Breeding Kink Ideas (Full Guide To This Fetish)

Brandon and I have been exploring something exciting lately, a kink that some regard as quite controversial.

The breeding kink is one that takes on many forms, from ‘forced’ breeding all the way to a creampie cum fetish, and today I wanted to talk to you about the crux of the kink, the place where all of this comes from. I want to share everything there is to know about having a breeding fetish that many people out there don’t know they have until they begin to unravel it, which is precisely what happened to me.

On the outside looking in, a breeding kink seems simple enough, you want to be filled with cum and bred, right? Wrong! There’s so much more to it than that, there are so many different ways people express themselves with this kink, however, it all boils down to the same thing, the people who like this kink (like me and Brandon), love being filled up and deposited with warm, sticky man fluid.

What Is a Breeding Fetish (And Understanding it)

text on black background explaining what a breeding kink is next to an image of a woman in lingerie laying on a bed with a speach bubble saying "don't pull out!!".

Before we get into my breeding guide that is bursting at the seams with ideas and advice, I suppose we should define what a breeding fetish actually is.

According to the Urban dictionary (where else do you go for reliable information?), a breeding kink is defined like this:

Being sexually aroused by the idea of having sex without a condom or being inseminated”.

It can be different for everyone but for me, I like to be filled with as much cum as Brandon can manage and forcibly impregnated, I enjoy the sensation and I love knowing my body is accepting Brandom’s swimmers each time he ejaculates. It’s such a thrill for me to know I am taking a risk by not taking my pill some days we do this and even if I am taking things as I should, I still like to imagine my womb being filled with his seed again and again.

Consent & Pregnancy Risks

Before we get into my breeding kink ideas there a few things you need to know all about, mainly the risk of pregnancy and making sure you have full consent and a partner who is onboard with this kink.

Understand The Risk Of Pregnancy

Practicing a breeding/impregnation kink comes with some obvious risks.

  • Remember, there is always a chance you’ll actually get pregnant. Some people tend to forget this but sex can always lead to pregnancy.
  • There is a real risk with STIs and STDs when you’re not using condoms. Some people like to roleplay taking the condom off and actually leaving it on when they aren’t monogamous with the person they are having sex with.

Understand that even when being as safe as possible there is still a risk of these things, which is something you should always be prepared for and educated about.

Have Full Consent

Something that’s really important to me and other people who love this kink is consent. It doesn’t matter how rough or sadistic your sex is, make sure you always get that word of approval and make sure your partner always knows what you have planned.

Never try a breeding kink without getting consent from your partner, this is a serious and sometimes risky fetish and remember, consent is sexy.

Understand If You Actually Want To Get Pregnant?

For the majority of us with this fetish, it’s all about thinking you might impregnate or actually get pregnant. That’s the thrill, the idea of it, roleplaying a scenario that actually hasn’t happened, the risk and the sensation are what turns us on, it isn’t usually actually getting pregnant.

Although for some people it is, being bred and actually impregnated is a huge thing and that leads us into pregnancy fetishes but that’s a story for a whole other day! (Let me know if you want an article on that).

My Breeding Must-Haves

Image of an ejaculating dildo and fake cum lube next to text explaining each item.

Let’s start this with some things that automatically took my breeding kink to the next level.

Simulating A Breeding Kink Using An Ejaculation Dildo

If you are alone or you just don’t want to use real cum to simulate your kink (maybe you aren’t on birth control), you can use this ejaculating dildo to simulate the sensation of being filled with cum to satisfy all of your breeding needs. It’s thick and juicy and will have you drizzling with cum whenever and however you want it.

We made a whole guide on using an ejaculating dildo if you want some more information on this popular method. It’s a great way to satisfy your cravings if you’re not with anybody or can’t find the right person to simulate your fetish.

Simulating Using Fake Cum

A lot of people like to simulate a breeding fetish with fake cum, people have many different reasons for doing this. Maybe they’re in a lesbian relationship, maybe they don’t like the smell or sensation of real cum, it could be that they’re single and craving the texture or it could be that they are a couple who just want more cum than they can manage.

Brandon and I like to use fake cum when I have completely emptied his balls and he is struggling to provide me with more than a tiny droplet. It makes him feel good and I just love being coated in the sticky, cum-like fluid.

The best fake cum: This is the best fake cum that we have found, the texture is extremely similar, it looks like cum, it feels like cum and it can be put inside of the ejaculating dildo I mentioned above to give that real-life shooting sensation.

Smells like cum lube: This stuff smells like cum, it gives off the right texture and it mimics the sensation of the popular male fluid. In my opinion, it is slightly tackier to the touch than actual cum but it’s a really great substitute.

Make your own cum: In this article, Brandon and I give you some ways you can make your own cum from natural and store-bought ingredients, it’s a fun way to experiment with something new and it will fulfill all of those cum-loving desires you may have.

Impregnation Role Play Ideas

list of impregnation ideas and roleplay on a black background with text inside blue or yellow boxes, next to the list is an illustration of a pregnant woman holding her belly.

These ideas below are fun and exciting ways you can explore your breeding and impregnation kink without it ever getting boring. There are so many ways you can experiment and keep things interesting and I can’t wait to share them with you. If you have any roleplay ideas, let me know in the comments below and I will add them to this list!

Being Bred During A Threesome

This roleplay you can do for real or by just pretending, everyone is different with what they enjoy and what they are comfortable with but with this threesome breeding kink idea you can push your limits and try something new with somebody new or a very realistic prop.

Real: If you want to do it for real, I recommend reading this article on sharing your partner. If you have never done it before, it isn’t as easy as it may seem. However, if you are a veteran of threesomes, breeding during a threesome is the ultimate sperm war appreciation, and two loads of cum for the [price of one, what’s not to live?

Fake: You can simulate a threesome by using a realistic and powerful sex machine like this one or by using an ejaculating dildo with a suction cup. Use either of these two sex toys along with your partner and feel your threesome come to life. Place either of these two devices on your bed and enjoy lifelike stimulation and the beauty of a threesome without any of the commitment.

Breeding Days

Breeding days can be extra kinky if you just let your imagination run wild. Left tied up, blindfolded, and gagged, you use her all day long as many times as you want to try and get her pregnant. These days are for breeding only, her womb is yours and her main purpose is to be filled and inseminated.

Lube Application

Use a lube applicator to insert fake or real cum, you can do this when your partner is restrained, pin their legs back and inseminate them with your applicator whilst you talk about how pregnant it will make her and how potent your semen is.

Extra kinky: Tell her the cum is someone else’s or a collection of the men you know, so she will never know who the father is.

Faulty Condom (Trap)

Take off his condom between thrusts, make it so he has to be raw inside of you. Perhaps he doesn’t even notice or perhaps he notices just as he cums. This one sounds simple but is so exciting!

You Are Not Allowed to Pull Out

As your partner is about to cum, wrap your legs around their body, and don’t let them out. Force their cum inside of you and enjoy the sensation of their forbidden seed inside of you, pouring into your womb.

Forced Breeding

Forced breeding is one of my favorite roleplay ideas that Brandon and I explore. I find it such a thrill and can’t get enough of it lately. There are a few ways we like to do this:

  • Tied up to be bred: This is where you are restrained and tied up and used as a fuck machine, you can’t move or resist, your pussy is just there to be bred with.
  • Only there to make babies: Forced into making babies is another way I like to get off. Brandon gets all dominant with me and fills my ears with dirty talk, telling me monstrous things about my body and how I am just a baby-making machine. He fills me with cum over and over again, reminding me of my purpose at that moment.
  • Don’t cum in me: Remind your lover again and again that you don’t want cum inside of you and inevitably this roleplay scenario ends with a load of cum deep in your pussy. As they thrust and get closer to orgasm tell them no, that you don’t want their semen, you’re not on birth control and feel the flurry of excitement as they don’t listen to a word you’re saying.

Consent, consent, consent!!!

I feel it’s an appropriate time to remind you to always have consent and understanding between both parties. You don’t want someone not understanding your kink and it’s so important to both be on the same page with this fetish and any time you are engaging in sexual contact for that matter.

Always have full consent, have a safe word, and understand consent can change at any moment during sex.

Tied Up, Gagged, and Blindfolded Breeding

If you want to be tied up, gagged, and blindfolded (which I wholeheartedly recommend making this kink even better), I have got some things that I want to show you.

Rope: This bdsm rope is heavy-duty, it’s easy-to-use and it’s ultra-sexy. Brandon and I always make sure to have some on hand for any kind of roleplay we are engaging in. I love to be restrained with rope, (read this guide on rope bondage for some amazing ideas) and during my forced impregnation experiences I like to be degraded and treated as a sex toy with this rope.

Handcuffs: Heavy-duty handcuffs like these give this kink that bondage feel and they make it impossible to use your hands or arms. I like to be restrained and when my rope is busy with my ankles, my handcuffs always make an experience.

Gag: There’s no better way to keep quiet than with a sexy gag like mine. It allows your mouth to still be in full working order and when they’ve had enough, it can be plugged up to stifle your moans and pleas.

Full bed restraint: If you want your breeding machine to be unmoving and totally spread eagle this mattress restraint does the job expertly well. It keeps your wriggling until control, it opens up your holes for ultimate precise penetration and it can easily be assembled.

Add a butt plug for extra naughtiness: If you want to keep one hole still busy whilst the other is being filled consider a cute butt plug like mine. I love it, I love the ‘full’ sensation it brings and I love having my butt plugged with something so cute whilst my pussy is being bred non-stop.

I’m Ovulating, Don’t Cum

Roleplay is at the most fertile point in your cycle, the time when pregnancy is the most abundant. When you tell your partner this they transform into a breeding monster who just wants to make that fertile pussy bred with their potent seed.

Cum Dump

Roleplay the art of being nothing but a cum dump That means no cumming anywhere but your pussy. If he masturbates alone, he must come to get you and finish inside you. Your pussy is a vessel for cum and cum only.

Cum For Lube

Have him cum on or in your pussy, and use a dildo to play with his cum, and push it deeper inside of you, you can also do this to simulate a group breeding session. You could also use the fake cum that I mentioned above and just play with this idea and simulate it in your own way.

Try Or Not To Try

This idea is a little intense but it’s good fun. He has to try to pull out of you right before he cums and you have to stop him from being able to get out of your pussy in time by any means necessary.

The Risk

Be a constant reminder that you’re not on the pill, that you’re ovulating, that you will be too horny to say no to him ejaculating inside of you, talk about the risks and the chance they are taking and even after all of that, make it happen anyway.

Gold Digger

Role play is a woman who finds the perfect man and wants to trap him by getting herself pregnant. It’s more of a controversial scenario to play out but if you’re having fun, who cares?

Milking Him Dry

Tie him up, once he is tied up, let him know your plan to get pregnant. Tease him, build his load, and don’t let him cum, when he is about to finally be allowed to cum, make sure he does it deep inside you, against his will.

Milk machine

Use a fleshlight or male masturbator to milk your man dry. You can pretend his cum will be used in someone else or the second he is about to cum, jump on him and make him cum in you. Treat him like a man who is just there for cum, all he is useful for is as a cum maker. This is my favorite milk machine to use to fulfill this fantasy.

Orgasm Denial Till He Is Ready To Impregnate You

Deny his orgasm, build him up for hours, until he finally agrees to cum inside you. Follow this orgasm denial guide to learn the best ways to do this and watch as he explodes with pent-up and desperate pleasure.

Ruin his orgasm till he cums inside you

Say you will ruin his orgasm if it’s not inside you. A few times test him and really ruin it, but the second or third time, he will do anything you say.

Trying For A Baby (Without trying)

Make a game of it. Obviously, this is really risky but is really exciting for those of us who enjoy this kink. Here are a few ways you can spice up this roleplay idea along with having sex with the pretended purpose of getting pregnant:

  • Impregnation Sex Positions: Try sex positions that people use to try and actually get pregnant. Missionary and doggy style are the two most popular as they allow for deeper penetration and the sperm can get closer to the cervix.
  • Track Ovulation: Track your ovulation with apps or special tests that let you know when you are most likely to get pregnant and be sure to have sex on those days.
  • Screw Every Day: Having sex every single day makes your chances much higher when your end goal is so close.

The Day After

After the breeding sex act like they got you pregnant. Do I look glowing? I feel like you put a baby in me? These are all questions you should be asking your partner to keep the moment alive and the fantasy complete.

Sperm wars

Sperm wars is a little game Brandon and I play quite often, he pretends as if someone came inside of me before him and he knows he has to be quick and cum inside of me as well, so that he has a chance of it being him who gets me pregnant! It’s an easy roleplay and a great place to start if you’re new to this fetish.

Breeding Dirty Talk Ideas

Illustration of a close of of a womans red lips and mouth next to a list of breeding dirty talk ideas.

These breeding-inspired phrases below are just some of the ways you should be talking to your partner before, during and after embarking on your breeding adventure. They’re naughty, perverse and a real turn-on for everyone.

  • Please get me pregnant!
  • I want you to knock me up
  • Don’t pull out, I won’t let you
  • Where do you want me to cum?
  • I’m going to get your pregnant, okay?
  • I forgot to take my pill
  • I’ve been so careless with my pill, do you still want to cum in me?
  • No babe, I don’t want to use condoms, It feels better when you go inside me without
  • I’m not going to let you pull out
  • Please cum in me, please
  • Beg for him to cum in you
  • Beg for him to impregnate you
  • Beg for him not to pull out
  • I want to carry your babies
  • Oh no, you’re going to get me pregnant
  • You know I’m ovulating, don’t you?
  • I stopped my birth control
  • Impregnate me master
  • I am begging for your cum
  • I crave your cum inside me
  • My womb craves your cum
  • I am so wet for your cum
  • Fill me up
  • My body craves your seed

Encourage them and congratulate them for spilling inside of you

After they have cum or while they are cumming give positive reinforcement to make it even hotter for the both of you. These are some of the things I like to say:

  • Good boy
  • Wow, you’re going to get me nice and pregnant
  • I’m definitely going to get pregnant
  • Your cum feels so nice inside of me
  • My womb is tingling, I think you got me pregnant
  • Thank you for making me pregnant
  • There’s so much cum!
  • I can feel your cum leaking into my womb

You can have extra fun by writing some naughty things on your partner too:

Write these in a skin-safe marker pen to make sure your partner knows exactly what and who you are during your breeding fantasy:

  • Cum dump
  • Breed me
  • Cum here (arrow to pussy)
  • Cum slut
  • Breedable
  • Pregnant
  • Fertile
  • Impregnate me
  • Fill my fertile hole

What Is Your Favorite Way To Enjoy Your Breeding Kink?

I have shared all of my secrets with you so make sure to let me know what your favorite part of your breeding kink is! Do you do anything differently?


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