Telling Your Partner About Your Life-Like Sex Doll

Did you know that telling your girlfriend about your sex doll can destroy any chance of a relationship?

It’s not a shocking fact, sex dolls can be perceived differently by different people, some find sex dolls a little odd and some love them. I own my fair share of sex dolls and even I can understand why some people are a little hesitant about them.

Because of how some people perceive sex dolls, you need to handle telling your partner/future partner with military precision and care. 

So, I’ve created this guide, it’s the exact steps I took when I told my girlfriend and these steps lead to her embracing my sex dolls and even getting a few of her own.

silicone sex doll laying down
Dominique sex doll from Silicone wives

Rule #1: Have A Sense Of Humor Around It

When I told my girlfriend about my sex doll collection we had been dating for around a month, at this point, she knew I was a normal guy (rule #2).

So, one drunken night the topic of sex and sex toys came up and we began to talk about what we’ve tried and still want to try.

I could have told her I have a life-size silicone doll that I dress up and have sex with every day, however, that sounds weird and I didn’t want to put her off.

Instead, when things became heated and talk turned to me I told her that she would never guess what I’ve got, I have one of them life-size silicone dolls.

She seemed shocked but I kind of laughed it off and told her how it looks so realistic and sometimes I feel like the eyes are looking into my soul.

She laughed, made a few jokes about it and we left it there. She never asked to see my collection and I never offered to show her.

By adding humour she felt like she could joke about it and me not caring and being casual made something that’s a big deal to some, seem like nothing.

That’s all I did, I was serious enough for her to realize I wasn’t joking but I was casual enough for her to know I wasn’t a creep and that’s how we roll into tip number 2.

Rule #2: Be A Normal Person

rule number two, be normal

If you’re a nice, normal guy and you own a sex doll it’s not a problem.

If you’re a creepy, weird guy and you own a sex doll it ‘can’ be a problem.

Don’t talk in detail about your sex dolls to your partner unless they are getting off on it and you are using the dolls together, answer your partner’s questions but don’t linger too long, just move the conversation forward.

Now, I’m actually more of the weird, shy kinda guy, but I learned to improve myself and be a more confident character, so when I started dating and I won her over, it wasn’t a deal breaker me having a realistic sex doll.

So, work on being a chill, down-to-earth guy, respect your partner and it won’t be a deal breaker.

Rule #3: Don’t Judge Her Sex Toys

don't judge her adult toys

I have seen this before, a guy with a crazy sex toy collection gets angry at a girl using sex toys.

It’s silly, we all know sex toys are awesome, they enhance pleasure and make sex great. They also open us up to more experiences and better techniques.

So, if you have a sex toy collection, stay open to your partner’s collection and sexual fetishes so that you become a sexually aware person. If your partner uses sex toys be open to it, use them with your partner and never become jealous unnecessarily.

Rule #4: Pick The Perfect Moment

image of the perfect moment

Halfway through your second date isn’t the best time to tell someone about your life like sex doll.

Instead, wait until you know each other, you’ve built some trust and have been seeing each other for a month or two.

It makes a lot more sense to not just spill about your collection straightaway, don’t just spring it on them, start a conversation around that topic, feel it out and then bring it back to rule #1 add humour, expect them to be a little shocked and make a joke about it.

Joke with them and explain why you have a sex doll (rule #5)

Rule #5: Have A Good Reason For Having A Sex Doll

reasons you have a sex doll

Having a sex doll because you want to have sex, should be a good enough reason.

However, it sometimes is not.

Even saying it’s because you lack human intimacy and wanted to experience it again, is still not a great reason.

The truth gets a little blurry here, as you have two options:

1: Tell a complete lie

  • A friend gave me it as a joke and then I used it and it’s absolutely awesome.
  • I got sent it by a company to try out on my blog and write a review.
  • Late night shopping, mixed with alcohol equals $2000 sex doll (my personal favorite).

2: Tell a selective version of the truth

  • I got it on a deal, it was $$$$ I got it for $$$ as a complete impulse buy after seeing it in a documentary.
  • I wanted a sex toy and a friend recommended me one of these sex dolls so I gave it a try.
  • I’m super busy, I needed something to give me a release quickly that is better than a normal handjob so this was a good option.

Try to leave out any reasons that are a bit strange, look at your reasons you got a sex doll and tone them down a bit. It’s not that you should have to lie it’s just some people need time to understand and the best way to do this is casual and not creepy.

Rule #6: Don’t Over Think It

over thinking

It’s not an issue, however, the more you think and overanalyze the situation, the bigger it’ll become, then when you finally tell them it’ll come from a weird place.

Understand that it’s just a sex toy, over 50% of Americans have owned up to use a sex toy, you honestly have nothing to worry about.

When it comes up, explain why/how you have it, laugh and move on.

Rule #7: Own The Weirdness

being weird

I know it’s weird that I have sex with a lifeless sex doll, but it’s fun, seriously fun and feels amazing.

I own the weirdness, I laugh about how weird it is, but I still love using it.

This humor allowed me to tell my girlfriend, get her to buy her own sex doll and even have her use one of my dolls with me and now we have incredible threesomes.

I always keep it fun and laugh at myself for using such a sex toy.

Rule #8: Be Completely Casual About It

being casual about your sex doll

If you make a big deal about telling them they will sense it and not accept it in a good way.

If you’re casual about it, make no big deal like it’s completely normal, mix that with the humor aspect, then owning the weirdness and your reason for owning it and you’ve given them enough information then they really shouldn’t care and instead embrace it with you.

Rule #9: They Will Ask To See It

partner wanting to see a sex doll

This is the hardest part.

It’s weird seeing a sex doll for the first time, try to remember what it was like for you when you saw your sex doll for the first time and put yourself in their position.

So, here’s some advice:

  • Don’t have it dressed up in clothes
  • Don’t take it out on the first date and start talking about your sex doll by their name
  • Have it disconnected, like it’s out of use (mine can disconnect the legs from the upper body, this makes it look a lot less creepy for someone that has never seen a sex doll so lifelike before).
  • Have it stored away likes it’s never used

Rule #10: You Haven’t Used It In Ages

haven't used the doll in ages

Okay, I don’t like to lie, but even when I told my girlfriend about my sex doll I made it seem like I used it a few times when I was super horny and just left it in the box after that.

I made it seem like it was a fuss to set it up and that I didn’t have the time, this wasn’t the case, but it made it more understandable and she just brushed it off.

Once she saw it and a few months went by I explained that I used it here and there and she didn’t care, in fact, that’s when she asked me if she could use it with me (luckiest man alive to have a girlfriend like this).

Rule #11: Find The Right Person

finding the right person

If there’s one thing my partner has taught me, it’s that there are loads of seriously kinky people out there.

Find yourself a kink, people who enjoy the same things that you do are out there and they dig this stuff.

Hit up some dating apps, forums and look for people who enjoy the same crazy stuff you do, that way all this stuff is no big deal.

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