The Best Fleshlight I Have Ever Used

There are those categories in life where you have one essential item in a sea of the rest of ‘em. Of course, “the rest of ‘em” are all important in their own way. But, just like you have the Ferrari amongst cars or the little black dress in women’s fashion, you have the fleshlight amongst male sex toys and this has been unchanged since 1995, aka the year they started selling them.

It’s one of the first things that pop into everyone’s minds when you mention male sex toys. It’s often a guy’s first purchase when venturing into the world of sex toys.

Besides being a man who is into the fun world of blowup dolls, I own quite a few fleshlights. I mean, I think it’s borderline illegal to be a guy with a sex blog and not own these. They are really a staple when it comes to expanding your masturbation and sex life, so I really wanted to share with you guys the best ones I’ve used, as well as all the different ways you can use them.

Sure, a lot of you know the look (and feel) of a fleshlight, but let’s cover some basics first…

What Is A Fleshlight?

what is a fleshlight

The shortest explanation is that it’s an orifice attached to an extension/case that resembles a flashlight. Hence the name, obviously. The orifice is most of the time shaped like a vagina, but you can also find ones shaped like an anus or mouth. You stick your cock in the opening and masturbate, simple as that.

The inner part is often made of silicone, so it can feel very much like the sweet inside of a vagina, mouth, etc… In addition, you have vibrating ones, hands-free ones, and so on. Of course, you have those modeled after real-life pornstars, so you can feel a bit closer to your fave actress.

In short, you can easily find one that suits your needs.

Fleshlight VS Pocket Pussy

picture of pocket pussy vs fleshlight

To settle this confusion right away, fleshlights are sometimes referred to as a subgroup of pocket pussies, purely because a “Fleshlight” usually refers to the brand “Fleshlight”. There are many ways people classify these toys, and I decided on classifying them like this: a pocket pussy is a toy that doesn’t have the hard extension/case that a fleshlight does (but ditto on the sleeve with the orifice).

The Best Fleshlight I’ve Used

fleshlight STU

So I have a few personal favorites, but this fleshlight STU has been an absolute hit of mine for the past month or so.

As the name says, this product claims to boost your stamina and endurance.

I am in absolute ecstasy every time I use it (and yes, I admit that I have been using it often since I got it). As soon as I lube up and slowly enter it, I shiver from the tightness itself, but also because of the various textures and ribbed insides that just make my cock even harder.

When it arrived, I didn’t get the chance to use it straight away at home since I was traveling the next day. I brought it along with me because I had a fancy hotel room to myself. So on the first night, I put on some quality watching material featuring Riley Reid getting dp’d, lubed up, and got down to business.

As I have said, I had goosebumps all over as I entered the toy and watched the pussy lips spread. I was going slow at first, feeling my erection harden. As the action on the screen got more intense, I was pumping more furiously, feeling one of the most intense orgasms I had in a while build-up. I loved that I could control my oncoming orgasm more, twisting the toy or slowing down to feel the ridges and inner canal in different ways.

But I wanted to cum soon, the feeling was just too good. I soon exploded into the fleshlight, gush of sperm after gush of sperm. I felt spent, the feeling was amazing. I was lightheaded and couldn’t feel my legs and arms for a solid five minutes.

Why I Freaking Love The Fleshlight STU

  • First, the small details I appreciate – it came in a discreet package and overall it’s practical for traveling.
  • One of the star features of this toy is definitely the canal. You can really see that the makers took time to develop as realistic a canal as they could. The ribbed and tight inside is spectacular, even more so when lubed up.
  • I also love the design itself. It’s classy. It looks more expensive than it really is and the vagina is nicely shaped with a beautiful clit that just makes you want to nibble it.
  • I discovered that soaking it in mildly warm water will make jerking off even more fantastic.

Now, you can see that I didn’t cover one of the key things the Fleshlight STU claims to do – trains you to increase your stamina. I want to cover that part separately, so here it goes:

Case Study: Did I Last Longer In Bed After A Month Of Use?

stickmen before and after using the fleshlight

There is a reason why I am writing this after a month. I wanted to do a little experiment and see if the claim that this makes you last longer actually stands. So I’ve been using it a lot for business AND pleasure. Neat, huh?

I don’t know how long should it take before you feel a change in longevity in bed, that’s why I decided for around 30 days. I would say there is a slight change I feel now.

My girlfriend agrees. I think that is due to the fleshlight really feeling like a realistic vagina, so I can really train by myself and control the situation until I get to the wanted longevity results, which I did to an extent.

Other Amazing Fleshlights & Fleshlight Accessories You Need To Own

I own quite a few fleshlights and all of these that I am about to show you were tried and tested by yours truly. Nobody has one preference, most of us like to switch it up a bit. The same goes for me, as you will see from some of my choices.

The Fleshlight Flight

fleshlight flight

Just look at the design of this Fleshlight Flight. I’ve already mentioned that I appreciate a good design. And for 50+ bucks, the Flight by Fleshlight looks much more expensive than it actually is. It’s sleek and black with a stealth opening. Win.

I’ve actually used this for jerking off while fantasizing about me and my girlfriend and using another sex toy, but I don’t wanna spoil anything, that’s a story for another time, but stay tuned. Anywho, I am really pumped to try this other toy with her, so I was pretty horny going into this fleshlight all lubed up. I immediately liked the incredibly bumpy canal, because my cock felt like it was in a really tight pussy.

It has a cap base that controls the suction, so after a while I just closed my eyes, pumping furiously at times, imagining me mercilessly banging my lady while she screams with pleasure.

The suction really is amazing, so I had to completely steady my pace a few times because I would’ve blown my load exactly then and there, so I rotated a bit, which sent completely different sensations throughout my body! 

Tip: just like my fave fleshlight above, this one also works like a charm ever so more when soaked in warm water beforehand!

Fleshlight Turbo

woman holding fleshlight turbo

I’ve used this fleshlight turbo with my girlfriend. Actually, it was a surprise she got me and just whipped out in bed. Knowing that I was testing fleshlights at the time and that I planned to get this one, I was thrilled.

This was such an awesome mindfuck, having my girl use this on me. Because the makers tell you that it mimics a blowjob and it does – better than almost any other fleshlight.

My girl first jerked me off, while I had three fingers up her pussy, pumping them intensely and tickling her g-spot. We were both lubed up and her squirting just added to the whole sloppy experience.

So after her handjob, it was time to move on to the “blowjob”. She slowly lowered the Fleshlight Turbo onto my dick, while I moaned, controlling myself so I don’t cum. Because the entrance itself is amazing, but the textured canal that comes after made my member harden even more if that was even possible. When I hit the seemingly “fleshy” part that represents the back of the throat, I was in heaven.

It didn’t take me long to ejaculate, seeing my penis through the transparent material. A definitive win of a purchase.

Riley Reid Fleshlight

riley reid holding her fleshlight

I’m a huge Riley Reid fan. One of the reasons why I have enjoyed this Riley fleshlight was because the feeling of her tight, heavenly, petite pussy was a godsend for a fan like me. I love that SHE loves her job and always looks like she’s enjoying the ride. But even if you’re not a fan, this heavily detailed canal with “pleasure pockets” and sensually fantastic parts will turn you on to the max.

Stoya Fleshlight

stoya holding her fleshlight

This is the Stoya Fleshlight. Now the pale empress Stoya has pussy lips to die for, but I also enjoyed thrusting deep into the 9-inch canal, ribbed in various ways. The material is temperature-sensitive, so this is also a feature that made blood rush to my penis. The number of times I came in this while watching her fuck onscreen…  

Anal Fleshlight (Eva Lovia)

eva lovia standing next to her anal fleshlight

Here is some heaven-sent toy right here! I bought Eva Lovia’s forbidden fruit (sorry, I’ll stop) recently, so I could get some butt action, too. I love the long-textured canal that’s so stimulating from the inside, I feel almost the same ribbed feeling I get as when fucking my girlfriend in the ass. Bravo.

Fleshlight Quickshot Review

woman holding the fleshlight quickshot

The Quickshot is such a hot addition to my relationship’s foreplay. It has two openings, so when lubed up, my girlfriend slips it down my shaft and works me from there, while sucking hungrily on my head. I get stimulated in such different ways then, I am literally moaning out loud near the end of these sessions, feeling my face numb with pleasure. 

Fleshlight Launch Review

fleshlight launch guide

True, on the pricier side, but if you can afford one, it really is fun. The Fleshlight Launch enhances my masturbation, thanks to it being an automated stroker. I can control the stroke speed and length with simple controls. I haven’t truly tried the experience of syncing the Launch with VR, videos, games, and webcams, but I intend to.

Fleshlight Handsfree Mount

fleshlight handsfree mount guide

This beauty transforms a lot of my fleshlights into hands-free ones. I just attach the suction pad of the Mount to a dry and flat surface, while the toy is screwed onto it. I apply lube and when I start going at it… the plunging is deep, the orgasms are intense and I totally lose myself in it. My girlfriend actually loves to watch me while going at it, because she’s totally out of the picture and my senses, and that kinda turns her on.

Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer

fleshlight heater

Hellooo, technology! Instead of soaking your toy in warm water and always worrying about what will that do to the tender, velvety material, this fleshlight warmer heats up Fleshlights thanks to USB charging. I got this just recently and I am slowly switching to using it completely (old habits die hard), I make less of a mess when jerking off, no water dripping over the place, and the rod itself is great in the sense that it has a feature that stops it from overheating.

How To Use A Fleshlight And Make It Better

bottle of fleshlube

Fleshlight lube:

This lube is just so good and the price is great for what you get. True, I love water-based lubes, so I might be biased, but here’s what I liked:

  • It lasts me a long time – I have used all of these Fleshlights I described above with one bottle of this!
  • No signature smell and it’s easy to clean, so it’s really discreet.
  • Just like everything from Love Honey, it came in a discreet package

Homemade Fleshlight?

homemade fleshlight guide

Sure, if you’re up for it, there is a way to make your DIY fleshlight, but be careful, you don’t want to become an urban legend or a viral story with a botched penis. Yikes.

My tried method, in steps:

  • Take a Pringles can or a similar object.
  • Take soft materials – sponges (or cotton balls – if you know some similar materials that are safe, feel free to use them).
  • Put a latex glove between two sponges, sandwich it, and put it all together into the can. See that you don’t sandwich the glove all the way, or in other words…
  • … be sure that you can still access the opening of the glove when you shove it in the can with the sponges. Also, the un-sandwiched part of the glove should be sticking out.
  • Roll the un-sandwiched part of the glove down the edges of the can and secure the edges with another glove and with tape.
  • Lube up and you’re ready to go.
  • Don’t thrust too deeply, just to be sure you won’t hurt yourself.

How To Clean A Fleshlight

cartoon of two hands cleaning in a bowl of water

If you want to take cleaning off your mind at least a bit, it’s a good move to have this cleaning kit, I definitely swear by it.

I already told you about the lube, but in this kit, you also get a cleaner and powder. The cleaner is antibacterial and you just spray it on after use and leave it to air-dry. The powder is also very important if you want your toy to have that desired longevity. 

So, what are the steps, and why are they important? If you don’t clean AND dry the toy properly, you’ll have bacteria and mold all over it and that can seriously damage your health

  • Take the hard case of the fleshlight and wash it with soap and mild-temperature water
  • Run water through the other part of the toy (the canal). Do so for 30 seconds, avoid soap, and use your finger
  • Spray both parts with the antibacterial cleaner from the kit
  • After it’s dry, use powder. You can alternatively use cornstarch from the store since the makers itself say that the powder is 100% cornstarch

TIP: Avoid turning the sleeve inside out! The more complex the inner walls, the bigger the chance of you ripping the toy!

Alternatives To Fleshlights

Why limit yourself to one piece of cake when you can have the whole thing, amirite? Let loose, explore the world of artificial pussy canals and lube away with these babies, too:

Pocket pussies:

to clear some confusion, sometimes the term “pocket pussy” is used to encompass Fleshlights, onaholes, and other toys all in one. But pocket pussies are usually like fleshlights without the case, just the sleeve. They’re called “pocket” because they are small and compact. Like Fleshlights, they have openings shaped like a pussy, a pretty butthole or a mouth waiting for you to slam your cock into.

Realistic vaginas:

Sometimes you buy pocket pussies or Fleshlights that have more of a sci-fi or gadget look. But there are times when you want a toy as close to the real thing as possible, and this is where realistic vaginas can come into place, with exquisitely designed lips, clits, and even pubes. Whatever your pussy preference is (protruding fat lips or a big clit), be sure you can find it

You can also take a look at some realistic sex dolls, that’s how I got into this whole sex toy blog.

Male vibrators:

This is quite a broad term because it can also encompass prostate massagers, so let’s just narrow it down to cock vibrators. If you like the feeling of something other than lube and inner robs of a canal, maybe vibrating toys are for you (my favorite male vibrator)! Why should women have all the fun? Discover the pleasure of having a pulsating, vibrating warm feeling around your dick while you pump your cock to your favorite porn.


If you’re more into realistic Japanese sex toys or male masturbators based on anime then you’ll love Onaholes.

These are masturbators that are usually made in Japan, based on anime characters, and made with crazy realistic materials. I actually did a whole guide on onaholes, you should check it out.

Hope you enjoyed this guide and if you have any questions or need any advice just use the comments, I always read and do my best to help with any questions.

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    My question on the Fleshlights is, a concern my cock isn’t big enough to enjoy? I’m 6″ on my best day. Girth is more petite than most cocks. So will Flashlights still be good for me?

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