The Best Bad Dragon Dildos And Alternatives

In my lifetime, I’ve tried a lot of sex toys. A lot. On this blog, I have also written a lot about sex toys of many different kinds. You’ve got your dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, even a Sybian! I’m always open to new gadgets and new experiences and I regularly ask for recommendations from my friends and even from you, our wonderful readers.

That being said, not all sex toys are built the same. Some are meant to be cheap and easy to use. Plain, with no special features, easily acquired. Some are more advanced, possibly with batteries or electric-powered. Others are meant to be used with a partner, such as a double-sided dildo, one of my favorites.

Every once in a while, however, there comes a toy that makes everyone gasp. For a moment, sex toy enthusiasts stop and stare because they are unsure of what they’re seeing; they’re unsure of what the toy even is or what it does. (But they are damn excited to test it.)

This is what Bad Dragon is. This is how Bad Dragon completely revolutionized the concept of sex toys and how they quickly became one of the leading manufacturers of all things naughty and depraved. 

Let’s take a closer look at a world of sex toys like you’ve never seen it before. 

What Is Bad Dragon?

cartoon of bad dragon

Bad Dragon is a company that designs, manufactures, and sells sex toys. They have dildos, masturbators, wearables, packers, vibrators, squirters, and many other useful accessories. If we go by these categories, they sound like any other sex toy company out there.

Only they’re anything but.

Bad Dragon is famous for the unusual design of its toys. They’re (mostly) not regular dildos based on the shape of a human penis. Rather, these are described as fantasy toys. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have sex with a alien or a monster from another realm, now’s your chance to find out.

Bad Dragon offers an assortment of toys in highly unorthodox shapes. They have nubs and ridges and textures you wouldn’t necessarily expect on a dildo. Some of them are pointy at the end. Some are meant to represent the tongue of a large lizard or a werewolf penis or a tentacle-like appendix. All of the toys are colored in vibrant hues and strange patterns and generally, look exactly what you would expect a monster penis to look like. 

Is It Just About The Shape?

cartoon of planet earth

Yes and no. While Bad Dragon is a force of innovation in the industry, it is not the only company that makes toys of odd shapes and weird appearance.

What sets them apart from their competition is the fact that each toy they make is hand-poured. This allows Bad Dragon to create products with custom colors and firmness as well as to pay attention to every little detail of the design. 

As the company itself says, they are as close to creating artisan dildos as you’ll ever come across. 

In addition to that, their toys are 100% body-safe. They are all made entirely out of a special kind of silicone that is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and non-porous. Take it from someone who has tried more than her fair share of Bad Dragon designs: they’re incredibly easy to clean and can last for a long, long time. 

What’s This About Customization?


One of the main features of Bad Dragon is the fact that its toys can be custom made any way you want. They offer different firmness levels, different colors, and, of course, different sizes too. 

If you find a shape you like but you’re not happy with the color, or you even want different areas of the toy to be of different firmness levels (great call, by the way), nothing is stopping you from creating your own order that is not on offer. For a higher price, of course. 

My Favorite Bad Dragon Dildos

bad dragon dildo

To help you really get a sense of what Bad Dragon toys are like, I’ve put together this list of my favorite ones. I own all of them because, the truth is, I am a huge fan of these products. My boyfriend bought me my first one as kind of a silly gag gift, but I loved it so much I immediately went looking for more.

Without further ado, here is my list of personal faves! 


ika dildo

I love a good sequence of tentacle porn as much as the next person. What I never expected, however, was to be able to live out my own tentacle sex fantasy. If you’re eager to try that out, then the Ika is the perfect toy for that. 

It gets really deep inside and when I turn it just the right way, the curve of the shaft hits my G-spot like nothing else. The sucker nubs don’t actually stick to you (imagine, though!) but they provide insane stimulation. I use Ika only when I’m alone because the fantasy of being taken by a tentacle monster doesn’t leave much room for my guy. 


Nocturne sex toy

I’m not sure whether or not this was supposed to represent a werewolf penis, but it certainly has a knot (that is characteristic of dogs and wolves). I was apprehensive about trying it at first because I had no idea what the knot would feel like but boy, am I glad I took the leap.

The bulges of Nocturne are exactly what make it a unique, mind-reeling experience. The base at the end is perfect for clitoris-stimulation as well. This dildo finds the G-spot every time, and I’ve read from male users how it’s great for the prostate, too. 

Chance Flared

Chance Flared from bad dragon

Chance comes in the Flared and Unflared versions, but I opted for the first one because I like to tease myself. Before I got this toy, I never had anything with a flared tip inside me and I was eager to find out what it would feel like. 

When my boyfriend first slid the Chance into me, I nearly jumped off the bed. I was wet and well-prepared, but it was still a shock when something as wide as that penetrated me. A shock I didn’t mind repeating. Also, this dildo is supposedly the longest Bad Dragon toy, just in case you also like to go above and beyond. 

Bad Dragon Creampie (Squirters)

Bad Dragon Creampie

These little guys aren’t meant to be your main toy unless you get off on a small size, which is also okay. But the Bad Dragon Squirters are only around three inches long and they’re meant to be used for preparation. My boyfriend and I use them to get me open for anal sex, specifically.

What’s great about these Squirters is that they come with a small bottle of lube, a Cumtube, and a syringe that allows you to simulate ejaculation through the toy. This puts a kinky twist on the whole deal and lubes you up even more so you’re ready for the next move.


Rex dildo

Rex is the second toy with a knot that I got. (After Nocturne, I knew I wanted another one. I get greedy like that.) This one is even more in the shape of a canine penis, and it’s quite long as well. Not like Chance, but one of the longest Bad Dragon designs for sure. 

I got Rex with a suction cup base so I can easily ride it without anyone’s help. The knot is great for feeling completely filled, and it even makes the toy stay in place once you slide down it. Very few toys make me climax as hard as the Rex. 

Bad Dragon Sheaths

Bad Dragon Sheaths

Okay, hear me out: fantasy roleplays with just toys only go so far. Sooner or later, you’ll want to try simulating actual sex with a creature from a fantasy world, or you also want to include your partner in the whole idea. 

Use one of Bad Dragon’s Sheaths to transform your partner’s regular penis into a fantasy one. (We have the Chance’s Sheath linked here.) It will deliver the type of pleasure I didn’t think was possible. Intense, kinky, and gloriously hot for everyone involved. 



Nova is the latest addition to my Bad Dragon collection. I didn’t actually intend to get any new ones, but then I saw a picture of it and I knew I had to have it. Notice the layers down the shaft that ends with a bulge near the base. These will drive you wild. 

Even when I’m ready and begging for penetration, it takes me a long time to fully take in the entirety of Nova. The layers take some getting used to, and you’ll honestly never feel as full as with this dildo. I have a plain one, but it also comes in a version with a Cumtube.

The Best Cheaper Bad Dragon Alternatives

collection of fantasy dildos

Bad Dragon isn’t cheap, that’s for sure. This is especially true if you’re thinking about getting a custom order, whether in terms of color or firmness or features or all of the above. 

However, if you’re strapped for cash, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fantasy sex toys with what budget you have.

Here is a list of great Bad Dragon alternatives, from a similar company named Geeky Sex Toys. Some of these I own as well, and some I’ve heard about from my close friends who are every bit as kinky as me. (Some even more so.)

Let’s see what amazing toys are on the list! 


Drodong dragon dildo

For all Game of Thrones fans out there, the Drodong is here to make you feel like a true Khaleesi. (Or a Khal.) With an obviously dragon-inspired name, this dildo is also meant to represent the penis of a dragon, complete with a thorny, ‘epic’ base as the manufacturer describes it.

The shape of the Drodong is not too unusual, in that it looks a little thicker than a regular penis, but the ridges and the scales down its length are what make me whine every time. I haven’t really had a fantasy of sex with a dragon, but as a fan of all things big and impressive, I couldn’t resist this one. 

Tentacle – Hentai Dildo

Hentai Dildo

A parallel to Bad Dragon’s Ika, this is another tentacle-shaped dildo that has all the same features but is more affordable. If tentacle sex is your dream, the Hentai Dildo will make it happen. Since I have the Ika, I haven’t tried this one myself but three of my best friends have.

The main benefit of this toy that they emphasize is the fact that it is smooth and perfectly curved for the G-spot (and the P-spot, if you’re a guy). One of my friends has this dildo with a suction cup base and she says riding it is unbelievable precisely because of the sucker pads along the shaft. Prepare to scream like a hentai heroine on the Tentacle. 

If you like tentacle dildos then you need to check out this article we did on our massive tentacle dildos collection.


root sex toy

Inspired by the Guardians of the Galaxy, Root is a dildo that often goes hand in hand with a Racoon butt plug that the company also designs. With this long – and I mean long – toy, you will easily get to feel what it’s like to get down and dirty with Groot. 

At first, the simplicity of the Root may seem unimpressive. But trust me when I say that this texture of tree bark will make your toes curl. It’s not too outrageous in shape, but the feel of the Root inside you is next level.  

Zombie Dildo – Uncut

Zombie Dildo

If you’re looking for something relatively simple but still unusual, or for a perfectly naughty Halloween gift, then the Zombie Dildo is the answer. It’s over 6 inches long (the length that you can insert, anyway) and it’s a whopping 6 inches in circumference at its widest point! This dildo doesn’t mess around.

What will make playing with this one a sensational experience are all the bumps and ridges that cover its surface. It is obviously a lot more textured than a regular dildo (not to mention definitely a lot bigger), and it will be a great addition to your toy collection.

Twin Tentacle

Twin Tentacle sex toy

One of my all-time favorite toys, the Twin Tentacle is irreplaceable for me. I love the Bad Dragon Ika, I really do, but when I’m in the mood for something more extreme, then the Twin Tentacle is hands down the best double-insertion toy I’ve ever played with.

I love having both of my holes stimulated at the same time. I prep myself well, but the Twin Tentacle is easy to slide in no matter how much foreplay I had. The tips are flexible and naturally curved to hit all the right spots and I promise you that this is a ride you really need to try at least once in your life. 

Infinity Fist

Infinity Fist

The reasons I love Infinity Fist: perfect for those just venturing into the world of fisting; for those too shy to ask their partners to fist them; for those who always wanted to be fisted by a Marvel superhero. I fall into the third category. 

Of course, you can’t use Infinity Fist on its own. First, you have to gradually stretch yourself open with other toys, starting from regular-sized ones to bigger shafts. Infinity Fist should come at the end when you’re looking for the ultimate stretch and are ready to cry out as you orgasm. 

If you like the infinity fist, then you love my collection of fisting dildos.


Mermaid dildo

I, like most other women out there, love aesthetically pleasing things. This is true for my sex toys, as well. The Mermaid first drew me in with its shimmering colors and elegant lines, how it looks like something from Atlantis and not a sex toy ordered online. I’m a sucker for all things gold, what can I say.

What made me include the Mermaid in this list is the fact that it is versatile and so easy to fall in love with. The scaly texture makes you bite your lip in ecstasy, and the base of this dildo is a suction cup. The suction cup can easily be removed, so you can choose how you want to play with it. Beautiful and convenient. 

If you like fantasy sex toys, I created this whole article on them which I think you’ll love.

Things You Should Know About Bad Dragon

questions about bad dragon

How long does Bad Dragon take to ship?

This depends on whether or not you ordered a product they had in stock or if it was a made-to-order design. The items they have in stock are usually shipped by the end of the next business day following your order. 

Custom items, however, take much longer. They are usually manufactured and shipped out within five to six weeks after you order them. 

Finally, accessories and merchandise (not sex toys) are shipped in approximately five business days. 

What is the packaging like?

Bad Dragon is all about discreet shipping! Their boxes are unmarked, regular brown cardboard. There is no company name displayed (unless required by international customs) and the return address is an individual’s name, with nothing to do with the company. 

If the package is shipped internationally, then the description of the content is kept vague, something like ‘silicone sculpture’ and similar. 

Bad Dragon Reddit And Forums 

Check out the forum and subreddit for Bad Dragon if you want to talk about their products, read other people’s experiences, or even see how they’re using the toys. With over 150k members in each community, this is a great way to meet like-minded individuals who are just as kinky and just as carefree when it comes to their toys and fantasies as you are. 

(You might even stumble upon a hot pic of me using my favorite dildos, who knows.)

Using Bad Dragon’s Size Chart

Bad Dragon allows you to choose the size of your toy. You can get it in a Mini, Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large size, depending on how ambitious you are. Make sure to check out the size guide on the company’s official page. They have the exact measurements for each size and also comparison shots of the toys next to regular soda cans. 

Personally, I have toys in Small and Medium. Mini doesn’t cut it for me, and I’m not too enthusiastic about massive sizes. (Though I’m sure some people will find a good use for those, too.)

Bad Dragon VS Geeky Sex Toys (Review)

dragon dildo

As a final section in this post, I will talk a little bit about Bad Dragon and Geeky Sex Toys, the two brands featured here. Of course, Bad Dragon is our main topic, but Geeky Sex Toys is nothing if not a worthy competitor. 

The main difference between these two is their overarching theme. While Bad Dragon is about the monsters and Alien and animalistic, sometimes vile creatures from fantasy dimensions, Geeky Sex Toys is a little more focused on existing fandoms. They offer dildos and toys centered around Marvel characters, movies and comics, then Star Wars, zombies, popular shows like Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and Pokemon, Halloween-themed designs and similar. 

Both of these manufacturers craft their products by hand from either medical-grade or otherwise body-safe silicone. As I mentioned before, this material is ideal because it is safe and comfortable and doesn’t cause allergies like latex does, for example. 

In terms of cost, Geeky Sex Toys are considered a less expensive option to Bad Dragon. I’d say that the quality is there regardless and that the only thing you need to consider is the look of the toy you want. If you order more than $100 worth of products from Geeky Sex Toys, the shipping is free. This is something I took advantage of on more than one occasion. 

Overall, no matter which company you choose from, you won’t regret your purchase. Whether you’re looking for something fantasy or something nerdier, there is a sex toy out there that will satisfy your needs. In case you’re getting bored with the same old run-of-the-mill dildos you’ve been using since forever, perhaps now is the best time to consider an upgrade.

Do You Use Bad Dragon Toys?

Talk to me about your favorite products in the comments. I’d love to know which ones you’re using and why! Thank you! 

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