Why Do Men Buy Sex Dolls?

Seeing these Vice documentaries about life-sized sex dolls and the men who buy them leaves a lot of people with questions…

…Are all men this weird?

…Are all men who use sex dolls creepy?

…Why do men use sex dolls?

It all boils down to why the heck are men paying a thousand bucks for a life-sized sex toy (the best life-sized doll I own) and is this really as uncommon as people think?

As a man who owns realistic sex dolls, I felt like it was time to answer these questions and try to shed some new light on why men don’t have to be crazy to buy one of these dolls.

The Most Common Reason Men Buy Sex Dolls

For exactly the same reason that people buy, dildos, vibrators and fleshlights.


When I first bought a sex doll I was in a high-paying job, had no time to date, but still needed and craved pleasure.

I didn’t want to use prostitutes and after some Googling, I decided to get a sex doll.

I felt guilty, didn’t know if it was a good idea and felt like a bit of a creep when I first ordered it.

Then the doll turned up and I put it together.

The doll was ultra realistic:

silicon sex doll laying down
Dominique from silicone wives

Just like any other sex toy, I used it and the pleasure, the realness and the satisfaction I got from the doll was unreal.

It was just like real sex and it got rid of all my urges so I could have a clean mind and focus on my career.

I felt a little weird at first using my doll, but I didn’t have time to date, build a relationship or even spend a night watching Netflix and chilling, so it was a selfish way for me to have my cake and eat it too.

Fast forward a few years and I’d had a few relationships, purchased a few more sex dolls, met some other people who are into kinky sex, and then finally I met a girlfriend who I showed my sex toy collection too (I told this story in this article Tips for telling your partner about your sex toy).

I still use my sex dolls for pleasure and my partner even has her own male sex doll, we have fake threesomes and both see our sex dolls as pleasure items, just like a vibrator or a dildo and they absolutely do not replace one another.

Other Reasons Men Buy Sex Dolls

why men use sex dolls

Other than the pleasure a sex doll gives you some of the other reasons I’ve seen for men buying sex dolls are:

Lack of sex

Not necessarily just for the pleasure aspect, some people feel like this is the closest thing they can get to sex, so they get a sex doll to help relieve their sexual frustration and fullfill their desires.

You will see this a lot in some countries, where there’s a massive sex toy issue due to the lack of time, women and people wanting relationships.

Spice up their sex life

It sounds crazy, but adding a sex doll into your relationship can spice things up.

Whether it’s a male or female sex doll, you can fake threesomes with your partner, roleplay different sexual fantasies and discover something new.

Mix this with VR (me and my girlfriend do) and you can have group sex, with your partner without leaving your bedroom.

It, in some ways, is the future of sex.


I can’t speak for people who buy sex dolls out of loneliness as I’m not one of them.

But, from what I see online, it seems like a lot of people who haven’t got the social abilities to met someone, find a comfort in buying a sex doll, whether it’s the being able to see what a woman/man may looks like naked or to have sex with something that’s life-sized and human-like.

For some a sex doll is great company and fullfills them in ways they haven’t felt before.

Porn/Sex addiction

Some men are just looking for the next high and if you watch enough porn a massive step up is getting a realistic doll that you can have sex with while watching porn.

A lot of the people I know who use dolls, use them because they want to try something new and like the idea of being able to have sex any time they want.

In-fact one of the reasons I got a sex doll was because of my high sex drive, I wanted lots of sex, but didn’t have the time to find it, so I settled with a sex doll, it may seem sad, but it’s the truth.

Even now, I’m in a happy relationship, with an awesome girl and I still use a sex doll a few times a week with and without her.

Masturbation and sex are different

There’s a massive difference between having sex and masturbating, both release sexual frustration, but they both give different types of pleasure.

People buy these dolls, not to have real sex, but instead to make masturbation and self-pleasure more enjoyable.

The pleasure of watching porn, using different sex dolls, exploring your body is something I live for and a lot of other people are the same.

Are Sex Dolls Common?

common sex dolls

I’ve got more than a few friends who own realistic sex dolls, I am a huge fan of sex dolls, my girlfriend loves sex dolls and I am part of lots of online groups where members own their own sex dolls.

I wouldn’t say it’s as common as you may think, but there’s a massive community and over the next few years I can see it becoming a semi-normal sex accessory, just like an expensive fleshlight.

I feel like the price will have to come down before everyone has access to one, but until then there is a large community of us who own sex dolls and we aren’t all creepy.

Why I Recommend Sex Dolls

sex doll everyone needs

Everyone uses them for their own reasons, some light and some darker, but just like a vibrator, they can bring massive amounts of pleasure.

I’m passionate about sex dolls that’s why I started this blog and I think whether you’re a man or a woman you should try one, see what you think, take the judgment out of it and follow your lust and see what it feels like.

I was truly surprised, it took me a while to not feel creepy using a sex doll, but they sell so many for a reason, they’re fun and give pleasure better than any other sex toy I’ve owned.

I could go on, but I think I hit the nail on the head. People use sex dolls for different reasons, you should try not to judge them for it and instead focus on your own pleasure and sexual enjoyment because everyone is different in what they like and enjoy in the bedroom. If you have any questions or want to add to the article, please comment below, I always answer and love to have your feedback.


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  1. I agree they are fun, I work alot, when the urge hits I gotta get some ass right now. If I don’t have a female humanoid readily available my sex dolls can tame that horny beast. As I am a man I was made to breed But like I said work comes 1st (no pun intended) . I’m not one to use prostitutes,and I won’t cheat on my GF if I had one , so having a sexdoll works

  2. One of those who are too busy working and it would be cruel for women to go on a date and give them the wrong idea that I can do anything more than one-night stands right now. Plus I enjoy bondage but prostitutes understandably don’t want to get tied up (and are quite expensive too in the long run). Meanwhile BDSM communities have a huge surplus of single men, you need a partner to have any hope of doing anything so thats not a solution either. Dolls cant do every position but you can tie them into a nice shibari provided you take care the rope doesnt damage the silicone.

    Coming from many relationships before buying a 1600 dollar doll, its not the same as real sex. A lot of the warmth, sounds and motions of a woman are missing, its basically 3/5th “real sex”. And theres no proper after-sex snuggling on bed either, besdes you just talking to yourself. Thanks to the way the holes and thighs and butt touching your own thighs feels, these dolls do effectively trick your downstairs into thinking youre having proper sex. But theres still plenty of progress required for the industry to fool the brain too.

    So like the article says at the beginning, it is a very good way to relieve sexual frustration when you have to stay single but once the pivotal stage of my career is done and things calm down, it is going to make way for a real partner who can offer more than that. Right now I am married to my career and the doll serves as the adequate sex-life of that particular marriage.

  3. After two children, my wife gained a ton of weight she has never been able to take off even with diet and exercise. As a result of this, she feels she is repulsive and no longer desires sex. It’s been 6 years or more since our last sexual encounter. The problem with this is I still want sex. Hence the sex doll. The marriage is just in a state of “OK” and we are doing our best to raise teenage children that will soon be off to college. With that departure, I am sure there is a divorce in the offing. In the meantime, I am going to continue to pleasure myself with a woman made of silicone and polymer until I can find a better option. Not much choice right now.

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