Cheap Sex Toys (Guide You Need To Read)

When it comes to buying sex toys, the saying “You get what you pay for” definitely rings true. That’s not to say that all sex toys are fairly priced, however. Most sex toys that have received a lot of mainstream attention tend to have a significant markup far beyond the cost of materials and shipping. Other manufacturers have noticed this trend and have begun releasing sex toys that are much more accessible to the average person.

At the end of the day, you might not even be sure if a particular sex toy is precisely what you’re looking for, or how you’ll feel after having it around for a while. That’s precisely why it’s recommended to buy an inexpensive sex toy first, before deciding on something a bit more luxurious. Inexpensive is a much better term for these toys than “cheap” since cheap sex toys can actually end up hurting you. I’ll explain what you need to avoid first before getting onto the meat of which affordable toys we love the most. The female toys are all my opinion, while the male-centric toys will be covered by my boyfriend, so expect a slight change in tone depending on which toy you’re looking at on this list.

Warning: When buying cheap sex toys, avoid…

cartoon of toxic sex toys

There are a few things you need to avoid when buying budget-friendly adult toys and to help you I’ve written them all down below.

You won’t need to read this if you stick to the products below, this is more if you want to find budget products yourself and don’t know how to see if they are too good to be true.

Any toxic materials

The kind of materials you’re looking out for here is any kind of materials that either contains phthalates or similar toxic materials, or are extremely porous. Porous toys are toys that have small holes in them on the microscopic level that make them essentially impossible to ever thoroughly sanitize. Bacteria colonize these microscopic holes and form strong colonies that are bad for vaginal health. Good sex toys are easy to clean and safe on the body.

Here’s a list of sex toy materials you should avoid outright and never take a chance on:

  • “Jelly” toys
  • Toys made from questionable plastics that aren’t TPE
  • Rubber or rubber-like materials
  • Any synthetic “skin” materials like UR3 or Cyberskin. If it looks extremely realistic and isn’t made from silicone, avoid it.

All of the materials above come with the risk of having phthalate components in them (they’re used to soften up sex toys) and are extremely porous. No amount of cleaning will ever make these toys safe to use internally, even if you use some of the harshest chemicals available. It’s never worth compromising your reproductive organs just to save a couple of dollars. The ramifications of using unsafe sex toys can be as inconvenient as an infection or as life-changing as sterility. Becoming sterile from unsafe sex toys is extremely rare. However, when it comes to losing your ability to have children, it’s best to only engage in practices with a zero-percent chance, as opposed to even 0.00001% chance.

Bad design and cheap build quality

If you’re buying a glass sex toy, make sure it’s properly annealed. Glass toys by and large are safe. But then, those that are improperly annealed can snap while in use. Properly annealed glass toys will have a slight rainbow effect to them when light is applied, you can see our full list of safe glass dildos here.

Look carefully at the pictures of the sex toy before you make your purchase. Be on the lookout for obvious points of failure where the toy is likely to snap or break, or seams that could trap skin or vaginal tissue within them while in use. A well-made sex toy looks like it’s made from solid materials that will stand up to the kind of use expected of them.

Poorly designed sex toys are closer to torture devices than they are to pleasure devices. You risk physical pain or, at worst, a trip to the emergency room if you use a toy that wasn’t thought out properly. Many of these unsafe sex toys might look fine at first glance, making it extremely important for you to make sure you understand the toy from top to bottom before buying. If anything seems suspicious at all, move on.

Sex toy clones

Any cheap sex toy clones from China more than likely make use of subpar materials and often have outright lies on their packaging. Truly 100% body-safe medical-grade silicone comes at a premium. Since sex toys are largely unregulated, nothing is stopping them from putting “100% pure silicone” or similar on the packaging to describe their substandard silicone. The responsibility is completely on the consumer to make sure they receive a sex toy that’s up to health standards. Until sex toys become regulated, this is the way things will stay. If you’re going to buy a sex toy of any kind that’s trying to steal the thunder of more well-known design, make sure it comes from a trustworthy manufacturer that has years in the industry and lots of good press surrounding their toys.

Battery-operated sex toys made by cheap Chinese manufacturers are also a big issue, since they often don’t operate at the same power level and battery longevity as their genuine counterparts. They can also wreak havoc on your electrical system if they have a faulty charging cord.

The toys we recommend meet all of these requirements!

The Cheap Sex Toys You Need to Own

cheap sex toy collection with prices

So, below is everything you need to find the perfect sex toy in whatever category you’re searching for.

You want an amazing butt plug, got you covered! Want a vibrator that will make you tremble, got you covered! Enjoy.

The Best Budget Dildo

6 inch suction cup dildo

This dildo is an excellent choice for someone that’s looking for their first-time dildo. It has all of the extra bells and whistles typical of dildos that command a higher price point.

This includes a slight upward curve for g-spot hunting, as well as a suction cup base so you can attach it to a wall or even the ground!

I personally recommend using the suction cup while in the shower, so lubricant is always on hand. It’s six inches long and has a diameter of 1.6”, making it more or less the perfect one-size-fits-all dildo, since those are the measurements most sought after by dildo enthusiasts.

The shaft can also be bent and manipulated to better suit your preferences after purchase. The water-based or silicone-based lubricant works best with this toy, as an oil-based lubricant can warp the PVC.

You can learn how to use a dildo in this guide I created. It will teach you everything from thrusting techniques, to finding the right size and even a secret method to orgasm.

My Favorite Cheap Vibrator

pink vibrator

This 7” long ribbed silicone vibrator provides levels of pleasure and fun that I was surprised to see once I actually managed to give it a shot. It’s powered by two C batteries and is extremely quiet while in use, even on the higher settings. It’s also completely waterproof.

That means there’s absolutely nowhere where this bad boy can’t go with you. Only use water-based lubricants with silicone toys. If you use silicone or oil-based lube, you risk damaging the structural integrity of the toy.

It’s a fantastic option for people who want a staggeringly powerful vibrator at a staggeringly affordable price.

Must-Own Bullet Vibrator (Amazing Price)

Tracey Cox bullet vibrator

This must-own bullet vibrator is made with ABS plastic, making it an absolute stunner when it comes to radiating its vibrations properly into vaginal tissue. Bullet vibrators are much smaller than the average vibrator. While they can be used internally in a teasing fashion, their real purpose on this earth is to stimulate the clitoris.

There’s 2.5” of the insertable length of a total of 3” inches, and the toy is a mere 0.5” in diameter, making it a perfect way to tease the inner and outer labia, while also giving the clitoris the love it so duly deserves. It’s also completely waterproof and powered by a single AAA battery.

If you want a sex toy you can take while traveling, this bullet vibrator by Tracey Cox fits the bill perfectly.

My Go-To Affordable Love Egg

love egg from lovehoney

This love-egg is unreal and unlike other toys where the stimulation is largely from the in-and-out motion or other movements of the toy, a love egg is meant to be inserted, and then stays in place while tantalizing vibrations throughout your body.

It’s made from ABS plastic and is controlled by a remote with a 30-inch cord. Most cordless love eggs are much more expensive, so it’s a small price to pay. Luckily, 30 inches is a lot of room to play with. I’ve yet to ever find myself wrestling with the cord because of a lack of length. Vibration intensity can also be carefully set from anywhere between a gentle buzz to shatteringly powerful waves of stimulation, thanks to the easy-to-use intensity dial.

I personally recommend letting a partner play around with the remote while you wiggle and squirm due to their influence. It’s a great way to increase intimacy in the bedroom, as well as bring two partners together. A love egg can do a lot more than a set of fingers can while inside the vagina. That’s for certain.

Budget Rabbit Vibrator That’s Better Than Any Rabbit I’ve Used

rabbit vibrator

Simply put, I love this rabbit vibrators. It’s a fact (I wish I could say it was a well-known fact) that a large majority of women can’t reach orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone. A rabbit vibrator improves upon the average vibrator design by adding in a separate clitoral arm meant to stimulate the clitoris, and the arm on this toy is expertly designed. The two prongs at the end hug the edges of my clitoris excellently in a way where I don’t feel underserviced whatsoever.

It’s also an extremely versatile toy as far as different vibration patterns are concerned. There are seven different patterns, each with three different speed settings. The toy itself is 9.5” long with 5.5” being insertable, and is 1.5” in diameter at its widest point. All things considered, it’s amazing how many features have been included in this toy when there are toys worth hundreds of dollars more that can barely offer the same range of vibrations. So, if you want to unlock your g-spot then try this rabbit vibrator and if you want more rabbit vibrator options, check out this guide.

The Sex Doll That Doesn’t Cost $1000

a male sex toy kit

This is one of the best sex dolls you can buy. Sex dolls can easily run into the several hundred dollar range, but that’s because those dolls are often an entire human body in size and shape.

This particular sex toy is under $100 and comes with both a vaginal and an anal orifice for some next-level pleasure. The missionary-type position it allows for is extremely fun, and the interior portion of the toy is ribbed and specially made for the best time possible.

It’s also rare for a sex doll to come with as many added goodies as this one does. Included is a ten-function bullet vibrator that adds vibrations to the experience, as well as a cock ring for added pleasure. The benefit of the cock ring is that it helps keep the penis as engorged as possible and also has an effect on delaying orgasm.

Put together the added goodies with the fact that it’s a very functional sex toy right out of the box, and you have a winning combination for price-to-value ratio.

If you want a sex doll, then you could also check out this article we did on the cheapest sex dolls, it shows you that you don’t need a big budget to get a great doll.

Where to Buy Safe Budget-Friendly Condoms

trojan condom

Amazon is a surprisingly good source of condoms that won’t break the bank and these condoms are a truly amazing deal. That’s because Amazon allows you to take advantage of the economy of scale by buying larger pack sizes than what’s offered at your local gas station. These Trojan condoms are of the same quality and build you’ll find in the real world, except at a much more agreeable price. If you want more condom deals, go to our condom guide, it has amazing deals and some great condom advice.

The Cheapest Fleshlight


This is one of my all-time favorite fleshlights. Those who want to take advantage of the glory that’s a Fleshlight, without too big a hit on the wallet, are well-served by the Fleshlight Flight Pilot.

Designed with discretion and travel in mind, the orifice is non-anatomical (doesn’t look like a vagina) and resembles a bottle of shampoo more than anything else. It’s slightly shorter than the normal Fleshlight (guide on finding the perfect fleshlight), but still comes with an expertly designed inner sleeve that I can only imagine took hours of thought from the penile experts in the Fleshlight labs. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to the next-level sleeve design that Fleshlight has made themselves famous for over the past decade or so.

The suction cup at the opposite end of the toy can be adjusted to change how tight the toy is while in use on top of it all, adding another wonderful layer of customization to the experience. Who wouldn’t want a personally-tailored orgasm?

The Affordable Pocket Pussy Every Man Needs

pocket pussy

Fleshlight isn’t the only brand out there that has put their heads down and figured out what gets men off best.

The THRUST Pro pocket pussy also has something Fleshlights don’t. Since there’s no exterior shell, you can squeeze different parts of the toy to apply more pressure onto your manhood while the toy is in use.

For a pocket pussy at this price point, the inner sleeve design is also particularly intricate with many different chambers and outcroppings all meant to rub you the right way.

Add Size to Your Member With This Cheap Penis Extender

dildo with penis sleeve on it

This penis extender is kind of a cheat code for a bigger Johnson. It fits over the penis like a glove and is secured by placing the base on the end of the scrotum closer to the body. It’s made from a synthetic material that’s the perfect blend of desensitizing, while still giving enough sensation that it isn’t a challenge to maintain an erection while using it. If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to have a porno-sized wang, this is your opportunity.

I created this guide on penis extenders that will tell you all about my experience, how it felt and why every man should try one.

You Can Even Get Penis Pumps Without Breaking the Bank!

penis pump

The penis pump that changed it all. The general philosophy behind penis pumps is that they help make sure all of the blood vessels important for keeping the penis erect are as functional as they can be.

Over time, using a penis pump can increase the length of your penis ever so slightly. In the short-term, they do fully engorge the penis in a way that reminds me of my old high school boners. This penis pump is entirely safe, while still accomplishing the task it set out to complete and not being too expensive.

I also did a quick guide on my penis pump routine, so if you are thinking about getting one check it out.

How to Get Better Deals?

sex toy discounts

Sales are widespread in the sex toy industry, with some manufacturers like Fleshlight plugging aggressive sales even on minor holidays like Arbor Day. Make sure to check the headers of any sex toy website you’re on, as this is where they are most likely to advertise their deals. Here are a few other good places to look:

– Check out LoveHoney Daily Deals.

Since Lovehoney sells toys from just about every manufacturer under the sun, their special offers page is often where they advertise the sales that the manufacturer is running and can then pass on the savings to us, the consumers. Also, just about every promotion they’re running at any given time can be found on this page, so it should definitely be your first stop any time you’re on Lovehoney.

– Check out the Deal of the Day.

Their deal of the day page is also a good place to look to see what kinds of sex toys are out there. Often, these toys are marked down up to 50% off, and when they’re that inexpensive, you might just change your mind as to what kind of sex toy you’d like to give a shot.

– Claim your 20% student discount.

Of all retailers to offer a student discount, Lovehoney does. As long as you can provide proof that you’re attending secondary education, you’ll be entitled to a 20% discount. Not too shabby, eh?

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