How to Hide a Sex Doll (The Non-Creepy Way)

Our society has a tendency to make things they don’t understand into a taboo and unfortunately, sex dolls are one of those things.

Because of the questionable press surrounding sex dolls, it does make them harder to admit to owning. If your hookup finds a life-sized sex doll or even an inflatable doll, they will most likely be hitting that uber app ASAP and getting out of there.

These preconceptions don’t mean sex toys are wrong or even weird for that matter, people are just not used to them and don’t know how to react.

So, I’m going to teach you how to hide your sex doll from your friends, family, and even partner (at least till you can tell your partner like I did).

The Starter Guide:

You want your sex toys to be hidden from prying eyes, impossible to find, but easy to access and use (otherwise what’s the point in owning them).

You would be wrong to think that this guide is just for people hiding their sex dolls/toys from everyone, my girlfriend knows all about my sex dolls and I still hide them in order to stop other friends/family members from finding them accidentally.

The key places to hide your sex doll

sex doll in doggy style
Alabama: blonde bombshell from silicone wives

Taking your dolls apart: Life-size silicone dolls can be taken apart, inflatable dolls can be deflated and stand-alone pussy/butt/cocks can be left as they are and are fairly easy to hide away.

Knowing this information will make your sex dolls/sex toys easier to hide and allow you to find the perfect hiding space that you’ll need.

You have compacted your sex toys but now it’s time to talk about your options:

Under the bed

storing sex toys under cartoon bed

The most common area for people’s sex toys is either in their bedside cabinet (too small for us) or under their beds.

Storing sex toys under the bed is usually my first choice, people are far less likely to explore under your bed, than anywhere else.

For example, people may go in your closet, through your personal things, and in your bedside cabinets, but the chances of them moving stuff from under your bed is slim. Here’s the best way to hide adult toys under your bed:

  • Place inside a box

A Tupperware box is great if you’re a little low on cash or a lockable box for the best, most secure way to store your sex dolls/toys.

I currently use a lockable box as I find it to be the most secure option for me and how my home is organized.

If you’re looking for a quicker option, you can use a suitcase-style bag that fits your doll and then put a padlock on the zips.

Be warned, zips can always be opened, even with a lock, whilst it is a good way to stop people looking if they really want to see it’s as simple as separating the teeth with a pointy object.

  • Use padding

Don’t just slide your sex toys under the bed (this is insanity), instead place items surrounding them, making your adult toys impossible to see, even to those looking under your bed.

I have 3 boxes with winter/summer clothes inside, I just place them around my doll/toys and it hides it perfectly.

  • Store with other items

If you don’t have a lock or even if you do, make room for other items. I always make sure to store my adult toys underneath some items, clothes, towels, bedding, anything that can cover and hide what’s in the box.

In your closet


A little riskier, but can be safer than the other options if done correctly.

So, how do you do it right?

Install a lock on your closet doors, You’ll need a drill, with a special drill piece and a lock/door handle that will fit your closet.

This will stop people from being able to open your closet and then on top of that protection, you can then hide your realistic sex doll inside a locked box (as mentioned above), underneath clothes, boxes, and just about anything.

Nobody snooping will be able to go through two locks, if they can, then you need to get that person out of your life.

You can also go up, most people never look up and some people even have closets with top storage and that’s the perfect place to store toys, it’s out of sight, hard to reach and once you add a lock it’s the perfect place.

Other Rooms In Your House


If you have a utility room with a boiler and other technical things, you can add a lock to that door (perfectly normal) and store your sex toys/dolls there.

The only issue is that if something goes wrong with anything in that room you have got to remember to move it before someone comes round to take a look.

Also, it’s easier to keep people out of your bedroom, not so easy to keep them out of other rooms in your house.

Storage rooms are also great for hiding sex toys and other items, things can easily get lost and a lot of the boxes in my storage room have locks, so another box with a look is no big deal.

The only issue with using a room that isn’t your bedroom is getting the toys out is a pain in the butt, so even if it’s safer/easier, it’s usually best to stick to the bedroom.

Are Locks Worth It?



Some may say that locks make people ask questions, but that’s better than having your kid ask you what your vibrator is in-front of your friends/family (this actually happened to one of my best friends).

They now lock away all their toys and put them high up, however, they still have to live with that scarring memory.

If You Have To Hide A Sex Toy Does It Make The Sex Toy Weird?

life sized adult doll
Dolores from Silicone wives

No, all sex toys are taboo to most people.

It’s only the ones that are in the public eye that get away with it:

The rest of the sex toys out there are considered a little crazy to a lot of people.

Just as porn is becoming a social norm, so will a broader range of sex toys.

My girlfriend and I have amazing sex using different vibrators, anal sex toys, sex dolls, and even VR porn.

We mutually masturbate, explore our bodies, and have unlocked the power of sex toys in our relationship.

We understand that sex toys are just an extension of our sex life and are there to just add more pleasure.

I look at it like this:

  • Me using a life-sized sex doll isn’t weird, it’s just pleasure.
  • Me thinking the life-sized sex doll is a real person, taking it on dinner dates and telling people she’s my girlfriend, now that’s a little weird.

No-hate, it’s just the way I see it, you wouldn’t take your vibrator on dinner dates.

Why You Should Tell Your Future Partner

I have some sex toys most people would consider ‘weird’.

Life-size sex dolls, realistic masturbators, prostate massagers, even butt plugs.

I would never mention them on a first date, even a second, but once you get to know the person you’re with it’s all about finding the right time to tell them.

Being open helped me, it was hard, took a lot of confidence, and in the end, I got a girlfriend who loves me for me and also enjoys me using my sex toys, she even has her own sex toy collection including sex dolls.

I wrote a whole article about how I told her, so if you’re in the same position check it out.


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  1. Great article and thanks. One question I have is where to purchase a container large enough for a life sized (5’2″) TPE doll (or two) that will also be able to fit under a bed. Hopefully one that is very easy to use for this. Thanks

  2. Hi there, I have a wendy monster boob doll and I was going to keep her in the loft but she just weighs far to much to drag her up and down the ladders so she is hidden out in the garage. There is an option of me cutting the doll in half to get her up the so to half the weight how easy is that to cut through the frame. Many thanks if you can help

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