Cum Kink Guide: Guide To Cum Play

Sticky, smooth, delicious, creamy, and more-ish is what I think about when I think of the glorious creation that is cum. I am enthralled by it and do everything I can to get as much as can out of my boyfriend.

I know a lot of people share my fascination with cum and some don’t actually understand what it means to enjoy the tasty fluid and so I created this guide to help lead you and advise you on how it’s done properly. How you can enjoy cum and be connected to your partner’s creation in the amazing world that is known as cum play.

What Is A Cum Kink?

A close up image of a womans stomack with fake cum drops on it. Next to the image there's a black background with white text explaining what a cum kink it.

A cum kink is defined as any other kink, it’s a consensual, non-traditional sexual preference that brings you pleasure and satisfaction. Except instead of a kink like spanking or bdsm, someone who has a cum kink is someone who enjoys male semen and enjoys it more than the average person. This person may like it on their body, in their body, or both!

Cum kinks can be average and extreme, depending on the person involved and their personal preferences. Some people enjoy derogatory cum-filled acts and some just love to be filled up to the brim with sticky semen.

What Does A Cum Kink Involve:

A list of what a cum kink involves with text 9 different text examples. The examples are in pink, blue and grey boxes with black text.

If you have a cum kink you don’t necessarily have to love and enjoy every single thing on this list, your cum kink may be just one of these things or a mixture of a few.

  • Facials
  • Cum shots
  • Enjoying big loads
  • Masturbating with cum
  • Just seeing a cock cum
  • Swallowing the semen
  • Spitting/Dribbling
  • Cum eating
  • Breeding/Impregnation
  • Bukkake
  • Cum on Clothes
  • Sloppy Seconds
  • Self Clean-Up
  • Cum Kiss
  • Tasting different loads
  • Creampie
  • Ownership (some see it as an ownership kink)

If I have missed your favorite part about having a cum fetish, let me know and I will add it to the list!

How To Satisfy A Cum Kink

This is an illustration of how to satisfy a cum kink. It includes illustrations of an ejaculating dildo, bottle fake cum, bottle of realistic tasting cum, and a pinapple.

There are more fun ways you can satisfy your cum kink than just getting a load in your throat and cleaning any droplets up (I have loads of challenges below), however, these are quick ways you can satisfy your cravings, without much fuss and with a ton of effectiveness for those late-night sticky, warm semen dreams.

Ejaculating/Squirting Dildos

This is one of my favorite ways to satisfy my cum kink. Whether you’re single or just always wanting more like me, I use my ejaculating dildo when Brandon is away or if he can’t give me as much cum as I need at that moment. It feels realistic, it gives me huge loads and it ticks all of the boxes when I am horny and in need of my special man seed.

If you want some more information on squirting dildos, check out this huge guide that we did that will give you all of the information you’re going to need.

Fake Cum

Using fake cum inside of your ejaculating dildo, using fake cum as lube, or during sex really helps me satisfy my cum cravings. We did a whole article on fake cum which is a really great read if you want to learn how to make it and use it properly.

This fake cum is better for visuals: If you’re more of a visual type of person, this fake cum makes for a really great replacement for the real thing. It’s thick, silky, gooey, and sticky in all of the right places.

Make A Massive Cum Shot: Read this guide on making a big load and learn exercises you can do, vitamins and foods you can eat, and practices you can incorporate in order to make your cum load bigger naturally.

Change The Taste Of Your Cum: You can change the taste of your cum to make it more appealing (by reading how to make cum taste better – coming soon), it’s really interesting and gives you lots of insight on what simple things you can do to make your cum even more delicious.

Cum Play Ideas and Challenges

list of cum play ideas and challenges. The challenges are in blue and pink background boxes and are next to an image of two women with fake cum dripping out of their mouths.

Now is the time for the real fun! These are my favorite cum play ideas and challenges that you can incorporate into your bedroom without any fuss and have heaps of enjoyment from.

Enjoy during foreplay and go wild with new and arousing ways to enjoy the sticky fluid we all know too well.

Consent: This should go without saying. Make sure the person you’re with is into your challenges and ideas, make sure they’re on board with your cum kink, and never do anything you’re not comfortable with.

Clean Up Your Mess

While fucking, tell your partner you’re going to pull out and cum on yourself, then have them clean it all off of you. You can guide them by grabbing them by the hair and making sure they get every last drop from your skin.

Similarly, you can have the ‘cummer’ clean his own mess up as well by licking it up and kissing him, rubbing it all over your hands and fingers, and having him clean it off of you.

Spoon Feed

Being spoon-fed cum is an elite method of cum play. All you have to do is cum onto a spoon, drip it onto your partner’s tongue, feed them or have them feed themselves with your delicious homemade creation.

Plating It Up

Fuck as hard as you want, but when it’s time to empty those balls, cum into a plate or bowl and have your partner clean it up like a good dishwasher. Make sure they use their tongue to make the plate or bowl squeaky clean and free from any semen.

Extra: It also works if he cums into a glass or cup for you to drink and clean out.

Cum Over Everything

The list is endless: arms, legs, feet, hands, torso, head, face, ankles, wrists, back, butt, pussy, cock, cheek, and hair. Wherever you can get it, make sure everywhere gets a sprinkling of cum.

Cum everywhere you can and as much as you can, making sure you get every crevice and mass coated in your sticky semen. This is where my guide on how to cum more is so helpful.


Let it all dribble out of your cock, have your partner lick it up as it pours out of you, or just let them watch your cock dribbling with your male liquid. This is one of the less intense cum challenges however it’s a very effective and arousing technique.

Handjob Clean Up

Give him a handjob, and make sure you clean every last drop from your hands, arms, and wrists. Get your tongue into every crevice of your hand and be certain that not a drop remains as you thank him for your delicious treat.

Sloppy Seconds

Mmmm! 😋 One of my favorite things to have is sloppy seconds. You can go for round two and use your cum as lube or try the real thing and have a threesome and enjoy real sloppy seconds.

Use the fake cum that I mentioned further up in this guide if you don’t want to commit to actually sharing your partner or having a threesome.

Cum Slut (Take more than five loads in one day)

Become the ultimate cum slut and take 5 or more loads in one day, the only rule is these loads have to be deposited into a pretty hole or on your face. So open up your legs or mouth and enjoy your new name of ‘cum slut’.

Cum Covered Popsicle

Hot outside? Get yourself some ice cream or a popsicle and have your partner finish all over it, then when they’re done, lick it all off as you enjoy your cooling sweet treat with its extra garnish.

Double Blowjob (With Ejaculating Dildo)

Give a blowjob to your partner and an ejaculating dildo simultaneously, let your partner have control of the ejaculating dildo ejaculation, and make sure things are as messy as they can get.

Deep Cum Shot

Use the cum load-building technique, build your creamy batch for 3 days and then give your partner a creampie, it will come out with so much power and hit them so deeply, that they will feel so much cum pouring inside of themselves.

Play With It

Have him cum on your body and then play with his cum, use it between your fingers, blow bubbles, fill up your belly button, rub it into your skin, make little puddles with it, etc. Let your imagination run wild as you play with his tasty load.


Harder than it seems but very effective. Gargling your man’s cum once he has deposited it inside your mouth is extremely satisfying and hot for both of you. Once you’re happy with your gargling technique, swallow it all down and enjoy.

Try Semen Bartending

A little controversial but a great challenge to master. This semen bartending handbook helps you to make drinks that contain a very special ingredient – semen. Enhance flavors, create wonderful drinks, and enjoy something a little different.

Squirting Strap On

Have him fuck you with this strap-on, it can squirt as much cum lube as you like, and it squirts up to 10ft away so you will feel it deep in you once you’re all filled up he can then take it off and claim you back. There are so many scenarios to enjoy with this strap-on, enjoy it as you swallow his load and the strap-ons load, fill yourself up endlessly with it, and create an endless sticky mess to clean up.

Semen Cooking

Just like the bartender’s cookbook, this foodie semen cookbook is a controversial topic. However, if you want to enjoy it as a bit of fun and create a masterpiece with your partner, there are some delicious recipes to be found, all of which incorporate semen in one way or another.

Saving Up

Use a freezer-safe container or an ice cube tray, and have your partner save his load safely away in the freezer for you. You can pour it all on at once, or into little ice cubes.

You can use this for bigger cum play, temperature play (a cold cube of semen feels incredible inside of you), or roleplay (by having a fresh load inside of you before he has even touched you).

Extra: You can also make cumsicles by using a popsicle tray. Once it’s ready you can rub it on your body, lick it, and play with it.

Cum Threesome

This challenge isn’t for everyone but I love it! All you need to do is have two men compete for you with their loads, they can both take turns filling you up, giving you facials, and trying to satisfy your love for cum. Something happens to men in this situation where they go into a sort of primal ‘sperm wars’ mindset and it is so hot.

Throat Pie

Often overlooked by creampies, throatpies are an incredible way to enjoy cum. They fill your throat, trickle down your neck and make you experience a wonderful full feeling in your throat rather than your pussy or ass. Throatpies are an intense and loaded orgasm that’s poured down your neck for you to enjoy.

Use His Cum As Lube To Get Yourself Off

After he cums inside you, grab a dildo and play with his mess, use it to dampen yourself, and push it deep inside of you. You can even have him cum on your dildo for extra kinky lubrication.

Condom Blowjobs

Use cum lube to create other used condoms to play with or have your man cum into a condom for you, peel it off him gently, and enjoy the sticky cum inside.

You can roleplay your partner finding the used condoms and enjoy cleaning them out. You can even put a condom on an ejaculating dildo and have it cum inside and then clean it up. This challenge is messy but a lot of fun.

Edging Cum (There’s So Much)

Enjoy his pre-cum, just keep edging and teasing him and you will be surprised how much pre-cum he creates from the constant build-up. When he finally cums, there will be so much cum for you that you may not be able to manage it all.

Precum Teaser

Similar to edging, but in this scenario, you try to collect the precum (in an ice cube tray or condom) that he creates through teasing and edging him, let it build up, and see how much he can make.

This gets even hotter if you add another guy and tease both of them for hours, building up and collecting their pre-cum.

Orgasm Denial

Read this article on ruined and denied orgasms and learn to just let his cum drip from his quivering cock, don’t try to please him, and let it explode out without him ever having an orgasm. You can cover just the tip with your mouth, or enjoy watching it all leak out of him and worry about cleaning it up afterward.

Cum Lube Jerk (use cum lube to jerk him off)

Using fake cum lube or his actual cum (saved up from the fridge/freezer or from a previous recent orgasm), jerk your partner off. You can even try roleplaying the scenario of you using another man’s cum to get your own man off, just to spice things up a bit!

Try Fake Tasting Cum

If you haven’t got enough real cum to satisfy you or you want to play alone, try fake tasting cum that tastes just like the real stuff. It’s affordable and goes a long way, it will completely trick your mind into thinking that it’s the real deal and you won’t notice a difference.

Taste Test

Have a threesome, have a random hookup, or go to a sex club for this unique challenge. Find two guys, do a cum taste test, give them blow jobs, and vote on which one tasted better (you can increase the vote for cum volume, taste, texture, etc).

The Used Mouth

Two guys fuck your mouth (this can be simulated with the ejaculating dildo that I mentioned above) and enjoy sloppy seconds one after the other. If one guy cums, you have to keep his cum in your mouth while the other guy takes his turn, once he is finished you can swallow what is in your mouth and clean up the rest.


Create all the classic porn cum scenes in a picture or video format. Facial, clean up, cum on breasts, cum on butt, creamy pussy, creampie, etc, and see how quickly you can tick them all off. This challenge is fun and really exciting, especially when you master a particularly sexy one.


With or without a breeding kink, you can start breeding your partner. How many times can you cum in her? Understand how potent and fertile your semen is as you deposit load after load inside of her womb.

Don’t waste a drop, every time you cum even from masturbating it should be inside her.
Cum on the outside of her pussy and have her push it in too, you don’t want to miss not one tiny droplet of semen.

We did a whole guide on the wonderful phenomenon known as a breeding kink, so be sure to read that!


Bukkake is the ultimate cum-lovers wet dream. You can accomplish this by going to sex or a fetish club with men who understand the art of the bukkake and who will know how to make your cum-loving dreams come true. However, if you don’t want to do that, try using an ejaculating dildo to mimic the same sensation and constant streams of semen.

Clean-Up Every Drop

Have doggy-style sex, have him creampie you, then any drop of his nectar that drips out of you, you or he has to clean up with your fingers or his mouth. This doesn’t have to be strictly doggy-style practice, you can try it in any position and it’s such a turn-on.


Give him a blowjob, once he cums, keep his cum in your both, and go and give him a nice kiss, swap the cum with each other, and feel kinkier and filthier than you have ever felt! It’s a tremendous feeling and such a great way to connect with one another.

Cum On Clothes

Have your partner cum on your clothes and then wear them out with the smell of fresh lingering cum permeating your nostrils. You may get just one load on your favorite shirt or maybe it’ll be a whole evening’s worth.

Cum In Underwear (Then Wear Them)

Fill your panties with a huge load of warm cum and then slip them on and wear them for the rest of the day. As you feel the cum load cooling on your vagina, mingling with your own wetness and reminding you of what you love, nothing compares to it.


Get a fabric wristband, have him cum on your stomach, breasts, or his favorite place, then soak the bracelet in the fluid until it’s soaking, and wear it with pride as you enjoy having his scent on you all day long.


Have him give you a facial or land wherever on your body that you feel needs moisturizing and rub it in like it’s a lotion. It will make your skin so nice and soft and smell of lovely semen!

Creampie Then Oral Sex

For this cum-play challenge make him eat you out to climax after he just creampied you. The enhanced lubrication, his tongue meeting the wetness of his own semen, and the sheer naughtiness of it all make it one of my favorite things to do.

Creampie Feeding

Have him creampie you, then finger you, and then have you suck his fingers. It tastes divine as it’s mixed with your womanly fluids and it always makes me so wet and turned on when Brandon does this to me.

Milking Him With a Masturbator

Milk your man like he is an animal using a vagina masturbator (this one drives Brandon wild), once he has cum, clean it up with your tongue, go down on the sex toy, lick her ‘pussy’, and watch his eyes brim with lust as you clean his cum from a super realistic sex toy.

This is a smaller version of the masturbator I mentioned above. It’s just as effective, just smaller, and more compact, ideal for traveling with and those who aren’t too sure about such hyper-realistic toys.

Creampie Face Sitting

This one is pretty self-explanatory but I just know you are going to love it. Have your partner creampie you, then sit on his face as it trickles out of you. His tongue probing your pussy as his cum tickles your womb is just the scenario that dreams are made of.

Cum Scenting

Have him cum, then dab your finger in the cum and apply it behind your ears, on your wrists, just the same as you would with perfume. This is called cum scenting and now you can go about your day, freshly scented and smelling of the best thing on Earth.

Self Facial

Ideal for those men who need to be put in their place or shown a thing or two. For this challenge, make sure that he positions his body to give himself a pretty facial when he cums. If it doesn’t quite make it, scoop it up and apply it for him.

The Cork

Becoming the cork is incredible. I saved my favorite cum-play challenge until last because I am in love with doing this and even after doing it numerous times now, I am still turned on and am always begging Brandon to plug me up. Essentially there are three ways you can enjoy this method:

Pussy Plug: Have your partner cum deep inside of your pussy and immediately plug it up with a dildo. It needs to be deep inside of you and without any gaps so as to not allow any cum to drip out. Enjoy being plugged in for as long as you like and revel in the fact that cum is not escaping anywhere.

Ball Gag: Cum in the mouth and then close the gag (works great with a gag like this one). You are then forced to swallow or hold the delicious cum in your mouth for as long as is desired.

Butt Plug: Enjoy spilling semen inside of your butt and then use this inflatable butt plug to hold it in till the next load is ready to be deposited. The inflatable aspect is great as it allows you to really tailor your needs and desired size to stop any leakage.

My Favorite Part Of Cum Play

My favorite part about this kink is how much fun you can have with it, it can be dragged out and fill an entire day or it can be done nice and quick, and it can have so many different endings, scenarios, and fantasies attached to it and there are so many different ways you can play and enjoy cum, which is one of the main reasons I created this guide, to share how much there is to explore.

The Best Reddits For Cum Lovers

list of cum related subreddits. The list includes r/aftertheshot, r/cumfetish, r/cumplaying, r/cumshotgifs, r/beforeandaftercumsluts, r/cumswallowing. These subreddits are next to an illustration of the reddit robot in light blue.

If you want, even more, I highly suggest you check out these top subreddits for all things cum and cum-loving.

  • r/aftertheshot – Is dedicated to pictures, videos, and gifs of the aftermath of the big load. People share themselves playing, swallowing, eating, licking, and gargling the cum they have been showered with.
  • r/cumfetish – This subreddit will intrigue people who love cum, it’s all things cum and all things sex, mix the two and you gain an incredible subreddit filled with the hottest images, videos, and gifs for like-minded cum guzzlers.
  • r/cumplaying – This isn’t the most active subreddit but there are some top-quality posts on this forum for you to enjoy. It’s all about people playing with their food (cum) and enjoying every last drop of it.
  • r/cumshotgifs – Does exactly as it says on the tin. This subreddit is dedicated to wonderful gifs of incredible cum shots. You will find facials, body shots, creampies, and everything in between.
  • r/beforeandaftercumsluts – This is all about the before and after of being covered in cum. Take a pretty face and seconds later cover it in a huge load of male seed and revel in the hotness and arousal of such a perfect picture.
  • r/cumswallowing – Like to watch a big load being swallowed? This subreddit shows you just that with so many videos, pictures, and gifs of cum being taken down a tight, wet throat.

If you have any questions or anything to add to my cum-play guide, let me know down below!

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