My Guide To Giving An Amazing Titjob

It doesn’t matter whether you’re into vanilla sex or BDSM or something entirely different – everyone likes variety in the bedroom. I daresay too many couples do the same thing every time they want to have sex: a little bit of kissing, fondling, handjob, or fingering, perhaps a blowjob on a good night, and then one uninspiring sex position until the climax. Maybe not even both of them orgasm, especially if we’re talking about a hetero couple. 

To keep things interesting even after years of being together and playing with one another, you need more diversity. Change positions, change locations, change the time of day you have sex at. Surprise your partner in the shower, and wake them up during the night to have a bit of fun. Be open and carefree and don’t hesitate to go for it when you’re feeling horny! 

Aside from introducing things like toys and roleplay and maybe even more people to your sex life, you could try something as simple as a titjob. 

Here, I’m going to go over the basics of what it is, how to go about it, and what you can expect in your first titjob experience. I promise it’ll be incredibly fun both for you and your partner. Let’s start!

What Is A Titjob?

woman with big boobs wearing blue bra

Basically, a titjob is the act of sliding a penis between a pair of breasts and moving up and down, essentially stimulating it much as you would by using your hands. If the breasts are big enough (though they don’t have to be too big), it won’t take long before the guy is riled up enough to orgasm. 

It may sound like something strange or out of the ordinary, and it is; not many women have the breast size necessary for a titjob, and not many are imaginative enough to offer one to their partners. 

A titjob is not something that you need to get perfect on the first try. As with anything sex-related, it takes practice. Hopefully, this text will help you get a handle on how to give your guy a great titjob. 

Why I Love Giving Titjobs (and why men love them too)

wearing blue bra without a t-shirt

Since anything aside from the nipples isn’t an erogenous zone on the breasts, I have to admit that the act itself may not be too stimulating for the woman. It’s basically something rubbing against your skin between your tits and, in itself, it’s not all that exciting. 

However, the reason why I love giving a titjob is the same as why I love giving a blowjob: I love seeing my boyfriend turned on. More than that, I love hearing his moans, looking at his lost expression, I love seeing him enjoying my body to the point where he cums just from that. For me, a good titjob is not necessarily about my pleasure but about the pleasure of my partner, which in turn also gives me pleasure. If that makes any sense. 

For the purposes of this post, my boyfriend also shared why he loves a titjob so much: when the boobs are big enough, the feeling is not that different from regular sex. The penis doesn’t make a distinction between anyone’s tight space, and your tits squished together are no exception. 

It’s also the sheer image and the idea of having a titjob that excites him. It’s something new, something unexpected, and the thrill of it adds to the experience. 

Best Time For A Titjob

I don’t give regular titjobs. I don’t give regular anything because we mix and match our kinks a lot and rotate them and switch things up. We have way too many fantasies for any kind of consistency. This is exactly why I love our sex life so much – nothing is the same as the time before that or the time after that. It’s always something different, and refreshing, and it keeps you on your toes. 

Usually, my titjobs are spontaneous and not included in our playtime. I use them to help my boyfriend destress after a long day or to surprise him while he’s checking his emails. 

Sometimes, we will be in the middle of breakfast and I’ll just slide down to my knees and unzip his pants for some instant nirvana. (More on good titjob positions below.) 

But the truth is, pretty much any time is the best time for a titjob. Just make sure that your partner is into it – whether as an impulsive thing or as part of your foreplay or after sex – and you’ll send them to high heavens, I promise. 

What It’s Like to Get A Titjob From Me (Story)

a woman taking off her blue bra

The first time I gave my boyfriend a titjob wasn’t my first titjob in general. I already knew how to make it sexy and seductive, how to look into his eyes as I bite my lip and push my breasts up against his hardening penis. He was caught off guard by the whole thing, but didn’t refuse it – he never refuses anything from me.

I don’t really remember what we were doing anymore. But I do remember that he was wearing his pressed slacks; he had probably just come back from work. 

It started with a blowjob. He was sitting in our armchair and I was on my knees in front of him, and I gave him a few lazy licks just to hear his breath hitch. I sucked a bit on his tip, just to give his penis some girth, and then I leisurely popped my breasts out of my bra. I was wearing a thin tank top, so they spilled out willingly. 

I remember the look on his face when he realized what I wanted to do. He helped a little, guided his penis between my boobs, and I pushed them together to completely envelop it. My spit aided the friction, and I started stroking him with my tits. He couldn’t keep his eyes away, and I could tell that this was a pleasant surprise. He told me I was a good girl, which turned me on even more. 

I didn’t do anything more: it was just that, an easy titjob on a simple night, and it wasn’t long before he shot his load all over my breasts. He took a picture of the mess he made right after. It’s a memory we both cherish even today, many years and many titjobs later. 

The Trick To Giving A Boobjob

list of things that make a good tit job

As I said, this isn’t something too complicated. As long as you have enough volume to your boobs, a titjob should be easy to learn how to do. 

If you’re uncomfortable with it at first, talk to your partner about it. Tell them what you’d like to try and why it’s making you hesitant. They should support you and encourage you (because ultimately, a titjob will be a fantastic turn-on for them, as well). 

To help you give your guy the titjob of his life, here are some tips to consider. You don’t have to use all of these, of course, but take some time to read through them all and maybe even try them out. I hope it’ll help you perfect this insanely sensual sex act! 

Add lube or body-safe massage oil

Despite it potentially being a little gross – though it all depends on who you ask – no guy wants their penis rubbed dry. It can be not only uncomfortable but also painful for them, so definitely consider using lube or massage oil of some kind (pick your favorite scent to enhance the experience). 

One of our favorite lubricants is this water-based one that is 100% vegan. It is non-toxic, has no odor or flavor, and is great for use anywhere on the body. It is also safe to use with condoms; there will be no latex degradation with this lube. 

Allow the soft warm skin of your breasts to do the work

The whole point is the feeling of tightness, as my boyfriend explains. Just squeeze the penis with your breasts as best as you can. With a little bit of lubrication, for him, it won’t feel much different than being inside a vagina. Your breasts are warm and soft and they will treat your guy right.

Of course, you can always go for some temperature play involving ice cubes, but be especially careful not to hurt yourself or your partner! Just don’t worry about anything, as long as your guy is enjoying it, it’s all that matters.  

Pick the perfect position

Finding a good position for a titjob isn’t easy. The point is for your boobs to be at level with your partner’s penis, and not many positions allow for this to happen. I suggest researching online for some ideas and good pictures or videos to get inspired. (You can even turn this into foreplay of sorts, by watching porn with your man!) 

One of the best positions is either him on the edge of a bed or sitting on a chair with you on your knees and your breasts cock-high. This has a nice submissive edge to it, with the woman being subservient to the man. Additionally, you could try laying down and having your partner straddling your torso and thrusting into your breasts. This gives him more control, and he can even be the one to squeeze your tits tighter and adjust the pressure how he likes it. 

Use your hands to add tension and or push your breasts together

Let’s be real, no one’s breasts are so tightly packed without a bra that a penis can simply slide in between and get stimulated enough without any extra help. As I mentioned before, the whole point here is the tightness, so you need to push your breasts together. Use your hands to do that and it’s guaranteed to make your man howl with pleasure.

You can play with the pressure however you want. Make it tighter, loosen it up, and make it tighter again. Drive him wild. If you see that he’s getting close, you can make it looser to make him last longer. Or make him beg for an orgasm, whichever one you prefer. 

Different motions with your breasts

Because this entire exercise is about variety, it stands to reason that a titjob itself can also be full of variety. Aside from changing positions, it doesn’t have to be exactly the same from start to finish. A penis goes in, goes up and down, a penis goes out (or cums). It’s not too interesting when you think about it, so why not add some spice to it?

Use your hands to move your breasts in different ways and even wiggle them together as you go in an up-and-down motion. Think of it as massaging your partner’s cock with your breasts. Of course, it goes without saying that you should do this at the time of the month when your breasts aren’t sensitive or painful to the touch. Because ouch. 

You can also pulsate, lightly push your breasts together and let go and use different speeds of stroking and different motions as you get more confident. Don’t be afraid to try it all! Moreover, don’t be afraid to talk to your partner and ask what they like. Maybe he also has a couple of ideas you could try together.

Turn it into a handjob with breast action

A titjob can have different versions of it. In order to keep the surprise element, you don’t always necessarily have to take your guy’s penis and stick it between your boobs. Sometimes it can be about a simple handjob that has a little breast action going on. 

To do this, grab his cock and give him a handjob while rubbing his member across your breasts. Press his tip against your nipples, slap your boobs with his hard cock (he’s bound to love that one!), and be playful! There’s no one standard way of giving a titjob, so definitely feel free to experiment. Sex is all about experimentation, after all, about being kinky and free to do whatever you want, as long as your partner is equally into it (or maybe even more than you are).

Add your mouth

This bullet point is an addition to the previous one. Can your lips reach his cock if he slides all the way up between your breasts and you duck your head? If so, treat him to a nice suck at the same time. A blowjob/titjob combo is something not many ladies can pull off, and the effects will be instantaneous. 

If you can’t do this, however, it’s not the end of the world. Simply give your guy the best blowjob of his life and quickly turn it into the best titjob of his life. By the time you take your tits out, he’s going to be desperate for more, and that’s when you get some amazing results. 

Look right into his eyes (if that’s his thing)

It’s said that if you can’t look your partner in the eye while you’re playing together, you’re not really turned on. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but there is something to be said about eye contact during sex. It’s hot, it’s intimate, and it lets the other person know just how much you want them at that moment. I always shiver when this happens. 

So just like you flutter your eyelashes at your man when you’re giving him a blowjob, do the same during a titjob. Make eye contact, smirk, and lick your lips with your tongue. Even if he’s someone who likes to play tough and not reveal much when he’s being serviced, he won’t be able to resist this. 

Dirty talk and moaning?

Every man is different, so if you know what turns your guy on and you can use it while performing a titjob – do it. If he likes to hear you moan – even if logically you don’t have much to moan about – then go ahead and moan. If he likes dirty talk, definitely talk to him dirty.

In our relationship, I’m the one who likes dirty talk, so my boyfriend is the one who says all sorts of naughty things while he has his dick between my tits. He loves it when I moan, so I do it for him. If your man doesn’t like any of this, definitely don’t try it. 

Being in the moment and enjoying yourself really helps make the experience more intense, so do what comes naturally and you know both of you love in regards to sex.

Let him cum all over your breasts

Finally, for all of you, fans of cum play out there – don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to have cum all over your tits. If he’s into it or if you’re into it or if both of you are into it – why not? I love it when my boyfriend cums over any part of me, but especially my tits. 

I can drag a finger through the cum and suck it up into my mouth and that alone will almost get him ready to go for another round. As I said before, we also like to take pictures of our final acts and post them online to appropriate sites, so you may also run into a (faceless) pic of a cumshot all over my tits. What can I say, we love sharing our experiences with other, like-minded people. 

What About A Clothed Titfuck?

Now, this is a whole other kink we’re talking about. 

Here’s how it goes: wear a cute sports top or a sports bra or even just a tight-fitting t-shirt. Guide your man’s cock under the clothing and then get to work. Do the same as you would do if you were bare, only the clothes will add another layer of delicious friction to it all. There’s also something to be said about it being hidden away – giving you the illusion of doing something illicit or forbidden as opposed to widely accepted and normal. Makes it more erotic. 

The type of clothes you need to wear for this is a tube top or a sports bra. These work best in my experience. 

If you’re curious to learn more about the clothed type of titjob, there’s a whole subreddit set up just for this and it’s called r/clothedtitfuck.

The subreddit is mostly about titfuck examples from professional porn videos, but there’s a lot to be gleaned from those. Of course, be warned that it is not safe for work in the least. 

Do You Need To Have Big Breasts To Give A Titjob?

cartoon of a woman looking in the mirror at her body

No, you absolutely do not need to have huge boobs to give a good titjob! I have average-sized breasts and my boyfriend never complained. They’re not big and definitely not huge or massive, but they get the job done. You can’t be completely flat though, but with any other size of boobs, you can use your hands to squeeze the cock with your tits, and voila! A great titjob in the making. 

Do You Have Any Questions?

If you want to know more about giving a titjob, something I didn’t cover in this post, please leave a question in the comments. I love hearing from you and I will do my best to answer them all. Thank you! 

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