I’m a Cuckquean and this is my guide & story

If you have never heard of a term cuckquean don’t worry, neither had I before I did some research. As it turns out, I’ve always been a cuckquean of some sort, but I didn’t know the term. I’ve always thought that real relationships should be monogamous and I always chased away the thoughts of my boyfriend being with another woman.

This, for some, strange fetish has aspects of voyeurism and S&M and has roots deep in human history; however, someone might dispute this. If the thought of your boyfriend being with someone else frightens or disgusts you, maybe this sort of thing is not for you. If, on the other hand, it excites you in a way, then you should speak to your partner about it and be open-hearted about what turns you on and why you want to try this fetish.

Keep in mind that this kind of action, when it comes to couples who venture in it is purely physical and has nothing to do with emotions. It is all about the sexual arousal the women feel when their boyfriend has sexual intercourse with another woman. Probably someone they both already now.

What is a cuckquean?

what is a cuckquean

The definition of a cuckquean is a wife who is compliant in the fetish for her husband’s adultery or unfaithfulness. It is the female equivalent of cuckold in the men’s department. A true cuckquean will be a completely willing participant in the sex act between her husband and the third party involved and maybe put to humiliation and degrading sexual acts by both of them. On the other hand, the husband and the lover can be kind and sweet to the wife and offer her to join them. The possibilities depend on the three of you.

Now, we all know that the real world doesn’t always work in the borders of definitions and that is why it is so much fun. The rules and restrictions depend on you and your partners, as only you two now the strength of your love and the lines that should not be crossed. Some women like to watch her husband in one on one sex acts, while others want to see him fuck several women. 

The usual scenario is that the husband is dominant and the wife submissive and she has to obey his every command. If he wants her to join in she has to, if however, he wants her to be quiet and just watch she must do so without question. It is all about power-play and control with this fetish and it is very kinky.

What is cuckcake?

cartoon of a cuckcake

Cuckcake, simply put, is a female version of a “bull” in cuckolding. 

The Cuckcake is the woman you want to share your man with.

Some women want a dominant cuckcake, others like a submissive cuckcake their husband can take full control of.

How I Became A Cuckquean (My Story)

woman taking sexy selfie in bathroom mirror

It all started with a dream. One night I had wet dreams and in one of the dreams, I saw my husband fucking several women in front of me. I was shocked. As it normally happens in a dream, I couldn’t do anything but watch and try to scream, but nothing was coming out of my mouth.

My husband was fucking one girl after another and they were ecstatic and couldn’t wait for their turn. It was mind-boggling and I thought it was the scariest thing I ever witnessed. He was cumming all over them while looking at me with this cheeky grin I will never forget.

When they were done, he came to me and asked: “Was I good?”. At that moment I woke up. Instead of feeling awful and betrayed, I was pretty horny. My pussy was wet from excitement and I looked at my husband sleeping beside me and all was well. 

I started reading and doing research until I saw that many women have this fetish called cuckquean and I realized that I wasn’t alone. I decided to talk my husband into it no matter what it took. Surprisingly when I mention it he didn’t even flinch and said that he already wanted to ask me that but wasn’t sure how to do it. He told me that he was dying to try a threesome with another girl and me. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be with that man.

We set our rules and decided to try some of the ads on Reddit to find an appropriate lover for him. It didn’t take us long to find a beautiful young cuckcake that was ready to answer our call for this sexual fantasy. Next thing I know, the doorbell rang. We got into the role we agreed on and my husband told me to sit quietly in the chair while he accommodates our guest.

What happened next was one of the best nights I’ve had in my life. The girl knew in advance what was about to happen and she started kissing and undressing my husband as soon as she stepped into the house. I was thrilled. Soon after they were both naked and he started fucking her. I wanted to touch my pussy, but he wouldn’t allow it and told me to just sit tight and watch.

The things that she did with him that night were some of the nastiest I ever saw and certainly some that I would never do and I’m glad my husband experienced them with her. Amanda and my husband got so well that night that we decided to make it a regular thing. From then on, we had many wonderful nights. 

The rules that me and my husband set changed from time to time and sometimes he would let me join in on the action, sometimes he wouldn’t. Sometimes we would agree on something and then he would change his mind in the middle of the sex act and it turned me on even more. The most important thing is that we both have complete trust in each other.

It got worse once I did the below:

  • Started reading cuckquean captions and erotica

I went ahead and started getting into this fetish head over heals and soon, I found myself reading through everything I could get my hands on in order to find better and more sexual scenarios for me and my husband to try out.

  • Started watching cuckquean porn

Soon after reading, I started exploring cuckquean porn on all xxx sites I knew and it just got me more and more addicted to being a cuck and wanting my husband to fuck every girl we could get our hands-on.

  • Started using dating sites with my partner to see our options

This is when things got really tense. My husband and I would browse through ads and dating sites for hours and hours trying to find the perfect third part for us. Not everyone we wanted was willing to join, and not everyone who wanted to join we wanted… All in all, it can be pretty tedious finding a girl that suits us.

Update: We started using Fetlife and Adult Friend Finder and have had some pretty good luck.

  • I’d ask my boyfriend to tell me when he thought a woman was hot

With this step, I had some trouble adjusting to it. Even though I wanted him to tell me every time he thought some woman is hot, I would get a little jealous at first but it would blow over pretty quick.

  • We started talking about it daily/weekly

There was a point in our lives when we didn’t talk about anything else except him fucking other girls and how that felt. We would talk for hours about what he wanted to do, and what I wanted him to do while I watch. We were very open about it and it got us even closer than we ever thought it could.

  • We started simulating it using different male sex toys (it was hot, but not enough)

There was a time when we wanted to rest a bit from different girls and wanted something more inanimate to play with. A masturbator did the trick for us and we couldn’t be more happy at that time. There was something very erotic in watching my husband fuck the crap out of that toy for as long as he wanted without the moans and breathing of another girl. But that didn’t last for long, as we got bored after a time and went back to the real stuff.

Why I Love Being A Submissive Cuckquean


A little humiliation is a turn on (not for everyone)

Being a cuckquean is all about being submissive. Let your husband take the role of the dominant partner and do with you and the other female as he pleases. If that involves the two of them humiliating or degrading you all the better. I love when they use me as a cushion when they fuck on top of me, or when he just slaps his dick on my face between fucking her pussy and ass. But that is just me, to each their own.

Seeing what my partner is like with another woman (I like being a fly on the wall)

I also really like it when he doesn’t let me join in on the action and doesn’t even let me touch myself. The sexual tension I get from it is mind-blowing and the orgasms I have after they are done are some of the best I’ve had.

Seeing what sex looks like from a different view

There is something really exciting and erotic when watching two people have sex. We all watch porn and we are all voyeurs in some way, but watching your husband fucking another woman is the pinnacle of sexual arousal for me. 

Seeing my man make another woman orgasm/wet

I like when my husband makes me wet but what I like more is when he makes me wet by making other women orgasm in front of me.

Sharing my partner with my friend is so much fun

Once or twice a month we get together with my friend who I knew always had a crush on my husband. We talked her into the whole thing and since then, she regularly comes for some fuck and blow-job action.

It just makes me so wet

Just the thought of my husband being with another woman gives me chills all over the body and the craving for masturbating. The sex acts are a whole different thing and it makes me so horny and wet that I can barely resist the urge to pass out from excitement.

How To Become A Cuckquean

guide to becoming a cuckquean

Being a cuckquean is something that is not to be taken lightly. It can ruin your relationship if not done properly and with good communication with your partner. That said, I have some steps for you to go by if you want to try out the cuckquean life.

Start by simulating

Before you get into the real deal you should experiment with your husband a bit. There are tons of very good webcam sex sites that offer the chance of you both seeing what it’s like when there is another girl with you. Get on one of these sites and see how that makes you feel and talk openly about it. If it doesn’t feel right you shouldn’t go any further but if it excites you both, you are ready for the next step.

Go on dating sites

Start your cuckquean adventures by going on different dating sites. There are numerous sites out there that are specifically made for finding a partner for a threesome, whichever way you prefer. There are also various ads that you can browse and make arrangements with. Try the adult friend finder, Reddit personals, and Tinder.

Create rules with your partner

When you find the perfect third party it’s time to set the rules. It’s all about being honest and open-hearted with your partner. There are no strict rules I can tell you to go by, but some of the examples are: do you use a condom? Is oral sex in or not? Are you able to join or not? And anything else that comes to mind. Take your time in setting rules, so there are no problems.

Going on your first date

Remember that not every ad or date you find will be a done deal. Before you step into the bedroom, there is still much to be discussed with the third party. Maybe the rules you set with your husband won’t match the preferences of the partner you choose and vice-versa. Just have fun when going on dates and know that it may take a couple of tries before you find someone that is a perfect match for you two.

Use R/Cuckquean (Reddit) if you have any questions

The community on Reddit is very supportive and will give you answers to almost any question you have about the subject. Just go on Reddit and type cuckquean and browse through the posts. Most of the questions you will have are already there, but if you need anything else answered, don’t be shy and make a post. You will surely be answered as soon as possible.

After Care (What to do after your first experience)

cartoon couple cuddling in bed

Even if both you and your partner are completely fine with cuckquean action, there will surely be a moment when you will feel awkward when the third person left the stage. I know me and my husband felt a bit strange when Amanda first left and we didn’t quite know what to do. To break the awkwardness, there are a few things you can do, but they all depend on the situation and your relationship.

The first thing we did after the first experience was to hug each other tightly. We just hugged and didn’t speak for a few minutes until our hearts were as one again. Then we sat on the bed and started talking about the truly amazing experience that we had. We shared our feelings and realized that we are both fine with what happened and that we would like to do it again.

In the end, all I can say is that Cuckqueaning is not for everyone. Even if you think that sharing your partner with someone else is a turn on it doesn’t mean that actually doing it will be good. Communication is key and make sure to have full trust in your partner and he has full trust in you before doing anything of this level.

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  1. That’s a very helpful piece of writing. Does he have regular partners or is it part of the kink(?) to have different partners ie not long term relationships?

    I’m suspicious that my partner might have cuckqueen tendencies along with being a bit sub too. I’ve found that when we are having sex, if I talk about another woman it really seems to arouse her. However, going from fantasising about such things to actually doing is a big step, no matter how trusting you are. Did you engage in any online activity before meeting anyone physically?

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