I Tested The Best Penis Pumps

I had heard a lot about penis pumps, a few of my sex blogger friends had told me to buy one and I had done extensive research on what they can actually do for me before I eventually just decided to go ahead and buy the most popular one.

Supposedly some penis pumps do different things to others, some can help you to maintain a longer and harder erection and some can help you to do that and grow your penis length and girth. The first penis pump I tested out was the one that can help make your penis bigger, I just had to.

The Best Penis Pump I Used:

my bathmate penis pump

This is the bathmate penis pump, this hydraulic pump uses water which offers you 250x more power than the standard water pumps.

Using it regularly can give you an engorged and enlarged penis with most people seeing results after 60 days. It’s also very easy to use and the clear material gives you the ability to track your gains with the measuring chart.

How Does It Work?

You do have to be patient with the penis pump, don’t try and hurry things up by pushing your limits because you may injure yourself. Pump the recommended time (three times per day for 5-minute sessions) and they say that after 60 days you should start seeing results.

The thing I thought I would struggle with is the everyday sessions but once I got into the habit of pumping when I was in the shower or bath it became part of my routine and really easy to do, all you need to do is fill the cylinder, insert your flaccid penis and pump away and once the water stops coming out, hold for a few minutes and release, it’s that easy.

I must add that this penis pump is suitable for those with a penis size between 5-7 inches in length and under 6.5 inches in girth, if you don’t meet these criteria there is a penis pump for between 3-5  inches and under and a penis pump for 7-9 inches and over.

Did It Work For Me?

I tried it for 60 consecutive days, I rarely had a day off and I made sure to measure my penis before and after to make sure my results were as accurate as possible. I did also take pictures but I won’t include those as I don’t really want my penis online!

My results were actually pretty amazing, I have found my girth to have increased by 0.4 inches and my length by 1/2 inch which for 60 days is a really great result for me.

I found using it to be easy, it wasn’t painful and I noticed results after the first few days although these weren’t permanent.

What Has This Penis Pump Done For Me?

I am a confident guy, I use sex toys all the time and my girlfriend and I have a pretty wild sex life but I must say that using the penis pump did give me a self-confidence boost, it stroked my ego, and seeing my gains was like a pat on the back.

My girlfriend also loved it when I pumped as it temporarily engorges your penis each time you use it, which she loved. She also loves seeing my growth over just 60 days, it’s a real confidence boost and I know I will go back to using it in a few months when I need to ‘top up’.

Key Features Of This Penis Pump

  • 250x more powerful than a standard water pump
  • Comes with a useful measuring chart
  • Very easy to use
  • Results after 60 days
  • Penis feels enlarged after each use
  • Extra-tight seal around the base for added suction
  • Comfortable
  • Clear casing so you can watch your gains

The Other Penis Pump I Recommend

my simple penis pump

I wanted to show you guys the Tracey Cox stamina penis pump, it works a little differently from my favorite above but it is a little less expensive and can still do a great job.

This penis pump also has a transparent cylinder so you can watch your gains and see your penis at all times of the process. You pop your penis inside and use the pumping bulb to create a vacuum that uses its pressure to add size and girth to your penis.

With this penis pump, you can enjoy temporary gains and permanent gains if you use it regularly.

A lot of people with this penis pump like to use it before sex as a confidence booster and to give their partners more pleasure, which is what I do. However, I have read countless reviews and stories about people who have seen a long-term gains from using this penis pump for a few months.

Top Tips For Using A Penis Pump

  • The most important tip I can give you is to be consistent if you want to see gains you need to stick to using it. If you want temporary before-sex gains it’s OK to use it just a few times a week but if you want to see something permanent you need to remember to use it and track your gains.
  • Make sure you read all of the instructions and guidelines, using the pump for too long can cause discomfort and perhaps even some bruising so make sure you stick to what they recommend to avoid any injury.
  • The penis pump can give you healthy, firmer erections before sex so use it wisely.
  • Slide on a cock ring after using your penis pump to help maintain your erection. You can find my favorite cock rings in this article.
  • You could also try a penis extender, you just pop it over your erect cock, and then it adds up to 4 inches to the length and adds inches to the girth at the same time.
before and after


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  1. Great article! I’ve been using mine(the cheaper one) on and off for the past 6 or 7 months. I’ve noticed if I use it more than 3 times a week, I get desensitized down there. But! My increase in girth and length has been well worth it. I use it once every couple weeks to maintain now. More men should get into these wonderful devices.

  2. Thanks for the great advice, I started a week ago and have done the 3 times a day for about 5-7 minutes then rub in some aloe Vera until it goes flaccid and I have had amazing results so far. I had a bathmate and I liked it off the start but sometimes I just want to shower and get out. So I bought an electric pump and it surpassed any of my expectations. Gains are not permanent yet in erect but flaccid in a pair of sweat pants has got alot of attention. Good luck!

  3. Sorry forgot I take L arginine 5grams and l citrulline 5grams about 45 minutes before each pump. Just split up the dosage into 3 and enjoy a longer pump feeling.

  4. You said you used the bathmate penis pump every day for 60 days, so did you use it for 5 minutes 3 times per day as recommended, or just when you take a shower, presumably once per day? If once per day, how long was the session (minutes)?

  5. Not to bother you chum but I am curious on how you where able to tell the difference between the pump’s results because my bloody girlfriend won’t stop saying that it’s stupid to pay more than what a bloody normal pump could do, any thoughts

  6. I have a bath mate penis pump fir 3 years now .. it’s a good pump .. it took me long to see the difference but I promise u u will see the difference.. ..❤️

  7. I just wanna ask because I recently purchased one then I got it earlier today from Amazon, are any of the effects of a dick pump permanent or temporary?

  8. I have used the bathmate on and off for the last 3 or 4 years. As mentioned in the article you have to be consistent. I found 3 days on one day off the best for me. It’s good to have the occasional rest as it’s like working out other body parts. That said, I also found after a couple of months of consistent use, I could up the time to 3x 10 min. If and when you have that much time. I can very happily say I outgrew the x20 and now up into the x30. I remember the day the tip of my penis started hurting in the bathmate, only to realise I had come to the very end where the valve is. I can’t remember what I was when I started but I’d say along with some supplements , I’ve at least gained 2 inches in length and probably at least half an inch in girth and my erections are like a rock. Would highly recommend, just be patient. The benifits without gains are enough, gains are just the bonus

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