List Of The Best Double-Ended Dildos (Must-See)

When you’re a woman in a relationship with another woman, like I am, there is only so much that your fingers and tongue can do. It’s fun and hot and exciting the first few times when your girlfriend goes down on you (especially if it’s in a semi-public place), but sooner or later, the fingering and the oral sex start getting repetitive. 

This is where sex toys come in. They bring variety and excitement into your bedroom and open your relationship to so many new possibilities. My girlfriend and I always knew we wanted to play with toys, we just weren’t sure which ones we wanted to start with.

So we got them all. 

Not at once, of course, but gradually we amassed a collection of such wonderfully dirty gadgets that would make even the most hardcore kinkster blush. 

Our nightstands (and the drawers of our wardrobe) are filled with dildos, vibrators, squirters, strap-ons, we have a Sybian in one corner… If the toy exists and is used for penetration, we have definitely tried it at least once. 

Yes, this includes double-ended dildos as well, which just so happens to be the main topic of this review. Let’s talk a bit more about this glorious toy that completely transformed me and my girl’s playtime. 

What Is A Double-Ended Dildo?

cartoon of blue double ended dildo

Without much fanfare, a double-ended dildo is exactly what it says: a dildo with two ends that can both be used for penetration. Instead of one end of the dildo being the base or a suction cup, it is another phallic tip that can be used either on a second hole on the same person or on a different person.

You understand just how many new positions and activities this brings with it, especially in a lesbian relationship where penetration is often the main issue. Double-ended dildos are a spectacular invention from the lesbian overlords themselves and no one will ever convince me otherwise. 

They come in all shapes and sizes, of varying lengths, colors, forms, made from different materials… To decide which one will work for you (and/or your partner), you will need to read more about this toy and then, you will need to try it out! Because you never know whether it is truly for you or not until you give it a go. The thrill is in the adventure! 

Types Of Double-Ended Dildos

different types of double ended dildos

No, there is no just one type of double-ended dildos. Fortunately for everyone and their kinks, this is a toy that comes in several varieties, depending on what you want to use it for. Choose the right type for you based on whether you’ll be using it by yourself or with a partner and if it will be for vaginal or anal penetration (or both). 

Here are some of the most common forms of double-ended dildos:

  • Double-Ended Dildo

This is sort of a blanket term for any dildo that has two penetration ends. The ends can be thicker or more tapered and they don’t have to mimic the shape of a penis head. I’ve seen (and tested) plenty of dildos who look nothing like the penis and still get the job done.

  • Double-Headed Dildo

Going a bit more specific, the double-headed dildo is… a dildo with two heads. These are mostly used for vaginal sex (on both sides) because the ends tend to be thicker and resembling the look and feel of a real penis head. It’s one of the most common forms of double-ended dildos.

  • Double-Penetration Dildo

Not necessarily to be used with two people, a double-penetration dildo is carefully designed to be inserted simultaneously into two holes on one person with female anatomy. There is usually a larger, thicker end for the vagina and a thinner, more tapered end for the ass. A real crowd-pleaser among women, I have to say. 

  • Strapless Strap-On

This is an extremely curved toy that is perfect for lesbian couples as well as hetero couples who indulge in pegging. It has a longer, thicker side for the person who is receiving and a shorter side for the vagina of the person who is giving. It is used without any straps or harnesses, so the giver really needs to have strong muscles in their vagina to keep the strap-on in place.

The Best Double Ended Dildos

my collection of double ended sex toys

Here is a lovely selection of double-ended dildos as tried and tested by yours truly. My girlfriend and I own (almost) all of these and regularly play with them when the mood strikes. I hope you’ll find something you like as well!

The #1 Lesbian Double Dildo

woman holding a double ended dildo

This baby is a little shorter – 12 inches – which limits the number of positions you can perform. However, the clear color of it is super hot and it is incredibly jello-like and bendy in all directions (but firm when you need it). You can even use it for double penetration on one person. 

It has two heads that are the same thickness and roundness (shaped like penis heads) and can be used for vaginal and anal penetration. There are creases all over the dildo’s length that really amp up the stimulation no matter what you’re using it for. It is simple and easy and honestly, you don’t even need much more than this to start off your double-ended dildo journey. 

Double Dildo Strap-On

woman holding strapless strap-on dildo

If you’re looking for the best of the best, a toy that will make both you and your partner wild with pleasure, then this strapless strap-on is the way to go. It is not only double-ended, but it also comes with special bunny ears to stimulate the clit of the person wearing it, as well as a whole system of vibrations and patterns and speeds. 

I personally love being the wearer of this one because the clitoris stimulator drives me crazy. The dildo itself can be positioned at different angles so you can find the one that works for you and your partner, and it is also great to use in the shower or bath (fully waterproof!). One of the most amazing double-ended toys currently out there. 

Double-Headed Beauty

woman holding a double headed dildo

Yes, we have a thing for clear dildos. Rather, my girlfriend does, and I find that I really enjoy their aesthetic as well. This ice beauty is about 16 inches long, which you can either keep all to yourself (good luck!) or you can share with your partner in several different positions. 

There are no complex options or features on this one; just a simple dildo with two penis-like heads that can be inserted into both holes. It is flexible enough to be used on one person (double-penetration heaven) and it has ridges that provide even more pleasure. 

The Longest Double Dildo (18-Inches)

woman holding the longest double headed dildo

Okay, I know that 18 inches sound intimidating. And it is if you’re using it all by yourself. However, when you’re with a partner, this length is ideal for a wide range of positions and it offers the most flexibility in terms of who is where and what’s happening. It is perfect for those who want to explore more of their double-ended fun time. 

The dildo itself is fleshed-colored (if your skin tone is white, that is), and it has pink penis heads that are shaped like the real thing. The veins on the side are there for some extra ribbed joy, though to be honest, I don’t feel them very much. Overall, a great choice for those looking for more creativity. 

I’m a size queen and I also did a guide on a few amazing larger than life dildos.

Double Dong

woman holding double penetration dildo

If you or your partner are beginners in the game, then you might want to opt for this double dong. It has one regularly thick head and one that is slimmer, more tapered, for those who are new to the experience and for anal play, because the slimmer heads are much easier to slide in. 

This dildo is easily bent but strong enough to withstand double penetration if you decide to use it on just one person. When we were first starting out with double-ended dildos, my girl and I loved the customization this one provided us with, as well as the vagina-ass combinations we could take advantage of. 

Hoodlum Dildo (Best for Male/Female Use)

woman holding the hoodlum dildo

This is the one dildo my girl and I don’t own. It is similar to the previous one, only a bit more extreme on the thicker side. This one is perfect for pegging couples, as explained by our very close hetero friends who like to engage in this unusual but oh-so-hot activity from time to time. 

The Hoodlum Dildo is a whopping 22 inches long, making it perfect for a multitude of positions. 

The thinner head is 3.5 inches in circumference, while the thicker one is 6.5! Of course, I recommend using the thicker one for vaginal penetration and the thinner for anal, but whatever floats your boat will be just fine. 

BASICS Penetration Dildo

woman holding purple dildo

For the BASICS Dildo, it doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is or whether or not you have a partner to join you. It only matters that you have two holes and that you’re down for some mind-reeling double penetration. This is a relatively small C-shaped toy that will deliver orgasms as you’ve never had before.

We usually use this for solo play, though sometimes I like to tease my girlfriend with it or vice versa. It’s perfect for foreplay because of the relatively small size. Just make sure you’re using plenty of water-based lube for anal play, and you’ll love this beginner-friendly double dildo.

LifeLike Lover Double Penetration Suction Cup

woman holding lifelike penetration dildo

Another one that can be used for masturbation, the LifeLike Lover is just… a godsend. With a suction cup base, it can be fastened to any surface, horizontal or vertical, for the ride of your life. Alternatively, you can pair this baby up with a harness and use it on your partner (we’ve definitely been there).

The LifeLike Lover has two realistic penis heads and raised veins along the shaft to give you bonus stimulation as you play with the toy. The lengths are 6 inches and 5 inches, making it perfect for double penetration as you’ve always wanted to try. 

If you like the threesome effect, then you should check out this article I did on sex machines, they are a level up from this.

The #1 Gay Double-Ended Anal Dildo

woman holding big black dildo

As per my title, this dildo is meant mainly for anal play with gay couples, but my girlfriend and I also use it for our own kinky fantasies. It is 18 inches long for maximum versatility and firm but flexible to the touch. You can easily bend it in half (or almost in half) if you want to use it just for yourself.

The heads of this double-ended dildo are rounded for easier penetration and the vein details can make a difference. No matter who you’re using the dildo with – whether you’re part of a gay, lesbian, hetero or queer couple – as always, don’t forget lube when you’re playing with a toy like this and remember we have a whole guide on the best gay sex toys

The Best Double Dildo On Amazon

dildo next to playing card

The Doc Johnson – a hilarious play on the name of the actor Don Johnson – comes in many different colors. We have the pink jelly version because we like our toys to be fancy and cute. It is made of body-safe material that won’t cause any allergies or similar issues. 

This dildo is easy to use with its 18-inch length and two penis-like heads. It has ridges and vein texture and it is easy to clean. All you need to do is wash it with water and soap before and after each use to keep it clean and hygienic. Doc Johnson is a simple option for easy sex. 

My First Time Using The Double-Ended Dildo

woman in cute pink underwear

My first experience with a double-ended dildo was with my current girlfriend. We’ve been together for a long time, and it was a few months in that she suggested using it. I knew what a double-ended dildo was, of course, but I had to admit I had never tried it before. She was delighted she could teach me something new.

It was fortunate that she was already experienced in the art of double dildos as well because the whole logistics around the positions and what goes where and how to move would have given me a headache. 

However, she made it easy and hot and playful, and for our first time, we chose the 12-inch toy from the beginning of my list. It didn’t have any complicated features and it was perfect for a simple doggy-doggy position. Meaning both of us were on our hands and knees, ass to ass, with the dildo between us. 

I can’t say it was my best orgasm ever. The penetration was fulfilling, the foreplay was stellar. My girl never fails to get me wet and by then, she had found most of my sweet spots. However, the position we first did it in left a lot to be desired. Being back-to-back didn’t allow for much intimacy or connection, which I need in most of my sexual encounters.

Of course, that didn’t stop us from giving such a toy another go.

What I Learned From My Experience With This Dildo

Length is important. This is a whole bullet point I will address in my How To section below but keep this in mind when you shop. If you want more options when it comes to positions and more flexibility in terms of what you can do, longer double-ended dildos are always better. 

Which brings me to the main thing I learned from my first experience: I like intimacy. It doesn’t have to be a romantic connection, but I like experiencing the sounds and reactions and expressions my partner makes during sex. If you choose the right position, the double-ended dildo is perfect for a lesbian couple to achieve this intimacy without much hassle. It offers a lot more than your regular sex toy. 

Have You Tried A Double-Ended Dildo?

woman in pink lingerie set

Talk to me about your experiences in the comments. Who did you try it with? What toy did you use? I am always looking to read about other people’s stories and maybe check out some new toys I can bring home to my girlfriend. 

Thanks for reading! 

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