The Guide To Primal Fetish (Letting Your Animal Out)

We all love sex and we are all animals by nature, so what happened to us, humans? Why did we throw out our primitive sex based on an instinct to make room for social norms and acceptable behavior? We went astray somewhere along the path and my goal here is to remind everyone that we all need some form of primal action from time to time.

Whenever I think about primal sex, there is always one scene in my head – a caveman hitting his woman on the head with a stick and dragging her back to his cave and I got to say it kinda does the trick for me. I’ve always wondered what it’s like to just let go, have no words to say only primal grunts and raw breathing from excitement during sex. 

If you had similar thoughts or always wanted to know what it’s like having primal sex, stick to this blog and I will try to dive in this quite elusive fetish. Keep in mind that most primal people say that primal is not a fetish but a lifestyle. They say that you can’t hide your primal nature like people can hide their fetishes when in public or when they just met another partner. The primal 

What Is the Primal Fetish?

spartan warrior with no top on

Before I start, I have to say that most primal people say that primal is not a fetish but a lifestyle. They say that you can’t hide your primal nature like people can hide their fetishes when in public or when they just met another partner. But to keep things simple, we will call it a primal fetish.

Primal fetish is basically a style of BDSM but with a twist. The primal play, as it is referred to by some, is a form of sex that is much more animalistic than the sex we are used to having or seeing in porn. 

When I say animalistic I don’t mean just a little rougher sex than usual, I mean really going animal style in the bedroom. This fetish is all about letting go of your civil behavior and dropping down on all fours with the pure intention of mating. 

You may think that this fetish is like furry or yiffy sub-genre sex and you are both right and wrong. Most of the things you do in primal sex will overlap with the furry or yiffy practice but note that they are two separate things and people may get offended if you call them the same thing.

What Does Primal Sex Include?

what primal sex includes

People who practice primal sex will often abandon the standard BDSM rules in the form of toys, ropes, bars and other things that you can usually find in a BDSM session. They will always go for the pure animalistic representation of humans in the form of excess hair, long nails, naked skin, and teeth.

The next step in primal play will usually involve some kind of roleplay in which they perform kind of a dominant take-down. Usually, the male will be the aggressive one and capture the female, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes the couple would get into a sort of wrestling for domination and that can last for quite some time. This roleplay will most likely involve a lot of growling, sniffing, scratching and biting (if they are up to it). 

As you can probably tell, primal play is very passionate and sensual for both parties and couples that tend to practice primal sex recommend that everyone should try it at least once. You never know what kind of animal lurks in you until you give it a go.

There are basically two scenarios in primal play:

  • Primal dom vs primal sub

This is the ideal form of a primal relationship in most cases. There is no fighting for control and both parties know and enjoy their roles to the fullest. The primal dom likes to scratch and the sub primal loves being scratched. The dom primal loves to chase his prey and the sub primal loves to be the prey. The sub primal will never challenge the dom and will stay faithful to the role. On the other hand, dom primal will always be the dominant one.

You can see how this works in real dom/sub relationships in this guide we wrote.

  • Primal dom vs primal dom

Now, in this sort of a primal relationship, things tend to get a bit chaotic. Both parties love to dominate and neither will back down willingly. The sex sessions will usually start with one dom challenging the other in the form of a bite or a scratch. The other dom will then respond in a similar fashion and the play is on. Both doms will constantly wrestle and fight for domination, not just during the foreplay but also during sex. This can lead to accumulated sexual tension and be released in mind-blowing orgasms for both doms.

Though these two are the most frequent cases, I’ve found out that people who are primal don’t necessarily engage in only two-person relationships. They often make packs with more people that they trust. It is not uncommon for primal folks to swing or even have orgies.

The Primal Fetish Guide (How To)

guide to having primal sex

Being primal is solely based on not having any guidelines or manuals. It varies from one person to another and everyone experiences their primal nature in their own way. That said, there is some advice I can share with you to help you get started or to actually find out if you are a primal or not.

First, find a partner who is down to play (Consent)

If you are in a relationship or you are seeing someone already and you haven’t discussed whether or not you are primal, have no fear. There is a pretty simple test that you and your partner can take that will reveal both of your fetishes. You can always communicate and be open to each other, but sometimes it is easier to do that using this sex test

Enter your basic info and get started. It is best that you do this separately and be completely honest as it will help you to advance your relationship and sex life.

If you are single or want to find someone to play with, then I suggest you hop on some adult friend finder or Reddit personals. There are plenty of people willing to have adventures and answer all your questions if you are unsure of what to do.

Have some rules in place

As I’ve mentioned before, most couples that are into the primal sex tend to have no rules or limits. In most cases nothing is forbidden and the more you let go the better your experience will be. The key is communication. Not everything that other primal couples do will be your thing. Balance is necessary and the most important thing is to feel comfortable with what you are doing. But if you are truly primal, you will be immersed in the act as people say that being primal is a lifestyle, not a fetish.

Light A Candle & Get Naked

Imagine having sex like a caveman. There were no lights back then, only the fire that you either made yourself or got lucky with thunderstrike that fired up a tree near you. Get into that roleplay. Light a candle, get naked and start wrestling with your partner until you are both sweaty and breathing heavily and then plunge into her like a prize you won on a hunting trip.

Pick where you f**k carefully

The floor is better for primal sex, maybe on a rug, or put a soft cover on your

floor, anything that is solid and allows you to go nuts without worrying about

noise and smashing/breaking something. Although many primal people choose to have sex in nature or nature-similar environment. That completes the whole primal roleplay. Try to take your partner out in the woods or a lake nearby where there are no people around. That is where your true animals will come out and play under the full moonlight.

Let your inner animal out

The point of being primal is letting go, in the full meaning of those words. Walk like an animal, think like an animal, be the animal. Don’t hesitate to make loud noises, grunting heavily, be dominant and breathe like a cheetah after a sprint for its lunch. Never be afraid of biting, scratching, hair-pulling, spanking (full guide to spanking) and looking at your partner in a fierce way. Do what comes natural and you will work out what kind of animal you are quick. The most important thing is just relaxing and going with the flow of nature.

Some people like it rough, some soft, some switch between the two

There are a few variations of primal relationships, as I mentioned earlier, but sometimes you may encounter people who tend to switch roles. The dominant primal can sometimes want rough sex and sometimes wants to go soft. The submissive one can also switch their state of mind to either rough sex or soft. Some primal even reverse the hole role and sometimes the one you thought was submissive to you will try to challenge you in a dominant way. You never know what can happen in the animal kingdom.

Adding Roleplay

You can pretend to be anyone you fancy, maybe even roleplay a situation, sometimes makes it easier to really let yourself go. Some people embody certain animals, do what feels natural to you. There are many people that watch and get off to animal porn and your partner might be one of them. Ask him if he wants you to be a certain animal and you can help with that wish by dressing in a certain way or even wearing leather mittens on your hands and feet as hooves or paws. Anything goes really; your imagination and desire are all it takes.


Even though words are kind of forbidden in primal play, this is, after all, a BDSM kind of sex life. Although you are both consenting to what you are doing and have made the rules clear, there are always situations where things can get tricky. In that case, it is best to have a safe word that will immediately stop whatever you are doing and drop the whole session if needed. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a word. It can be a sort of loud noise, grunt or tap on the skin. Anything you and your partner set to be a safe word before venturing into primal play is acceptable and should be respected by both parties.

Some like adding restraints and other BDSM toys

collection of primal sex toys

Restraints: Adding these restraints to your bed adds to the whole animal roleplay as you can use them in numerous ways. For example, these fantastic Bondage Boutique Black restraints can help you subdue your partner and let you have your dominant way with them. There are no permanent fixtures or fittings on this kit and it is pretty easy to use and store away. They are perfect for a corner-to-corner spreader bar and are suitable for most beds. If you want to tame the animal in your partner, this is the kit I would recommend.

Gags: Grunting and making noise is one of the main things to do in primal play and it has never been easier with this dominix open mouth lip gag. It is an O-ring gag that keeps the sub’s lips opened for all sorts of exciting stuff to happen. The inside diameter of the O-ring is 1.5 inches and with an 11-hole buckle fastening that ranges between 16 and 23.5 inches, it will ensure a perfect fit on any sub’s head. The non-scented silicone mouthpiece is non-intrusive but helps keep your partners’ mouth open. Strap this toy on your lover and watch their drool drip like the animal they are. You can also take a look at this ball gag guide for more advice.

Penis sleeves: This penis sleeve from Lovehoney can truly change the way you have primal play in your bedroom. It can add up to 3 inches to your cock and has a pleasuring texture along the whole shaft. It also has a ball loop that is used to fix the penis sleeve (penis sleeve guide) in place and not allow for much movement. It is realistic in shape but super-sized and it’s made from clear soft plastic that allows you to see your erect penis inside. Get into the roleplay of a horse or an elephant with this bad boy and your girl will feel the difference.

Why You Crave Primal Sex


If you crave primal sex, that is nothing to be worried about or ashamed of. After all, we are all animals by nature and our instincts cannot be deleted or pushed aside. We all want that hot steamy action without any words to happen at one point in our lives and in this day and age, that is at the reach of everyone’s hand. 

Let go of everything you experienced so far and get ready to fuck like never before in the form of primal sex. Find a partner who you trust and has the same interests as you and get on all fours to mate with him with no words uttered, only grunts and passion. Experiment and have fun!


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