My Guide To The Puppy Play Fetish

No matter if you are a dog person or a cat person, a puppy will always bring a smile to your face. They are so tiny and adorable you just can’t keep your hands off them. With their innocent-looking eyes and tiny little paws, they are able to bring joy and happiness to all who they come in contact with.

The puppy fetishists will say the same, only exchange the real puppy for their lover, and words joy and happiness with sexual arousal and fetish. However, there is a side to puppy play and fetish that is not sexual and mostly comes down to just wanting to have fun and cause mischief, like a real puppy.

For me and my husband, puppy play is both sexual and our everyday life. I love being in the role of the owner and he enjoys being a pup more than being a human. We hit it off from the start and our lifestyle will be with us for as long as we live.

What Is Puppy Play And Animal Roleplay?

cute cartoon of puppy

Puppy play and animal roleplay are in most cases associated with the slave/owner type of sexual activity. Although it may seem like anyone who gets on all fours wants to be humiliated or tortured, when it comes to puppy play, in most cases, that assumption is very wrong.

People who engage in puppy play mostly just want to have fun. They want to strip themselves of the human skin and all that comes with being a human and just want to be petted and cuddled.

Puppy play is a way to reduce anxiety and depression or even eliminate them completely and just enjoy a fun and loving life a regular puppy has.

Some men just want to have a handler that will tend for them and give them the love and affection they deserve. All in all, puppy play is what you make out of it. If you want to be cheerful and playful in your puppy clothes go for it! If you want to act like a shy and a bit scared pup then, by all means, do it! Be whatever you want to be and make the most out of your puppy life.

Why Is Puppy Play So Popular?

woman dressed as bdsm puppy

Puppy play is getting more and more popular by the year and I love that it is getting more and more attention in the world. Why is it so popular? Well, everyone in the world would either want to be a pup or handle a pup. They are just so much fun.

Another thing to notice is that it really helps certain people overcome their anxiety, fear or depression. It can also help with the stress everyday life can have on an individual. Just shed your old human skin and replace it with a puppy outfit and you are free from the responsibilities of everyday life.

The Best Puppy Play Gear Every Puppy/Owner Needs

different types of puppy play toys and masks

It’s time to show you my favorite puppy play toys and gear, there’s something at every budget and for every type of owner/dog.

K9 Muzzle With Ball Gag

woman wearing a dog hood and muzzle

This vondage k9 muzzle is perfect for your everyday puppy life. The muzzle itself looks awesome by itself and you can add or remove the ball gag and the ears. It is vegan-friendly and features nickel-plated hardware. It is made from 6oz leather with glove leather binding and lining. The straps are secured with adjustable non-locking buckles that provide a firm and comfortable fit.

We also have a collection of other ball gags that we’ve tried out, if you want more options.

Leather Dog Hood With Snap-On Muzzle, Blindfold And Gag

leather dog hood and muzzle

This multifunctional leather dog hood will make your puppy play all the more fun and exciting. The soft leather ensures it is comfortable to wear even for long periods of time and the look it gives you with all the elements is just wild. Most of the elements like the blindfold and the ears are completely removable without affecting the functionality. The muzzle has nostrils holes and unzips for full access to the mouth. It laces around the back and it has a d ring that can be used for attaching a leash or any other bondage equipment you have at your home and backyard.

Two Toned Dog Hood

dog hood

This two-toned dog hood from Stockroom is similar to the one above but is much more stylish in my opinion. The black leather hood is embellished with soft tan suede and makes for a perfect Doberman look. Like most muzzles, it laces around the back and has a lockable buckle on the collar. It also features an o ring that can be used for leashing your pet or binding them to anything you like. There is also a flap of leather that prevents hair tangle. It is made from soft black leather and brown suede and promises comfortable wear throughout your everyday puppy lifestyle. 

Leather Puppy Mask

puppy mask

The leather puppy play mask we have here from Basel is a nifty little toy that will help you and your pup share an awesome experience both outside and inside. It is complete with perky dog ears and muzzle and it doesn’t have a blindfold so you can watch your pup try to soften you up with those puppy eyes. On the other hand, your pup will see every command you make and will have no excuse not to listen. Hand made from latigo leather, this toy is a perfect addition to any puppy play collection.

Puppy Paws Fist Mitts

puppy play dog paw mitts

Complete your puppy look with this incredible puppy paw fist mitts. They are padded on the inside for comfortable wear and have a hard latigo leather external shell. These paw fist mitts even have a leather paw prints that will leave tracks as you walk around. A lockable buckle prevents them from sliding off and the d rings provide an extra leash spot.

Human Alpha Dog Collar With Spikes

human dog collar

No one in your pack or outside of it will have any doubts that you are the alpha when you wear this fiercely looking alpha dog collar with spikes. The three rows of spikes warn everyone that the wearer is not to be trifled with. Handcrafted from the sturdy but comfortable leather collar is designed to strike fear in anyone who sees it. It features a sturdy o ring that guarantees its endurance in the roughest of plays. It is best worn with the matching K9 muzzle with a removable ball gag.

Stainless Steel and Leather Collar With Lock

human leather collar wih lock

This mix of stainless steel and leather is a delight to see and wear. It features a lockable hasp with an O ring in front and a D ring in the back for any type of leash you want to use.

Faux Leather Collar And Leash

human collar and leash

From Bondage Boutique comes this faux leather collar and leash and it is a beauty. The buckle closes in the range of 14 – 18.5 inches and with a quick-release clip, it is safe for any type of play. The faux leather is there to provide you with long use without having to worry about leather care.

Leather Knee Pads (A Must Buy)

puppy play knee pads

These amazing Premium leather knee pads are handmade and can be ordered anytime and the Stockroom team will get right on making them. The knee pads are very important as you will be walking and crawling on all fours and don’t want to damage your knees or leave any bruises or marks.

Silicone Puppy Tail

puppy tail plug

Wiggle your tail in delightful sensation with this silicone puppy tail. The tail is made to closely imitate the lifelike tail of a dog. On the other end, we have a large, glorious anal plug that will fill your anal hole like nothing before. You are at your master’s command and he will make sure you are a good pup.

Fluffy Dog Tail Butt Plug

animal tail butt plug

This fluffy dog tail is similar to the one above but it resembles a more fluffy and longer tail. The butt plug is metal and medium-sized and suits a wider range of users. The plug weighs 190g and is totally rigid making it perfect for anal play. It can be cooled or warmed for additional sensations.

You can learn how to insert butt plugs the right way in this guide we did.

Glass Dog Tail Butt Plug

glass dog tail butt plug

The faux fur animal tail butt plug is a sight to behold and a toy to be owned. It is one of the best you can get for beginners and we all know what you can do with a glass toy when you play with temperature. It has a flared base so you don’t have to worry about over-insertion. The tail is realistic and will fit perfectly between your legs as you stroll around with your master. It is safe to use with all lubricants.

Dog Dildo (Add a strap on to make it even better)

dog dildo

What would a dog be doing if he doesn’t have a cock to mark his territory? He would be very bored. That’s why you have to get this romi realistic dildo dog penis. The dildo is made from TPE and is soft and safe for the skin and comfortable to wear. It is also waterproof so don’t worry about splashing some liquid on it. It is recommended to be used with a strap-on (this is the strap-on I use) for the full effect.

Human Dog Bowl

human dog bowl

Dig into your dish and beg for more food like a good boy with this Stainless Steel Dog Bowl.

This is the perfect tool for training restraint. You can use any bowl that’s stainless steel and fill it with any food/drink you, please.

Steel Puppy Cage

puppy play dog cage

Get your puppy all tucked in in this steel-coated metal bar cage that is lockable on both sides. This cage is also coated with automotive wax which will ensure its glossy shine will stay on for a long time. This is the puppy cage deluxe and is coated with powder for extra visual appeal and longer-lasting.

Why Is Puppy/Dog Play So Expensive?

a dog hood

It’s very bespoke and high quality right now, it’s not mass-produced and you know that when you paying high you’re getting a much better product. This means that most if not all of the items you see for puppy play are handmade in local workshops. That ensures that every piece of equipment is specially made and inspected so there are no defects or any other problems with the gear.

You can always get the cheaper alternative but this only goes for collars and leashes. Nothing else that fits a human will be found in a pet shop, nor should it be. My advice is that you stay away from collars and leashes made for pets as they are mass-produced and are lower quality than I want for my human pups.

Guide To BDSM Puppy Play

cartoon of crown on pillow

I’ve already said that puppy play is what you make of it and I stand by that statement. However, over the years of playing with my husband and a few of his puppy friends, there are certain things I can share that will help you get started and figure out what you want for yourself.

Before we get into it, you have to get your headspace into the role of a puppy. Watch some youtube videos or go around in parks and see what other puppies do. They are mischievous, playful, and mostly confused all the time as they are just young dogs that don’t even know their immediate surroundings. The more you relax and get into the role the better your experience will be.

Find What Type Of Puppy/Dog You Are

First off, you have to find what type of puppy you are. Are you a cheerful and playful type? Are you a loner in the pack and are a bit shy? Are you by any chance the bully and the aggressive one?

There are many different types of dogs and you will certainly find your spot in the pack and fit in perfectly among other puppies. Experiment and try different moods and types and you will decide what you want in no time.

Create your alter ego

Your alter ego in the dog/puppy world is how you would like to be seen by your handler, other handlers and even other puppies on the playground. This is what you choose to be. Your size and personality in the human world set no boundaries when it comes to playing a pup. If you want to be a small chihuahua with an aggressive attitude you can do that. If you want to be a big shy Mastiff you can do that also. There are no restrictions. Also, you might want to choose a name for your dog persona or let your handler do the honors. The choice is yours.

Tell your handler exactly what you want

Find out what works best for you and tell your handlers how you want him to treat you. The point is to relax and have fun. The relationship with your handler can be sexual or non-sexual and it all depends on what you agree. 

Puppy Play Rules

Again, there are no rules except those you set with your handler. The game you set for yourself should be fun and exciting for both. Do you want to play catch? Go for it. Do you just want to walk around and sniff stuff, it’s all yours. Being a pup is a state of mind, and as soon as you let go of your limitations the better.

Learn human Pup Positions

There are some differences between a human who wants to be a pup and a real pup (duh) and physically it can be hard to get into the same positions. Personally, I don’t mind you doing anything you want with your body as long as it doesn’t cause you pain, but there are certain things you really cannot do and shouldn’t even try. Research a bit and see what human pup positions are best for your type of play.

Pick your hours of play

If you want it to become a daily thing, have an hours of play. On the other hand, you can always choose to live the puppy lifestyle throughout the whole day and never get out of the role.

Find The Perfect Outfit To Match Your Mask

Being a pup is a state of mind and you usually don’t need any clothes or masks. If you ask around you will get all sorts of opinions on what a pup should or should not wear. It all comes down to how you feel about it. If you need the outfit to get yourself in the mindset then there is no problem. There are tons of different options you can choose from to help you with that. All of the products mentioned above are designed to take you into the world of pups and help you get an immersive experience.

Join The Pet Play Communities And Find People To Play

If you don’t know where to start and where to get a handler or some puppy friends, don’t worry. There are plenty of threads and forums going on where you can meet and share experiences with different people who are into the same puppy play like you. Some of the places for finding people are

In these subReddits, you will find people who share the same interests as you and the community is really loving and helpful. Give them a try.

Let your inner pup outside for play and be a good boy from now on. Have fun!

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