new stories come every day, so sit back, grab your favorite toy and start reading!

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