The Simple Guide To Anal Orgasms

I actually had no idea that an anal orgasm even existed before I experienced it myself. It took some research and some more real-life experimenting for me to realize that this is very much a thing that happens when anal sex is involved. I honestly couldn’t wait to try it again.

The science of an anal orgasm is that there are a lot of nerve endings in the butthole. By stimulating them – whether by using fingers or toys or a penis – you feel pleasure not unlike what you experience during vaginal sex. In women, in particular, there’s a nerve that connects the butthole to the clitoris and promises insane orgasms.

In this post, I’m going to talk about my anal orgasm experience and offer some advice on how best to achieve this. I also provide you with a list of toys you can use to maximize your experience. It doesn’t matter whether you have a partner or not – with the right tools, anyone can treat themselves with a long anal play session and an intense orgasm at the end.

Let’s start with the basics.

Is An Anal Orgasm Possible For Everyone?

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It absolutely is! Anyone who has a butthole (I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t) can have an anal orgasm. In men, anal sex is about stimulating the prostate or the P-spot, while in women, anal sex stimulates a special bundle of nerves in the vagina called the A-spot. Both are amazing for delivering ultimate climaxes. 

The First Time He Gave Me An Anal Orgasm

The first time I felt this, it was purely by accident. As I said, I didn’t even know one could have an anal orgasm, so I wasn’t expecting it at all when it happened. 

We were playing with my ass because I wanted to be able to take in my boyfriend’s penis and other bigger toys later on, so I wanted to develop a high level of comfort when it came to anal penetration. My boyfriend was using his fingers (with plenty of lube, of course), and we were just so relaxed and lazy and it was easy to get lost in the sensations.

I moaned loud because I like being loud, and it wasn’t long before he replaced his fingers with a vibrating butt plug (More on the toy at the end of this post.).

He had the controls and he started slow so I could get used to the buzz. Then he slowly upped the speed as he heard me losing my breath, and it wasn’t long before I was clenching the sheets in ecstasy. When my boyfriend slid his fingers inside my pussy at the same time that the toy reached a vibrating crescendo, I was completely gone. 

I cried out, my legs squeezing both the toy and his hand, my vagina pulsating, my ass pulsating, and I got lost for a solid couple of minutes there. It was one of the most powerful feelings in the world and I wasn’t even hoping for it. 

The next time I had a full-body orgasm

Next time, I was ready to take in more. My boyfriend first used his mouth, then his hands, and then his cock in my ass. It was a bit too much at first, but he was careful and whispered naughty things in my ear and it wasn’t long before I relaxed and he was able to slide in. 

We were in the doggy style, with me on my knees and him grabbing my breasts and holding my body firmly while he made slow, gentle thrusts. It was maddening. I couldn’t believe how good it felt, having him in my ass. 

Finally, he had me hold a magic wand at my clit while he kept going. This is the wand we used, It’s powerful and easy to control and I couldn’t keep quiet from how good it felt to have it pressed against me while he was thrusting from behind. I reached orgasm quickly, even quicker than last time, and my boyfriend didn’t stop thrusting throughout. I thought I was going to pass out from the pleasure, I was clamping down on him so hard. 

So, What Does An Anal Orgasm Feel Like?

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If you hadn’t already gleaned from my descriptions, an anal orgasm is practically all-consuming. It’s different from your regular orgasms, a little naughty and toe-curling.

When I talked to my friends about this, I realized that different people experience different things. Some describe it as a pulsating that starts in their ass and spreads outward. Others talk about waves of pleasure washing over them. 

However, one thing everyone agrees on is that this type of orgasm is insanely good and that they all love it so much they have anal sex regularly. 

My Vagina Squirted During Anal Play (I Had No Idea Anal Could Make Me Squirt)

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Squirting happened later when I had already had plenty of anal sex and plenty of anal orgasms. I wish I could tell you exactly how it came to this, but the fun we had that time wasn’t all that different from any other time before it. 

We indulged in some long, slow foreplay; we used toys; we switched between all of our favorite positions. Even though it’s not clear, scientifically, whether female squirting is urine or not, I think the reason I did it this time was that my bladder was full. I always have a lot more intense orgasms when my bladder is full. So there’s also something interesting for you to try!

He Unlocked It For Me (Now I Can Do It Without Him)

Now, I can have an anal orgasm all by myself. All I need to do is warm up my butt (see how to do that below), then insert a vibrating butt plug. At the same time, I like using a dildo or a magic wand for additional stimulation. There’s only so much my fingers can do, after all.

Once I get used to the butt plug and the thrill of it wears off, I switch to something a little bigger, like an anal vibrator or a double penetration dildo (more advanced). That usually does the trick. Definitely make sure to choose a toy that suits your comfort level and doesn’t hurt you in any way. It’s hard to orgasm if you feel pain (and it’s not your kink, that is).

How To Have/Give An Anal Orgasm

spreading my butt cheeks while wearing lingerie

Achieving anal orgasm isn’t second nature to most people. It takes some time to develop proper techniques, relax, and feel turned on enough to get to this point. I’m going to share my best tips on how to have an anal orgasm but keep in mind that you shouldn’t pressure yourself when it comes to this.

Just take your time, go slow, and if it doesn’t happen in one session, it will happen in the next one. 

My Go-To Anal Lube

You can’t go about any type of anal play without using lube. It doesn’t matter if it’s toys or a penis or whatever you feel like using – no lube, no penetration. No, massage oils and/or spit are not nearly enough. If you’re using condoms at the same time, you should go for a water-based lubricant.

The one I use is this lube because it has a thick and luxurious consistency. It’s made from natural materials and suitable for vegetarians (though not vegans!) and is non-toxic and has no odor or flavor. It’s compatible with any sex toy you might want to use.

Know How To Warm Your Butt Up

You can’t insert anything into your butt if you’re not warmed up first. It takes time to stretch out that hole, to get used to the sensation, and to open yourself up to bigger things gradually. Arousal is key when it comes to anal play. 

Before you go in with the star toy (or penis), warm yourself up by using fingers or small anal toys such as butt plugs. Massage the butt and the butthole, and be gentle with yourself (or instruct your partner to be gentle) so that you can move on to something more sizable. Trust me, the more aroused you are, the faster the orgasm will come.

Relax and Stop Tensing

This is easier said than done. Because putting something in your butt is a relatively foreign sensation, your natural reflex will be to tense up and clench. However, for successful anal play, you need to learn how to relax. Don’t tense your butt or have your legs too tight together, it’ll just make things hurt.

Relaxation and being ready is the key to good anal sex. Talk to your partner extensively about this, because it all comes from the mind. If you have any hesitations or uncertainties, it will be manifested in the tension of your butthole. You need to be completely at ease with everything to make it happen. 

Start With The Vagina 

It’s a lot easier to get in the mood and properly aroused if you first start with the things you know and like. Why not start with vaginal sex? It’s easy, it’s what you love doing, and it won’t take long before you are ready to have something in your ass as well. 

Awaken your G-spot! This makes anal sex better because if you stimulate the G-spot and bring blood to the area, your G-spot will enlarge and you’ll feel even more pleasure during anal sex. Just be playful and open to anything, and it will all feel a lot easier. 

Stimulate The Clit At The Same Time

This is another one in favor of ‘do what you love to get yourself over the edge’. One of the best ways to achieve an anal orgasm is to have a clitoral orgasm first. The more aroused you are, the easier it is to have an anal orgasm. So play with yourself! Or have your partner play with you.

Using a bullet vibrator or a magic wand on my clit is one of my favorite ways of climaxing. Tease yourself by adding stimulation and then taking it away and repeating the process until you can’t take it anymore. If you don’t have any of these toys at your disposal, even simple clit rubbing by using your fingers will do the trick. 

Double Penetration

This is where the real magic happens. If you do all the preparations, if you feel horny enough, you could go for double penetration. This means that you have something in your ass at the same time that you have something in your vagina. These somethings can be either a toy or a penis, whatever you feel like having. 

If you’re new to anal play, it would be best to have a small toy in your ass. Consider using a butt plug or small anal beads. Reserve your partner’s penis for the vagina until you get more used to anal penetration. After that, you can do whatever you want! The world of anal sex will be yours for the taking.

Anal Orgasm During Penetration

When all of these things come together, it is only a matter of time before you’ll have your first anal O. The best position is when you’re on your belly with your partner behind, keeping his thrusts in a good rhythm. Have him inside your butt, add a magic wand or a small vibrator (it really helps me), and let your body go.

After a few minutes of this, I’ll usually feel it building. Just find a pace that works for you and don’t force it. Let your thoughts focus on the sensations and your partner’s weight over you and the slide of his penis. Give yourself to the orgasm once it finally arrives. 

Anal Sex Tools I Use

collection of different anal sex toys that are amazing

When you say ‘tools’, it sounds a bit clinical but the truth is, for successful anal play, especially if you don’t have a partner, toys and tools are a must. You need to be able to get in as deep as you can take it for maximum stimulation, otherwise, you won’t get that delicious orgasm. 

So I’ve put together this list of the best anal toys I’ve ever used. There are lots of different kinds, so make sure to go through them all! If you’re curious about how to use any of these, please don’t hesitate to drop me a question in the comment section. 

The Must-Own Vibrating Butt Plug:

This cute little butt plug is great for beginners. It has a T-bar shape and is slender with a tapered tip that makes it easy for you to slide it in. It comes with 2 vibration speeds and 3 patterns, and you can even choose whether or not you want to remove the bullet vibrator for a more calming experience. 

I love the fact that it’s so small, convenient for anal play regardless of whether or not you have a partner, and it’s very easy to clean! Made from medical-grade silicone, it’s perfect for warming up and getting me all tingly.

The Anal Vibrator That Changed Anal Sex For Me:

A combination of anal beads and a vibrator, this anal vibrator is revolutionary in its performance. It alone is enough to have an anal orgasm. Just get an anal-safe vibrator like this one and play. It doesn’t even need to go too deep; just a few inches and you’ll unlock a new world.

This is technically a beaded anal wand that has 3 speeds and 7 patterns for you to experiment with. The silicone it’s made from is smooth and hypoallergenic and it has easy controls. I couldn’t believe the sensations it gave me when I first started using it, and I won’t be putting it away any time soon.

These Amazing Anal Beads:

If you’re not familiar with anal beads, you should quickly familiarize yourself. If you want to have those earth-shattering orgasms that make you cry out, slide in these beads during foreplay. When you’re about to climax, have your partner slowly pull them out one by one while you’re going over the edge, it’s super intense.

These particular reverse anal beads aren’t made for beginners because they start from the biggest bead first. However, that is exactly why they provide the most stimulation during orgasm because that largest bead comes out last and thus makes you go crazy with the feeling. Have fun experimenting with these as much as you want!

Double Penetration Cock Ring:

I know it looks funny. I know it looks weird, for that matter. But this double penetration cock ring will send you to high heavens with how much stimulation you will get at the same time. It’s a double penetration toy, but it provides triple stimulation, because of the bunny ears that sit right at the clit. 

This takes some getting used to on the man’s part, I’ll give it that, but once you have it in, it feels just like having two lovers inside you at the same time. The first time my boyfriend and I used this, I came so hard I didn’t know where I was for a moment afterward. To say that it was intense would be an understatement.

Double Penetration Dildo:

This is a suction cup dildo that was made for double penetration. The hard part is getting it inside, though it shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you have enough lube. Once both sides of the dildo are inside you, it’s an amazing feeling and you can use it alone or with a partner. 

Your partner can use their mouth and hands on you while you’re riding this for extra pleasure. If you don’t have a partner, use a magic wand or some sort of easy-to-use vibrator on your clitoris to get that triple combo that will have you curling your toes when the orgasm hits you. 

The Perfect Anal Dildo:

If you’re looking for a dildo that mimics the real-life shape of a penis and that is easy to use for beginners, you’ve come across the right one. This slim dildo is very realistic in shape, topped with texture in the form of veins along the shaft, and a tapered tip for effortless insertion. 

It has a suction cup at the base that you can use to stick to any type of surface for the ride of your life. You can also use this dildo with a harness for pegging or similar strap-on play. The insertable length is 6 inches.

Large Anal Dildo:

If you’re on the other side of the spectrum and would like a large penis-shaped dildo to have fun with, here is a great option. I am someone who can’t take much girth in her ass, so I prefer smaller versions, but to each their own. This one is realistic-looking, with a whopping 12 inches of insertable length.

It comes with a suction cup for a hands-free experience and it can also be used in a harness, like the previous one. I love the detail of having balls on it that you can play with. It’s both fun and adds to your feeling of riding a real penis! 

Go Pussy To Butt, Not Butt To Pussy

red warning light

In case you didn’t know this before, it is essential that you don’t go from butt playback to pussy play. This is because the ass is not a very sanitary place – even if you have thoroughly washed it before sex – and you don’t want to get butt bacteria into your vagina.

Therefore, make sure you use a different condom or clean the cock before you go from the butt back to the pussy. 

The same goes for your toys and hands; there’s always a risk of infection if you put something in the butt and then in the vagina without cleaning it first. Having a hand, you use only for butt play and one you use only for vagina play is a good way to keep things safe.

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