The Best Fleshlight I Have Ever Used

Guys, we have all heard about fleshlights, those sex toys that resemble a female vagina that you can slide over your dick at any moment of the day and mimic the sensation of fu*king a real pussy?

If you haven’t heard of a fleshlight that was a pretty solid description, but all you really need to know is that fleshlights are one of my favorite sex toys, they always get me off, they feel amazing and mine is always consistently great. There’s a reason that fleshlights are so popular among men and how tight they are, the way they look, how easy they are to use and how simple but incredible they are is definitely a huge factor.

I want to show you my favorite fleshlight, the one that has helped me with my stamina in the bedroom, taught me how to withhold my orgasm and has always given me mind-blowing pleasure time and time again.

The Best Fleshlight I’ve Ever Used


Price Check: I found the cheapest price for this Fleshlight on the 10/12/2018.

This is the Pink Lady Stamina Training Fleshlight, it is by far the best fleshlight I have ever used and I am so looking forward to telling you why.

The tight canal feels like a real vagina when you push yourself into it, it is lined with different nodules and stimulating features that make it so hard to not just cum there and then.

It’s so tight as you push through the realistic opening and thrust in and out of it, the first time I ever used it I had to stop after two thrusts as it was overwhelming and I didn’t want to blow my load that soon.

I also want to mention how realistic it actually looks, the pussy lips are soft, smooth and textured and there is even a pronounced clitoris for added realism.

Key Features Of This Fleshlight

stamina training fleshlight

Tight and ribbed for intense stimulation

Realistic sensations and vagina

Discreet storage case

Easy to clean

Train how long you can last in bed

Flexible and realistic

Tighter than the original fleshlight

Mimic the sensation of real sex

Use fleshlight alone or with your partner for roleplay scenarios and fierce foreplay

Warm up with warm water for temperature play and to make it even more realistic

The Discreet Storage

box storage

I absolutely love the gold casing to this fleshlight, it doesn’t scream at what it is, it isn’t obnoxious and you can screw the cap back on after use and not worry about anyone stumbling across it and finding out immediately what it is.

Training Your Stamina

stickmen and woman in doggy style

One of the biggest selling points for me when buying this fleshlight was that it was going to help me train my orgasm and teach me how to not orgasm after a few seconds. It’s ideal if you’re like me and want to learn how to push your stamina to the test and learn what feels good.

It feels so tight and realistic that training your stamina will be a journey but it will be a fun one with lots of cum and lots of orgasms. It’s a great way to become a better lover in the bedroom as it teaches you how not to cum, how to cum on command, how to thrust and how to keep your stamina up.

Without even knowing it you will be testing your stamina and learning how to thrust without blowing your load way too early.

Top Tips For Using Your Fleshlight

fleshlight advice

You Need To Get Lube: I cannot stress it enough when I say using lube makes using a fleshlight so much better, it makes it more realistic (like real wetness) and it stops any friction and makes thrusting much more comfortable.My fleshlight comes with a sachet of lube and renewal powder but I really cannot stress enough how amazing lube feels. Lubrication also stops any tears as it allows you to glide into your fleshlight rather than be met with friction. This is the best lube to use and is the lube I always have in my bedside cabinet, a small squeeze goes a long way and it stays consistently ‘wet’ so there is no need to re’apply.

Renew Your Fleshlight: I also recommend using renewal powder (or cornstarch) to keep your fleshlight in the best condition, you just sprinkle a small amount onto your sex toy when it’s clean and you are finished and it keeps the material in a soft and supple condition and keeps it like new.

Keep Your Fleshlight Clean: Make sure to always wash your sex toy after use to make sure it is smelling nice and to prevent infections and to keep it in the best condition.

Make Sure You Air Your Toy: Ensure your sex toy is dry before putting the cap on.

You Can Simulate A Threesome With This Toy And Your Partner: Use your fleshlight alone for ultimate pleasure and/or use it with your partner too and simulate threesomes.

Customer Reviews Of This Fleshlight

Above are some of the things other people were saying about this fleshlight. I wanted to show you so you could see just how much this fleshlight is loved by men all around the world.

If you want to see any of these reviews and the hundreds of others for yourself click here for reviews. 

Using Your Fleshlight With Your Partner


If you’re not in a relationship or even if your fleshlight is for you and for you only this may not apply to you but I wanted to share what I do when I use my fleshlight with my partner.

She doesn’t mind me using my fleshlight on my own, I often do but I also love using it with her. She will use the toy on me, thrusting it up and down my cock and even going in and kissing the pussy lips, I will thrust into her and then the sex toy and take turns between them and she even fingers my fleshlight and it really gets me off.

You have to get creative, learn what you like and even dim the lights but if you can find a way to introduce it into your relationship it’s really awesome, adventurous and feels great for you both.

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