How to care for your silicone sex doll

Caring for your sex doll once you have bought it is so important, it’s a responsibility owning a sex doll and they often cost quite a lot of money so you, of course, want to do everything to prevent your sex doll from deteriorating and losing any of its quality.

There are lots of things you can do to make sure your silicone sex doll has the best care, so let’s begin with my list of things you can do to take total care of your silicone sex doll and ensure it lasts for years and years.

1 – Use Lubebottle of sexual lube

If you listened to just one tip it would be this one, always use lube with your silicone sex doll. You may feel like you don’t need too but it’s so important if you want to prevent wear, tears, and eventual rips. Also, using lube helps to make it feel more realistic, especially if you warm it up slightly in your hands before applying it.

Make sure to go for a water-based lube and re-apply if necessary. This is the lube I use with my sex dolls and I have never had any issues, I have also found that a little goes a very long way.

2 – Store Your Sex Doll Nude

Japanese style sex doll on kitchen counter
The cheapest price I found Lana is on this website.

When storing your sex doll ensure they are nude or in very loose fitting clothing. If your sex doll is wearing tight clothing for prolonged periods of time it can cause an indentation that may not go back to normal.

Storing your sex doll nude just ensures there is no restriction to your sex doll and that no colors will transfer. If you would rather store your sex doll with clothes, ensure you are checking your doll frequently and that the clothes are loose.

3- Wash Her Hair

If you get the hair dirty you can wash it with a non-harsh shampoo and conditioner in tepid water, ensure you rinse the hair thoroughly and leave to dry in an airy position. Brush softly when dry.

4 – Check For Repairs

If you buy your sex doll from my favorite sex doll website (silicone wives) you will see that most of their sex dolls come with a free repair kit, this means if you notice anything amiss you can fix it before it’s too late.

Every once in a while give your sex doll a once over and ensure there is nothing that has snagged the skin and ensure it is in the best condition.

5 – Clean Your Doll

cleaning products

Ensure that you clean your sex doll after every use, nothing is worse than a sex toy that starts to smell. It takes less than 10 seconds to wipe your sex doll down and ensure the openings are clean. Doing this means your sex doll won’t smell and will help to keep it in the best condition. I love this sex toy cleaner spray.

You can also take your sex doll into the bath or shower for a proper clean. Ensure to use warm water (not hot) and non-scented antimicrobial soap. Make sure to always dry your doll thoroughly after cleaning.

6 – Treat Your Doll Like A Real Person

I don’t mean make them dinner but don’t forcefully pull their arms, hair, and body. Yes, you can be rough but be aware of how hard you’re pulling. Pulling too hard won’t break your sex doll but you wouldn’t treat a real woman like that and if you do this consistently you may loosen your doll’s joints. However, I have never actually heard of this happening to anyone so I wouldn’t worry too much.

7- Never Share

Sharing your sex doll is unhygienic, especially if you are not cleaning the sex doll in between uses. I use my sex doll with my girlfriend but she, of course, doesn’t cum inside of the doll as I do and we always ensure to clean up after having used our dolls. Sharing a sex doll with two males can cause infections so if you must do it, be clean, wear a condom and always clean up after.

8 – Use Powder

If the skin of your sex doll becomes tacky when you touch just sprinkle a little sex toy renewer powder onto your sex doll to restore its original soft, realistic feel. You don’t need a lot and you can just gently rub it in with your hand. This helps to keep the skin supple and renews the skin back to its former glory.

9- Keep Away From Direct Sunlight

Ensure your sex doll is out of the direct sun as the sun can damage the skin and age it, not in the traditional sense but age it in a way where rips, tears, and elasticity failures are more prone.

10 – Doggy Style

sex doll laying face down on bed
You can get this realistic sex doll here.

Although most sex dolls can support their own weight in this position it’s always a good idea to place a couple of pillows under your sex doll when in this position and never put your full weight down on her when in doggy style.


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  1. Thanx for the tips . I’m thinking about purchasing a doll and worried about traveling and storing it . I live in AZ for winter . Travel in the summer with a small pull trailer . No a/c . What temperatures should I be worried about ?

  2. I just received a sex doll for my boyfriend and he was wondering if it’s ok to kiss and do oral sex on it’s private part or do you have to wash the entire dolls before hand? It has a rubbery odor to it. Is that because it’s new?

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