The Full Guide To Urethral Sounding

Urethral sounding may be something you have never heard before and that is completely fine. Heck, I didn’t even know what it was until a couple of years ago when I was introduced to it by a long term escort girl that I was seeing at the time. 

We started with my usual requests, but then she suggested that we take it a bit further – urethral sounding and I agreed. All I can say about it for now is that is it not for the faint of hearted. You will see why.

What Is Urethral Sounding?

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Urethral sounding is a process of putting things inside your urethra, also known as your pee hole. While it works on both males and females, it is more frequently used by us guys, since it gives us a lot more pleasure and sexual arousal than our female counterparts. 

Most of it comes from human anatomy and how the prostate is located just behind the urinal canal and is quite easy to reach and stimulate it if you know what you are doing. Besides that, the urinal canal alone is full of sensitive nerve endings that are stimulated by toys that are specifically designed for male genitalia. 

Basically, there are three types of sounding. The first one is Plunging, where you go deep all the way past the prostate and to the bladder. The second one is Stuffing and it’s all about going wide with a variety of different diameter rods. And the third one is plain old sounding.

Now, many of you will ask why not just stimulate the prostate through anal play, right? Well, as good as that may feel, it is not nearly as good as stimulating it from your urethra. For example, when you want to reach the prostate through your anus, you can only stimulate it through the walls of your rectum, but when you do it with urethral sounding, there is no barrier between the toy and your prostate. The feeling is much, much more intense.

Now, being that this is one of, if not the most sensitive region on your body, you should take a few things into consideration before jumping into it. The bladder is located just behind the prostate, so you need to be very careful when diving for your sexual kink. If you, by any chance, miss the prostate and touch the bladder, it can lead to irritation or in the worst case puncturing or ripping the bladder, which can be very painful and dangerous and will require you to go to an ER.

The toys that are usually in use by sounding enthusiasts are more or less rods from different materials and sizes. They can be steel or silicone, depending on what you prefer, and ranging from 3mm to 18mm. My advice is to start with steel ones and the thinnest possible, so you get a feel for it. Before use, you should boil them in hot water to kill any bacteria that might end up in your urethra.

Also, keep in mind that when you want to use toys in any sexual manner, you need to lube up, but with urethral sounding, I can’t stress the importance of that enough. You absolutely need to use lots of lube or instead of feeling sexual arousal and excitement, you will get the feeling of shoving a razor down your urinal canal. If you ever had a urinal infection, imagine it being ten times stronger. Another thing you should know is that not any kind of lube is good for sounding and you should search for sterile-surgical lube that is mostly used in medicinal purposes.

What Does It Feel Like?

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As I’ve mentioned, many people compare sounding to anal play or prostate milking, but that is something completely different. What urethral sounding gives you in the form of sexual pleasure is almost indescribable.

Have you ever had to hold your pee for hours and then when you finally take a piss, you get that amazing feeling of sensation? Well, imagine that on a whole new level and it can last for as long as you like. With urethral sounding, you are completely in charge. Take your toy in the form of a rod, lube it up, lube your penis up and the fun can begin. 

As soon as you put the tip in you will get a very strange and unfamiliar feeling, but as you go deeper, you will realize that there is nothing to fear and that strange feeling will soon be replaced with the most erotic and sensual action you probably ever had. When you get comfortable with it, you can stroke it up the shaft and even twist it a bit to get the most pleasure out of it.

These are just feelings that I got from it and as for everything else, there are different opinions and thoughts on sounding. These are some of the experiences and feelings that other people had with sounding.

This story is from Reddit and this one is the Quora forum.

The Best Urethral Sounding Tools

list of sounding devices

Here’s some of the best urethral sounding tools/toys. Just as a heads up you really don’t want to use household items or improvised tools for this. Trust me, it’s a road to issues, pain and bad stuff.

The Best Penis Plug

penis plug

This penis plug is one of the best you’ll find. Penis plugs are often used for shallow insertion into the urethral canal (mostly just the tip of your dick), and offering stimulation in and around the head of your penis. They are pretty small in length, measuring 1-2 inches for insertion, which means that they can’t go deep in your shaft.

There are safety barriers on them to prevent them from sliding inside your urethra without retrieval. These barriers mostly come in the O-shape or T-shape bars on top. Penis plugs can be made from metal or silicone and come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Apart from being used in sexual play, many men opt to wear them when walking around or doing regular everyday stuff (kind of like cock rings).

The Only Sperm Stopper You Need

sperm stopper

This sperm stopper is a bit more drastic than the penis plug. Simply put, they are designed to prevent men from ejaculating (quite a shock since the name already says so). Anyway, they are attached externally to the tip of your dick with a ball going just inside the head of the penis. This kind of toy is mainly focused on submissive guys who get off to the idea that they can’t ejaculate, and that makes them cum in a different way.

The Highest Rated Urethral Dilator

woman holding a urethral dilator

This urethral dilator is the most typical toy you will see in sounding plays. They are the long rods that go deep inside the urethra to stimulate the prostate. Mostly, they come in stainless steel and have a variety of different diameters and lengths.

These rods are used to help men reach the base of the penis and stimulate the prostate gland or even the bladder if that is what you want.

Urethral rods are pretty weighty, so with enough lube they should just slide down the shaft without any problems. They can be used by both men and women, but since the female urethra is shorter, they don’t need the full length of these rods. 

Silicone urethral sound set

silicone sounding kit

This is a urethral sounding dilator kit, if you’re looking to start small and work your way up to bigger this is the perfect kit to buy.

It’s silicone which means it’s a little easier to use than metal, with it having a lot more give.

They’re a little harder to clean than the metal dilators, so keep that in mind, but other than that this is the perfect starter kit and I totally recommend it.

Guide To Urethral Sounding

guide to urethral sounding

This is a simple guide to sounding, but please, be very careful as you can cause issues if you sound wrong and some would even argue that sounding the safest way can still cause issues, so do it at your own risk.

Keep it clean!

No matter if you are using rods or penis plugs or even urethral dilators, they need to be 100% clean. Many people that are intermediate or expert level sounders suggest boiling your equipment in water before usage, as that will kill most if not all of the bacteria that can cause you trouble. Also, be sure to wash your hands with antibacterial soap before you start going down on yourself.

Use lube!

There is no limit to using lube when it comes to this sort of thing. Again, whether you are using rods or plugs or dilators lube that shit up, drown it in it if you have to, just don’t go dry inside the urethra. The pee hole of your shaft is not self-lubricated so make sure you lube up the tip of your penis as much as you can and the tip of the shaft.

Get an erection!

Many argue that it is pretty tough or near impossible to slide things down your dick if it is flaccid. I can confirm that and I suggest that you get at least semi-erect before trying to insert any of your toys, as that will make it a lot easier. Take the tip in your hand and gently pull the hole apart to make your pee hole wider.

Gentle strokes and wiggles!

Since you will be using lots of lube (I very much hope so) the gravity alone should do the trick in sliding it down the shaft. When gravity does its thing, you should try to wiggle the rod a bit and stroke it up and down to see if there is room for going deeper. This all depends on the shape of your cock and the type of rod you are using.

Don’t go too deep!

As I’ve mentioned before, there is a serious threat to your health if you go too deep when sounding. In the worst-case scenario, you could end up puncturing your bladder or hurting your prostate, so please be very careful and do it slowly. Urethra needs to be stretched out slowly, so don’t go ramming things up in it as soon as you start. 

Female Urethral Sounding (it’s not just for men)

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Although urethral sounding can be used by both sexes, there are a few differences that need to be pointed out. The male urethra is wider and longer than the female urethra, which is quite shorter. That is why women have to take extra precautions when sounding because the risk of injury or urinary infections is much higher.

Having said that, you need to know that females can also have a pleasurable sexual experience with sounding, and more and more ladies opt for this kind of bedroom play. The main thing is that you need to be aware that the urethra is shorter than the males and you need to stretch it bit-by-bit over time for maximal enjoyment. 

Also, ladies, lube is your best friend here and you should do some research on what sort of sounding toys are best for you.

Is Urethral Sounding Dangerous?

warning sign

Urethral sounding can be extremely dangerous if not done properly. There are many things that can go wrong if you don’t follow the rules of this pretty extreme sexual fetish. The main issue you can have is if you go too deep in the urinal canal and damage the prostate or even the bladder. Other problems may arise if you stretch out your urethra a lot using too thick rods. Also, you can get various infections if you use unsterilized rods or if you play around with dirty hands. Keep in mind that not every lube is suitable for this stuff, as you read above, and make sure you buy surgical lube from an authorized seller.

Tips for avoiding issues

souding advice

Don’t go too deep

The main source of injury when sounding comes from going too deep inside your shaft. Guys, please, do not go too deep when practicing this sexual fetish. If you have no experience in this sort of thing, be extra careful when sounding as it can lead to numerous health problems. Take your time and explore what works for you in a slow and step-by-step way. Stretch out your urethra over several sessions of sounding and when you get a feeling for depth that you need, you may proceed to go deeper.

Don’t use thin, sharp probes

The second bad thing that people do when sounding is using too thin or sharp rods. This can lead to scratching, puncturing or even ripping the walls of your prostate or even your bladder if you go too deep. Please, do not use thin rods or any household items that you think might do the trick. 

Focus on cleaning (stainless steel is best)

Any sort of activity that involves putting toys in your holes needs to be done with a dose of hygiene, but urethral sounding needs to be done in extremely hygienic conditions. For beginners, I strongly recommend using stainless steel rods as they are the easiest to keep clean and bacteria-free. Boil them in hot water before and after using them to keep the bacteria away but make sure you let them cool off before enjoying your sounding sessions.

Don’t do it too often

There are no guidelines or scientific research on how much sounding is too much but there are recommendations from long time sounding enthusiasts. Most men agree that once or twice per month is more than enough if you don’t want any serious health hazards.

Urinating before and after (and drink lots of water)

I can’t stress the importance of clearing your urinal canal before sounding and also being well hydrated through your sounding sessions. Before you start putting your rods or plugs in there, make sure you urinate to clear the way and to release the bacteria that can accumulate in the urine itself. After sounding sessions, you should always urinate to help keep the region issue-free.

No such thing as too much research

Read the guidelines and forums about this kind of stuff, because it really is a sort of extreme fetish and you should know every possible thing that can occur before starting your own adventures.

Do it at your own risk

Anything you do with your body is fully your responsibility and yours alone. If you are having doubts or not enough knowledge on this subject, I advise you to leave it be for some other time when you acquire skills and mental capacity to plunge into stuff like this.

Sounding Stories, Advice & Pictures

This subreddit about sounding is totally out of this world. Pictures and videos of guys stuffing their cocks with absolutely anything you can think of.

From rods to plugs to even fingers, there is nothing that I haven’t seen done here. Keep in mind that most of these guys are pretty experienced when it comes to this fetish and don’t try to mimic what they are doing cause you might have a bad time. Start at your own pace and someday you might catch up to them.

I’ve tried to explain the intricacies involved in this totally taboo sexual fetish and I hope you got the idea of what it is capable of. If you are interested, please read on and educate yourself before going off on your own adventures. As always, have fun!


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  1. Thank you for this information. Just started with Chastity and the soundings that come with the cage. I bought a urethra dilating kit with 5 different sized stainless steel rods. Also buy the sterile lube and sterile wipes to make sure everything is clean. Just looking to get started safely. This give great information.

  2. When you use the stimulation rod in your urethra after you pull it out will your dick stay hard enough to be able to get on top of your woman and make love to her

  3. Female sounding fan here! I have just started sounding, I have the most intense orgasms from it. Especially if all three holes are stuffed. I’ve been using a silicone sounding rod, the first time was no problem!

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