Do You Enjoy Foot Worship? (Worship Mine)

We all have our kinks. Even the most vanilla person out there has certain likes and dislikes in the bedroom, something that turns them on more than anything else. Some people’s kinks are more extreme, including powerplay and bondage and pain and humiliation, while other kinks may just be in the realm of what’s expected: sexy lingerie or dirty talk or maybe sex toys.

There’s no shame to be had in any type of kink. As long as it’s not illegal or hurting anyone (without their permission), you should feel free to explore any fetish you have. Moreover, you should find interesting spaces where like-minded kinksters gather and meet those who share the same fetishes. There’s nothing better than enjoying your favorite things with people who equally enjoy those same things. 

Foot fetishism is one of the most common types of fetishes. To some, it may seem dirty or disgusting, but it’s actually so widespread that you probably know a few other foot-worshipers who haven’t yet revealed their inclinations. 

In this post, I’m going to talk about having a foot fetish, having a partner with a foot fetish, and how you can use this kink in the bedroom so that both of you get what you need (i. e. mind-blowing orgasms.) Let’s go!

What is foot fetish?

showing off the bottom of my feet

Foot fetish has several different names: foot partialism, foot worship, and even the scientific name podophilia. It represents a sexual interest in feet.

Different foot fetishists can find different things attractive in feet. This can be anything from the shape and the size of the feet to the shape of the toes (be they long or short, if they have painted toenails, etc.). They can also enjoy seeing jewelry on the feet, such as toe rings and anklets, then different types of footwear (sandals, flip flops, high heels) and clothes (stockings, socks, and more). 

Some enjoy massaging the feet, washing them, painting the toenails, then going a step further and tickling, smelling the feet, biting, licking, sucking the toes… Of course, the ultimate foot worship – or perhaps worship by using feet – would be a footjob, or stimulating the penis by using feet. (Or stimulating the vagina, in rare cases.)

No foot fetishist is the same, so make sure to have a conversation with your partner about what each of you likes precisely and where your turn-ons lie.

Why I Love Having My Pretty Feet Worshipped

sexy lady wearing socks and high heels

While I’m not your standard foot worshiper, I am a person who likes to be worshiped in general. I like it when my partners can’t get enough of me, can’t tear their eyes away, can’t bear not to touch me and have me. This also applies to my feet. 

I love seeing men stare in awe at my pretty feet, at how carefully I painted my toenails, at how I went through the trouble of picking out just the right toe rings. I love how they get so mesmerized that they need to smell my feet, touch them, maybe even lick them if they behaved well. 

There’s no bigger turn-on than seeing your sex buddy completely fall apart just because you have a pretty body part, one they want to drown themselves in, and this is why feet worshipers are high on my list of Best Type of Partner.

I Even Used To Sell My Used And Worn Socks

white knee high socks and high heels

Aside from the fact that this hobby was a decent side income, I got to know a lot of people in the foot fetish community. And I mean a lot. Foot worshipers are open and friendly and so very polite and complimentary. I can’t even tell you how welcomed I felt when I first started selling my used socks online. I was new and hesitant and thought I would get laughed at.

But instead, they bought all my merchandise and asked for more and even messaged me to say how they enjoyed the purchase a lot. It wasn’t long before I started making custom orders, complete with pictures and short videos of my feet wearing the socks I was selling and maybe even playing with myself while doing it. 

I stopped this side gig because I didn’t have the time anymore, but I still keep in touch with some of my regular customers who have actually become close friends.

My Cute Feet (and how I look after them)

black panties and sexy feet

The fact of the matter is that the foot fetish is rarely about dirty, ugly feet. It’s actually the opposite: the feet have to be pampered and well taken care of and the prettier you make them, the more they will get your partner excited. It’s not too much of an effort to maintain the aesthetic of cute feet, and here are some tips and tricks you might want to try. 

This is what I do to impress the ones who are all about feet. 

I like keeping them spotless

Personal hygiene is number one. Even though feet worship can be about the smell of the feet, it’s important that this smell is natural and healthy and not rancid in any way. This is why I always keep my feet spotless. Even when I’m walking barefoot somewhere, I thoroughly wash my soles and between my toes for that pristine look and feel. Use an unscented body wash or soap if you want to preserve that natural scent. 

I get pedicures

While anyone can trim their toenails at home, for me, this isn’t enough. I like to get pedicures from time to time, say once a month, because they offer a whole new experience. I get to soak my feet in scented warm water, I get to sit back and relax as all the nastiness of being on my feet for long periods of time gets scrubbed away. After each pedicure, my feet are moisturized, soft, and unbelievably beautiful, and I simply adore the feeling! If you’re serious about having pretty feet, a pedicure is a must. 

(If, for any reason, you can’t get a regular pedicure, just an occasional one is fine as well, if you take care of your feet in between. Better than nothing!)

I paint my nails your favorite color

I make sure to find out my partner’s favorite color and paint my nails that color. Nail polish isn’t difficult to find in literally any hue under the sun, so it doesn’t really matter what the color is. It’s a special touch that I like to reward my guys with. 

If you’re a good boy, maybe you even get to paint my nails in that color. Doesn’t that sound like a treat?

I love wearing cute socks (especially knee-high)

Some people love bare feet, some people like socked feet. I’m more of a socked feet kind of gal, even though I make sure my feet are gorgeous even without anything on. Here are some socks that I love wearing for special occasions: 

cute lace socks

Lacy socks with a floral pattern and cute ruffles around the topline are perfect for when I’m feeling flirty and feminine. I like wearing them with heels, but also showing them off just on their own. I’m sure you’d love to rub your face over them or maybe even have them pressed against your crotch. 

knee high socks

These knee highs are perfect to wear with my schoolgirl mini skirt. I am especially fond of taking a picture of myself wearing these and the skirt with nothing underneath, showing off my pink folds and my shapely legs. I would love to have you between them. Which color and pattern is your favorite? 

If I really like you, I’ll put on my cute stockings

black stockings

This pair of stockings is reserved only for special occasions. I don’t break these out with just about anyone, and if you see me wearing them, it’s only because I really like you. These stockings go great with my black lace lingerie set, and I love attaching garters to them for the complete look. 

They’re made from sheer nylon that isn’t so hard to rip (though if you find yourself wanting to, we can arrange that as well). I love them because the topline sits just right around my thighs and doesn’t slide down. It’s a great pair to wear when you expect to be worshipped toes to hip. Don’t forget to wear some stunning stilettos! 

How You Should Worship My Feet, Foot Boy

list of foot worship techniques

To cut right down to business, here’s what I want you to do to my feet. I want you to take your time and do it well. I don’t want any skipping or rushing or sloppiness. My feet are amazing, and they deserve to be worshiped in all the best ways. 

Clean my feet with your tongue

Run your tongue all over my feet. Start from the bottom of my heel and swipe a line up all the way to my big toe. I want them to be wet and glistening by the end. Every hill, every valley of my feet, needs to be explored. Don’t forget the toes, either. Separate them one by one and lick between them thoroughly because anything less is unacceptable.

Massage my feet

I am not the one to refuse a good foot massage. Grab some nice-smelling massage oils and get to work. Do you know all the good pressure points? I hope you do. I like to feel your fingers on my feet, I like it when they squeeze and rub and caress, and you might even make me moan. 

Kiss and caress my feet

As long as my feet aren’t covered with a bad-tasting oil or lubricant, you’re free to kiss them, however much you want. Pick your favorite spot – is it the heel? The arch? The pinky toe? Are you particularly fond of one part of a foot? If you’re not good at massages, simple caresses and gentle touches will be just fine. I appreciate your being tender with my feet.

Know how to use your tongue and mouth

It doesn’t have to be just kisses or licks. Be imaginative when using your tongue and mouth. Suck on my toes, tickle my feet with your tongue. Nibble on my soles. I like to see creativity and initiative, so don’t be afraid to show me just how you can worship these lovely, lovely feet. That’s the least they deserve what with all the pleasures they’re giving you.

How I Give A Footjob (Explicit)

lady wearing cure knee high socks while on hands and knees

A footjob is a little trickier to pull off than a handjob (or even blowjob) just because your feet aren’t as dexterous as your hands. You can always improve this with some light exercises involving marbles (picking them up with your toes, carrying them, and setting them down in a specific spot) and similar, but the general rule is: the more you practice, the better you will be! 

All the guys I’ve been with who’s had a foot fetish never had anything bad to say about my footjobs. In fact, it seemed they had quite a lot in favor of them. So here’s what you should keep in mind when you’re about to satisfy your guy’s foot worship kink.


Before we even get to the touching, I put my immaculate feet in my beautiful high heels. The guys go nuts for it. High heels add elegance and fierceness to the look and put the feet in a shape that is very hard to resist. 

Here are some more things I do to get him hard and needy in a blink of an eye: 

  • Keep feet squeaky clean and my toes always done with fresh gel nail polish; as I mentioned, sometimes I even let him pick his favorite color
  • Stockings/pantyhose of my choice
  • Other times it can be socks I’ve worn all day

I like lots of teasing

I like taking my time and making the foreplay last. I like to tease my guy and get him hot and desperately eager by the time I’m done. You could try lightly stroking his cock over his jeans with your feet. Nothing special, just a gentle press into his hard dick and he’ll be panting for more. Don’t rush to give it all. The less you offer, the more he will want and in the end, he’ll lose his mind from how hard the orgasm hits him. 

Let the foot worship begin

There’s no good footjob without foot worship. Let your guy have his fill of your perfect feet. Scroll above for everything I like the guy to do to me for ideas. Licking, caressing, massaging, smelling, kissing, sucking… All of that is good, all of that adds to the experience. Again, don’t be in a hurry. This part is essential, so you both need to enjoy it for as long as you can. 

Footjob Lube

Unlike the regular water-based lube you use for standard sex, in this case, you might want to go for a silicone-based one. It’s thicker and it doesn’t dry out, so you don’t have to constantly reapply it during the footjob. 

We use this footjob lube, it workes the best for us.

It’s highly concentrated and waterproof (so you can easily use it in the tub or a jacuzzi as well), and it’s odor-free and doesn’t leave any stains on the furniture or clothes. It’s also great to use for a massage, so you can make the most of the lube in a single footjob.

Get myself in the right position

There are loads of positions you can use for a footjob. Some allow you to use your hands at the same time, some don’t. My favorite one is definitely when we’re both sitting down, either on the bed or two chairs or a bed and a chair and my legs (feet) are in his lap.

If you’re flexible enough, you can even use your mouth at the same time. This is one of the reasons why I regularly practice yoga. 

Rub, stroke and caress your man’s cock till he cums

That’s all there is to it! Once you’ve got your feet on his penis, all lubed up and ready to go, use your imagination! Rub his shaft with your soles, slide it between your toes, caress it gently… If you’re brave enough and skilled enough, even play with his balls! (Of course, be careful not to hurt him.) Make sure to keep it interesting and playful, and definitely listen to his feedback, whether it is verbal or non-verbal (in the form of moans and groans and praises.) 

Where To Find Sexy Feet (Reddit)?

list of foot fetish sub-reddits

As with most things porn and sex, there is an abundance of online sources to satisfy your desire for attractive feet. These can be random porn sites with a foot fetish category or they can be entire communities developed for this unique kink. 

Reddit is a place we all gladly visit to get our porn fix, and this case is no exception. There are numerous subreddits for you to browse through and I’m going to list some of my favorite ones here. If you’re looking to update your feet visual library, here’s your chance to take in some amazing content. 


It doesn’t matter if the relationships here are male/female or female/female (or if it’s even solo worship), all it matters is that the feet are treated with the care and respect they deserve. This community is full of amateur pics of toe sucking and feet licking, and you’re definitely going to have a good time. (Some commercial pics may sneak past, as well.)


A little less focused on the act of worshipping feet, this subreddit mainly consists of pictures of cute naked young women with their feet on full display. Sometimes this will just be a picture of the feet, but often there are nice boobs or a pussy spread open in the shot as well. (My favorite are the lace-clad asses, though.) 


With a self-explanatory name, this community is similar in content to the previous one. At first glance, all of the pictures posted here are amateur, made by real people showing off their real feet and bodies. Some solo feet shots, some smooth naked bodies to go with the feet, even some nice pics of asses covered in leggings and feet in stockings. 


This is a relatively small community – smaller than the previous ones – and it’s light on the porn and heavy on the feet. Expect a lot of solo feet pictures in all sorts of different settings, as well as a few daring ladies showing off their behinds along with the feet. Generally, it’s a lot tamer than the other subreddits. 


Reserved only for the female feet (like all other subreddits on here are), r/feetpics is about… feet pics. Lots of photos featuring cute, manicured feet, ladies spreading their toes wide, then including their asses or even boobs in the pictures. A good selection of feet and legs in fishnets as well, all uploaded by real Redditors.


With as many as 141k members, this subreddit is one of the most visited and most popular in the foot fetish community. It features pictures you’re used to, some even cross-posted from the subreddit above, but also videos of different types of feet servicing. Get ready for some live-action toe-sucking glory just for your pleasure! 


I am someone who loves color and a cutesy aesthetic and thus, I am very partial to this subreddit. It has a color scheme that makes it easy for you to find what you’re looking for, not least because everything is neatly tagged. This community also organizes regular contests and each day of the week is reserved for a different aspect of the feet. Original and inspiring! 


If you’re into butts and into bare feet, here is an ideal subreddit for you. R/buttsandbarefeet is exactly what it says it is – a place where sexy ladies with voluptuous curves can post pictures of themselves from behind, featuring their feet and their juicy cheeks. I am a fan of this one because everyone knows I love a good ass, so it’s no wonder that I spend a lot of time scrolling through here. 


Finally, last but certainly not least, this community doesn’t only feature posts with bare feet (though there are plenty of those) but also feet in socks and stockings. You can browse through these pictures and short video clips as much as you want and never get enough of all the gorgeous ladies and their sexy toes. 

Would You Be My Foot Slave? 

Let me know what you find fascinating and what turns you on about feet in the comments! Thank you for reading! 

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