From the outside, this blog is weird.

A grown man talking about sex toys, silicone dolls and sex robots.

I think that I would think it was odd if it wasn’t me writing this blog, that’s why I felt it was time to answer some of your questions.

Feel free to comment below and ask me anything.

Who The Heck Are We?

First off “We” refers to me, my girlfriend and one of my sexpert buddies who also writes on this blog.

I’m the head blog guy, I’m in my late twenties and orgasms are the best part of my day.

Sex is my passion, so testing the different silicone/TPE sex dolls, crazy VR Porn and sex robots is literally my dream.

I put every bit of energy into finding the very best sex products for men and I truly love every second of it.

My girlfriend helps with pictures (some of her and some of me), she also proofreads my articles and tests the male dolls we get.

My Sexpert friend (John),  he tests, writes and edits a lot of the articles on this blog.

Together we do our best to create truly epic sex-related content.


Why Do I Love Realistic Sex Dolls (Aren’t They For Creeps?!)

There’s a lot of stigmas, weird documentaries from Vice and news stories that say sex dolls are for creeps.

Are they?


What’s the real difference between a vibrator which 50% of Americans claim to use (study) and a sex doll?

There’s no difference, apart from size, both are used to sexual stimulate our sexual organs and make us feel good.

All I’m saying is don’t knock sex dolls until you try one (especially high-quality silicone dolls) and don’t judge until you know all the facts about why the majority of people buy and use these sex dolls.


Do You Have A Girlfriend/Wife?


I have a girlfriend, she helps me create content on this blog and takes a lot of the pictures we use.

John (our sexpert) also has a long-term girlfriend, she doesn’t create on the blog, but supports him.


Does She Mind You Having Sex Dolls?

Not at all.

I think if she came to my house and saw a silicone doll, with tons of sex toys surrounding it she would have been a little weirded out.

That’s not how she found out, I told her after a month of dating when sex toys were brought up.

I basically said “I own one of them crazy expensive silicone dolls”, she was shocked and laughed and was really curious about it.

I then showed her and she actually asked me if we could use it together and if they sold them for women.

Johns girlfriend also asked him to get one to spice up the bedroom with fake threesomes.


Do Sex Dolls Fulfill That Sexual Urge?

No sex toy satisfies me as much as my sex doll.

I mean I can get off with a fleshlight, but when I use my silicone doll it’s like having sex with a real woman, just leaving out the foreplay or issue with cumming too quick or wanting sex 4 times in a row.

It allows me to have great sex then go straight back to work and everyday life.


Do You Use Pictures of Your Body?

Some pictures are stock, some are cartoons I create and others are me and my girlfriend.

I try to hide our faces to stop issues from occurring in our personal life.


Why Did You Start This Sex Blog?

Writing, editing and sex are the three things that clear my mind.

I compare and talk about these products for my own enjoyment and maybe someone finds it useful.

It’s taken me a while to get used to writing intimate details about mine and my girlfriend’s sex life, but I’m getting there bit by bit.