The Real Price of a Realistic Sex Doll

Sex dolls can be pricey, some of the best out there (like the sex doll below) can sell for $2000 and most people will never spend that.

So, I’m going to walk you through the different types of sex dolls that there is, the different prices and what you get for your money.

I want to show you everything from budget sex dolls all the way to my personal favorite silicone doll.

Let’s start with the expensive dolls, I must warn you that these dolls look so realistic but I promise you they are really dolls!

The Best Sex Doll Money Can Buy ($2100)

realistic sex doll

If you’ve got the money to spend you can get this ultra-realistic sex doll from Silicone wives (my favorite sex doll shop).

This silicone doll is a realistic 5-feet 2-inches in height (around 157 cm) and has a mouth, vagina and butt that you can penetrate, kiss, caress and slap. It’s a perfect model of a lady and with its steel skeleton, it makes it easy to move, place and try different sex positions.

She can support her own weight making doggy style, stand up doggy style and other sex positions possible. She is so realistic it is easy to forget that she is a doll.

You can get her with brown, blond, red and black hair and you can even select blue, green or brown eyes.

For an idea of just how real she is, here are a few pictures of her in different poses:

sex doll laying face down on bed
sex doll
sex doll on bed in sexy underwear

This is just an example of what $2100 dollars can get you and how it’s so much more superior than anything under this price.

People often don’t understand how I’ve spent so much money on sex dolls and these pictures hopefully capture the reasons perfectly.

So, if you’ve got the cash, you can pick her up here with FREE international shipping.

The Sex Robot That Broke The Internet ($4499)

sex robot

I’ve never used a sex robot, that’s why this is second on the list, however, I’ve heard from friends that they are as real as sex can get, without being real.

Now my realistic sex dolls feel like the closest things to sex, but then I found out that this sex robot has a self-heating device making her human body temperature.

This blew my mind and made me want to try one even more.

Personally, I don’t think they are as realistic as the doll above and I don’t feel like I’ll invest in one until they’re at that same level, however, that’s just my opinion, you may see the sex doll and fall in love. I am still desperate to try the robot but for now, I am incredibly happy with my sex dolls.

What kind of features does this 4 thousand dollar toy come with?

  • Temperature control

She heats up like a real human, just like I mentioned before. This makes her overwhelmingly realistic to touch and makes having sex with her undoubtedly realistic.

  • Touch technology

She responds to your touch and pleasure, this is a hugely innovative feature.

If you’re good in bed she’ll moan and her moans will intensify the better you are.

  • Conversational intelligence

You can talk and communicate with her.

  • Customization

You can customize her to look exactly how you want, with the multiple options they give you (Scroll down to the bottom of the page once you click the link below).

You can pick this sex robot up here with free-shipping internationally.

High-Quality Torso Sex Dolls ($200 – $1400)

realistic silicon torso

If you don’t want to drop $2000 on a sex doll, you can get just the body and Torso (or even just the feet for $300).

These torso dolls can go for $200 for normal quality and work their way up to $1400 if you get all the fixtures, including head, arms and breasts.

You can pick up the torso sex doll above for $1400.

If you aren’t too bothered about having a sex doll ‘body’ you can also get this stand-alone, butt and vagina for $300 at silicone wives:

silicone vagina and butt toy

Which is high-quality for the price, I don’t think the pictures really showcase how real it both looks and feels.

This is ideal for sex doll beginners or those on the fence as it allows you to know if you’re going to enjoy a bigger doll and allows you to experience the pleasure without spending $2000.

Just The Legs? ($800)

sex doll legs on chair

If you’re more of a legs/butt guy then these life-like legs will be perfect.

You get a wonderful vagina and butt along with her long legs and in my personal experience, the long sultry legs make the sex feel more real.

Also, this sex doll can be a little less intimidating, as just legs, butt, and vagina and not a whole sex doll isn’t as intimidating. If there had been something like this when I started buying dolls I would have gotten it in a heartbeat.

What can you do with just the sex doll legs?

  • Sex positions

With its flexible legs, you can put your sex doll in loads of different sex positions, try out lots of fantasies and increase the experience even more with the add-on of VR porn.

  • You can have vaginal and anal sex

Slapping against the legs is something that makes life-sized sex dolls feel so real, by having the legs you will be able to experience most of the pleasure without the massive price cost.

  • Easy to hide

It’s half the size of a full-sized sex doll and far easier to hide (see my article on how to hide your sex dolls) plus it isn’t too difficult to explain to a partner, as a full-on life-sized sex doll sometimes can be.

The Cheapest Sex Doll You Can Get?

male masturbator

Finally on my list is this terrific male masturbator. If you’re on a budget you can get either an inflatable sex doll (not recommended) or you can get this male masturbator.

These male masturbators are nothing like the sex dolls above, but if you just want to experience some intense pleasure they work.

I have the one above and when I travel it comes along with me, I also use it when I want a quick fix.

It cost me around $40 and was worth every single cent.

Which Sex Doll Would I Recommend?

If you’re a complete beginner get yourself the legs or torso (these are my favorite torso sex dolls), you can experience what sex dolls are like, enjoy a lot of pleasure, and then if you have the cash I’d definitely upgrade to the first sex doll I talked about, it was worth every cent for me.

I’ve got a life-sized sex doll and it was the best investment I’ve made, I have a girlfriend and I still use it a few times every week. We even use my sex doll together and it’s just heavenly.

It feels amazing, is different from real sex and once you hookup some VR it takes the whole thing to the next level and honestly tricks my brain into thinking I’m having real sex.

You can also check this big list of all our favorite realistic sex dolls.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this price breakdown article and if you have any questions or anything to add to this article, please leave it in the comments below, I read and answer them all and love the feedback.

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  1. im interested in the beat kinds of sex dolls money can buy, but these are my concerns.

    1. Once the holes (mouth, pussy, butt) wear out, do I need to get a whole new one?
    2. Maintaining work required. Will the skin start to get sticky and gross after several uses?
    3. The time it takes to position the doll into position.

    Thanks for your interest in addressing my concerns.

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