How To Cum More (Easily Increase Your Ejaculation Volume)

This guide comes to you from a lot of personal experience, I have been through plenty of highs and lows through my own cum increasing journey.

You see, I love the feeling of having a big load, and unfortunately for many years, I was only delivering tiny squirts of cum. I was embarrassed by it and whilst no woman I had ever been with ever cared, I did care and I wanted to experience a bigger load.

I tried so many things and eventually, I did it, I increased my load by a lot and I figured I would share that information with you all. Whether you want a temporary fix or a permanent increase, this guide will get you there, so buckle up because you are about to get taken on a journey.

Why Would You Want To Cum More?

illustration of reasons to increase how much you cum. The reasons in image are more intense orgasm with cartoon emoji with heart eyes, looks so good with cream splatter above text, amazing for cum play, with emoji with dribble above text, breeding kink with cartoon of pregnant woman above, great if you work in porn, with cartoon of cream above text.

Some of you may be wondering, why you would want more cum and there are a plethora of reasons but here are just a few of the main benefits of having more ejaculate:

  • It makes the orgasm last longer (what’s not to love about that?).
  • It feels really good.
  • It’s visually appealing for people who enjoy cum.
  • Will crave your partner’s love for cum.
  • Ideal if you want to nail that cum shot for porn or for self-accomplishment.
  • Can be a lovely surprise for your partner.
  • It will increase confidence in your load.
  • Some do it to increase the fun of a breeding kink (list of impregnation/breeding kink ideas).
  • If you work in porn it can help you create a seriously big load for that perfect photo finish.

Whatever your reasons, increasing your cum load is down to your own personal preference and it’s a fun challenge to set out for yourself. For me, it was down to building confidence and seeing if I could make it happen, I also love the sensation of a huge load coming out so I wanted to be able to experience that every time.

What Changes Your Cum Volume And Shooting Distance?

This image contains a full guide on how to cum more with all the methods broken down in a list.

It’s actually pretty simple when you look at the facts, it’s all down to a few things and if you work on those things, you will see an immediate increase in your cum volume. Of course, some things are more effective and fast-acting than others but all together these facts work like a dream.

  • Time Since Last Orgasm: The time between your last orgasm and your current can play a big role in the amount of cum you’re producing.
  • Time Spent Building Orgasm: Teasing and edging yourself before you cum will increase your load instantly.
  • Libido: Having a high or a low libido will play a part in your cum volume and shooting distance, if your libido is low, you won’t have as much cum to part with.
  • Diet & Supplementation: Your diet and supplementation play a huge role, these two things alone can change your load completely.
  • Hydration: Being hydrated is something a lot of people take for granted when it comes to thickening their load.
  • Age: Your age can play a part, when you’re younger you have more stamina and usually a higher libido, however, this doesn’t always have to be the case.
  • Supplementation: As I mentioned before, adding supplements into your routine will really change everything, lacking a few vitamins and minerals and implementing them into your routine will have you seeing the biggest notable difference.
  • Testosterone: Having higher testosterone will give you a bigger load and this can be done naturally, with exercise, the right foods, and the right lifestyle.
  • Sleep: Getting enough rest and sleep all contribute to a healthy load and many people don’t get enough of it.

Cum Voluming Increasing Supplements

This is a list of supplements that incease cum volume and spray with the orange text items indicating the ones I've taken personally.

This is where things get exciting.

These supplements have so much research behind them and all fingers point towards a huge increase in cum volume.

Heads up, doing this will create a really big load, almost too big. I don’t stay on most of these supplements for too long because it makes clean-up a pain, every time you cum you need a rag to get all of it off, and sometimes I don’t have time for that sort of cleaning regime.

I’ve worked out that I need to take my supplements about two times a week (three days a week sometimes to be on the safe side) to get good benefits from them. I do this when I’m going to have a good sex session and then stop taking them, the benefits last a few days for me and then go back to normal, however, I do continually take Zinc even when I stop my other supplements (more on that hidden gem below).

Trust me, once you try out the supplements I listed below, you will see what I mean when I say too much cum, is too much.

I actually found this awesome breakdown that backs up the evidence and proof of these amazing supplements that are affordable and readily available.

My experience with…

These supplements are all the top-rated for increasing your ejaculation load, I have gone into a brief yet straight-to-the-point detail on my experience with each one of them.

  • Lecithin: I find this supplement to be amazing, it is one of my favorites, it makes cumming feel amazing and increases your load by a crazy amount. I find it to be ultra-effective and you notice a difference immediately when taking it consistently.
  • Choline: I haven’t tried this particular supplement, but some have said that this and ‘pygeum’ (I have tried and left my thoughts below) is a great and potent mix. Because I haven’t tried it I don’t want to recommend a product, but I’m sure any good choline product will do the job, I’ll try it as soon as I can and update this guide or leave my results in the comments.
  • Zinc: Increases the amount of cum by a good amount, and pairs well with other supplements. I take zinc daily, I like how it makes me feel and I find that personally, it keeps my cum nice and voluminous without it being overwhelming. It’s easy to take and when I want an even bigger load I mix it up by adding it to my other supplements.
  • L-Arginine: This beauty gives you harder erections and it has been known to give a bigger cum shot. I think a harder erection makes for a more intense load but this could be down to personal preference.
  • Pygeum: This supplement increases your cum amount by a lot and makes my pre-cum load increase too, which was a nice surprise when it first happened.
  • Maca: This particular addition to your life actually highers libido and whilst that doesn’t directly affect your cum as the other supplements do, it does turn your balls into sperm-making machines, and mixed with the other supplements on this list, your higher libido will ensure lots more cum.
  • Horny Goat Weed: This stuff increased my libido in a big way and gave me stronger erections too. I had heard plenty of people rave about this stuff and whilst I don’t take it every day it is a big part of my stack.
  • Fish Oil: Fish oil should be taken as part of a healthy balanced diet anyway but adding it to your new routine will keep you nice and healthy and increase your cum volume naturally.
  • All in one supplement: I haven’t tried this particular all-in-one pill, but it has a lot of my favorite supplements included and also some great libido enhancers in there too. I prefer to take mine individually but if you want something that’s all in one place, this product has some great reviews.
  • Another option: This is another all-in-one option, I haven’t tried this one either but it does have everything you need to get a bigger load included, As I mentioned before, I do prefer taking things individually so that I can mix and match and lower and increase my intake but some people do prefer doing it this way for ease and cost.

The Complete Cum Building Supplement Stack:

For the best orgasm and ejaculation, this is the stack that I use for the ultimate increase.

I shoot so much cum when I use this all together, it is usually around 8 – 10 pumps, all with a nice amount of cum, which for me, going from a tiny squirt to this is like having a whole new cock.

L-Arginine: I take two L-Arginine supplements which are 1000mg in total. I usually do this two-three times a week if I am building up to a big load. I don’t take this every day although you can if you want to, it’s just too much cum for me!

Zinc: I take this with food as it’s not good on an empty stomach. I love the garden of life brand and I take two which is a total of 60mg of zinc. I take this daily as it keeps my load healthy and full without being overwhelming amount.

Pygeum: I take two of the Now Pygeum supplements total of 100mg (I’ve seen a lot of people go to 200mg, but 100mg is enough for me). I take this two-three times a week depending on what I have got planned with my girlfriend.

Lecithin: I take just one of these which is a total of 1200mg. I find the results with this to be so effective almost instantly. Again, this is taken a few times per week along with my other supplements.

These are my doses, do your own research for safety, learn your own doses and find what works for you and what doesn’t. Everybody is different and it might mean you need more or less than me to get your desired results.

A Consistent Smaller Stack:

This image includes two supplement bottles, one is Pygeum and the other is Lecithin both are from now foods. Next to each supplement is my experiance and what happened while taking it.

If you don’t want to take four different supplements, I found that when I really looked into it these two gave me big results on their own. It’s a crazy difference, taking these two creates an explosion of cum and pre cum and that’s without doing any of the other stuff that I mention in this guide.

Pygeum: This increases your cum load by a heck of a lot as well as your pre-cum load, I find that a thick load of pre-cum really shows you what you’re going to be in for when you do cum and is nice for any partners that you may want to surprise who enjoy cum.

Lecithin: For me, this is one of the most effective supplements, it makes my orgasms feel better, it increases my load and it works quickly.

Quick Supplement Warning: Always go slow when starting supplements, do research, note any side effects and make sure you’re in the right health to take the supplements mentioned.

Building The Batch (Edging & Orgasm Control)

30 minute edging workout plan that will show you how to build and then stop your orgasm before the brink to create a more intense orgasm.

Learning how to edge and control your orgasm is one way you can be sure of a bigger load. If done without supplements it will increase marginally along with better orgasms and with supplements you’re looking at stronger orgasms as well as a heap of cum.

  • You should edge for 30 minutes for a nice load.
  • Edge for 1 hour for a super impressive load, although this can be really hard.

This is a great guide on how to deny orgasms, just skip the part about ruining orgasms and head straight down to the tips on denial.

If you don’t want the load for yourself and want it to be saved for someone else, you can do this:

  1. Masturbate to the brink of orgasm (don’t get to the point where you cum, just before is the sweet spot).
  2. Relax as soon as you get there, let yourself go soft-ish, and start again, you can do this for 10 minutes all the way up to an hour, the longer you do it the bigger the load will be.

You don’t have to let your cock become unerect each time you get to the brink of orgasm, but it helps the process due to you building yourself up again. Most of the time I’m too horny and just edge on and off for a time frame until I am ready to blow.

Also, it’s good to know that edging during sex and foreplay with your partner will seriously increase your load and orgasm pleasure too, you don’t just have to masturbate to reap the rewards of this technique.

Warning: Always try to ejaculate after edging within a good amount of time, don’t leave it too long, you need to release the load you just built, some build up their load all day and you could do that, but I usually don’t like building it for more than a few hours before I will release.

3 Days Of Building Your Batch

If you do everything combined in this guide you will have a big load even if you cum daily, when I do everything, it triples (if not more) my daily cum volume and it shows no signs of dampening or becoming less of a load no matter how many times I cum.

However, if I want to do the biggest cum shot of my life If I don’t cum for two days straight, it is crazy how much comes out, add 3 days and it gets to the point where I am letting out huge porn star equivalent cum shots.

Hydration For Bigger Loads

Many people forget to stay hydrated. They don’t realize that hydration plays a good role in making a good load so make sure you drink enough water.

You want to make sure you’re getting 2.5 – 3 liters of water per day. This can change depending on where you live (the weather), how much exercise you do, the food you eat, and your height/weight but it’s a good starting place to amount to aim for.

Diet For Better Ejaculation

Your diet not just makes you feel good when you’re eating right, it helps your cum taste better, makes you feel better, it can higher your libido and testosterone, and will make your load healthier and larger with the help of certain food products.

Pumpkin Seeds: Zinc is naturally found in pumpkin seeds, which if you recall is a supplement that I recommend taking every single day. It improves male fertility, load volume, and overall health.

Pineapple: Pineapple is great for making your sperm taste better. If you notice a foul smell or taste, pineapple juice or whole fruit is the key to ironing out those issues and making you healthier overall.

Celery (Amazing Results): Celery has the ability to increase your sperm count, and improve the taste and the whiteness of your load. It can also increase your sex drive, enhance your orgasm and even increase testosterone. Pretty cool, right?

The legend that is Tommy Lee even talks about shooting huge loads by ingesting celery + pineapple Juice. It can be really beneficial and these fruits and veggies are really affordable and available pretty much everywhere too.

Eliminate Fried Foods

Eliminating fried, over-processed, and fatty foods from your diet will really help you feel good, stop that sluggish feeling, and will help to increase your load as you will feel healthier. Fatty and fried foods are known to decrease sperm quality in men and therefore have a downward spiral effect on how big your load is, the volume of your seed, and the overall potency that it has.

Eating healthier will also naturally increase your libido too so not only will you want to ejaculate more you will have tastier and thicker sperm when you do cum!

Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol and smoking are known to have adverse effects on sperm quality. Smoking alone decreases sperm count, motility, volume, concentration, and viability.

By eliminating these two things you will do wonders to your sperm and will naturally increase your volume, the viability, and the potency of your loads.

Of course, for some people, this just isn’t an option so try just cutting down on these things as much as you can along with combining other things in this guide to try and naturally build your cum back up to a healthier place.

Exercise Is Important

Exercise naturally boosts testosterone which in turn boosts your libido, this helps get the blood flowing for good, hard erections and stronger orgasms.

Exercise also increases cum volume as your body begins feeling healthier and releasing all kinds of different chemicals and hormones. A recently released study suggested that men who exercised had a 75% higher sperm count than those who didn’t so if you want to keep yourself fertile, healthy, and filled with potent loads of cum, get yourself to the gym.

Prostate Stimulating

However you want to do it, pegging, fingering, using a vibrating butt plug, or a prostate massager, it works and it feels good too.

It’s surprising but prostate stimulation makes loads bigger and like a fountain, it also increases the amount of pre cum you create too. The prostate doesn’t necessarily create ejaculation, but if you ejaculate after prostate massaging it’s crazy how much comes out.

Foreplay And Good Sex

Another way you can build up a good load without really doing much is to make sure you’re having good foreplay and good sex.

Having good and long foreplay, with lots of teasing, and lots of oral sex, where you both pleasure each other is really important and will not just increase your load and your orgasm but it will make you feel more connected to your partner too.

There are loads of good things that happen to your body in these moments and they all make the load bigger and the orgasm more powerful.

What To Do For Longer Cum Shots

For lengthy and bigger cum shots, there is one thing you should be doing and that is kegel exercises. You may have heard of these and associate them with women but I am here to tell you that male Kegels are just as important and with a little bit of effort you will be able to increase how far you can shoot your load.

You can practice doing a kegel now by tensing the same muscles that stop you from urinating.

All you have to do during sex to activate this muscle is:

Hold, hold, releaseeee!

When you’re about to cum, hold, tense your leg muscles, clench, and do a kegel, hold on for a second or two and then let go and push/squirt out all of your load.

Fake Cum For More Visuals

Bottle of fake cum from lovehoney with three example images of the fake cum being used on the right side of the bottle. The images are of the fake cum being used on the mouth of a woman and are their to show the visual effects of using fake cum lube.

If you like the visuals of lots of cum and just can’t make enough to satisfy your needs, you can make your own fake cum (read this guide on fake cum and how effective it can be) or buy a cum lube that smells and even tastes like cum, to add even more cum to your sex.

Add this fake cum to an ejaculating dildo and you will enjoy a whole new level of fun and cum play. You can learn more about squirting dildos by reading our guide.

Some experts even say the visuals of cum (even the fake stuff), make guys go into a sperm wars mindset and we create bigger loads out of competition so using fake cum may actually help you to make bigger loads too.

One Weird Way I Found (Sharing Your Partner)

Most men probably won’t do this one just to increase their load, however, I have had group sex and shared my girlfriend with other men, and had threesomes so it wasn’t a big deal for me to try it out.

What I found was that cum loads when sharing my girlfriend are much bigger and orgasms are more intense. I’m not sure if this comes down to a sperm wars/sex at dawn logic of competing for ovulation with another man or just because I’m extra aroused, it’s probably a mixture of both and it’s something I found interesting and when I do the above it’s a real mess, as the increase happens without any of the above being incorporated.

TL;DR: Full Breakdown Of What I Do

Everyone is different and this is a quick breakdown of what I do to increase my load. Everything is mentioned in detail in the article but if you have any questions feel free to leave them below.

A few days before I want to increase my load I start the supplement stack (the smaller one I mentioned or the bigger stack if I want it to be an unforgettable load).

I then drink a few glasses of pineapple juice on the day leading up to it and have a celery smoothie the day before (sometimes the day I wanted the biggest load).

I make sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.

If I have time I do a bit of edging, but this isn’t needed at all, the load is just as big, the only time I do this is if I know it’s going to be a quick thing.

I don’t jerk off the day before (can do up to 3 days, but the levels of cum are just ridiculous for me at that point, so I actually only leave it a day).

Voila! that’s how I do it.

Brandon 😉

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