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I love exploring new sides of myself, self-exploration is so important and something many people shy away from in this idea of chastity. Pain, punishment, and humiliation are all words that come to mind when people think of locking their most sensitive and precious area away, however, for some of us, the words pleasure, restraint, and accomplishment spring to mind instead.

I find chastity to be an amazing outlet and there is so much to enjoy and explore with this kink. It can be a bit of a lonely experience if you don’t know where to start or how to enjoy it and so today I have put all of my favorite chastity forums in one place.

These forums will allow you to talk to other chastity wearers, find advice, ask questions, and even discover new challenges and exciting kinky porn. There are so many amazing forums and websites out there for chastity lovers to enjoy and now you can have them all in one place.

Warning: With any forum or website that I recommend I don’t have any control over the content that is posted, so use them at your own risk and take great care with your chastity device and your own limits.

Chastity Mansion – Chastity mansion is a hugely popular site, there are always users online updating and lurking on the forum. You can ask for advice, post requests, peek at people’s profiles and read fiction and non-fiction chastity stories. It’s easy to use and completely focused on male chastity which I know a lot of people prefer as there’s no confusion as to what you’re looking at or posting about.

Chastity Forums – Although at first glance it looks like a simple forum, it is in fact packed with helpful advice for anyone who enjoys or wears a male chastity device. You can freely post your questions, woes, praises, and desires and find like-minded people replying back to you. Ask advice on your cage (find your perfect cage here), post fictional erotic chastity stories, explore the marketplace and share your experiences so far. – This is a forum for doms, subs, slaves, mistresses, and everything in between. Dedicated to female domination, here you can chat to other members about just about anything to do with this kink. It’s a busy forum with plenty going on and so many past posts to browse through endlessly. Read advice, ask questions and share your thoughts with this active femdom forum. If you would like some more femdom resources, check out this article (coming soon).

Chastikey Forums – Although not as popular as some of the other forums in this article, it is filled with golden nuggets of great information and old threads that you can look back on that will certainly keep you entertained. It is made for those who wish to talk about chastity, post their findings, and somewhere you can request an online dom/sub/ or even a keyholder (learn how you can become or find the best keyholder – coming soon). It’s a forum I frequent every few weeks and enjoy the updated information and new threads.

KinkTalk – Kinktalk isn’t just dedicated to chastity but they do have a dedicated chastity forum that I love visiting. Again, it’s not as active as some of the other forums I mentioned but there’s a lot of content for you to enjoy and you will find frequent members replying quickly to new threads. Here you can discuss belts, cages, and your desires, it’s an open, shame-free space and it had to be included on my list.

Bound Forum – If you want a friendly community, this is a great place. It’s filled with people looking for advice, wanting to share their experiences, and generally discussing their favorite kink. It’s for both male and female chastity subs and wearers and it’s an exciting place to scroll through, whether you’re looking for something specific or just browsing through the thoughts of people like you.

Belted Girls – Dedicated to female chastity wearers, this forum, although not hugely active is great for the female wearers among us who want to feel a sense of community with other women who enjoy this kink. There is also an option to join the male forum, which is filled with the same kind of advice threads, discussions, and erotic stories posted by other members or yourself.

Fetlife – Fetlife is a kink dating site, and once you sign-up it has carefree spaces for you to talk about chastity and everything surrounding that topic. You will find people from all different walks of life joining this forum, it’s very popular, kinky, and eye-opening for newbies and more long-seasoned chastity wearers. Start your own threads, join in with others or simply lurk and enjoy the plethora of chastity content that gets posted here. Willow did a full review on fetlife with everything that happened when we used it, it’s worth a read.

Reddit – Reddit is an incredible place for just about any kink you may have and when it comes to chastity there is a huge amount of choice. There are so many different subreddits for you to enjoy, it can be a lot to take in but once you find your favorite places to hang out, you will find yourself back there, again and again, taking in all of the new posts and reveling in the content that gets shared on these subreddits.

  • r/chastity – Dedicated to all things chastity this subreddit doesn’t discriminate, feel free to post videos, photos, questions, ask advice, and answer others. It’s completely free to make an account and it’s an incredibly active subreddit.
  • r/ChastityCouples – This subreddit is hot and horny, it features couples sharing their photos, videos, and gifs where they are enjoying chastity play. I can’t get off this forum without a rock-hard boner so I have to be careful there when I am wearing a cage!
  • r/chastitytraining – An inclusive place where you can ask for advice on buying cages, training yourself, being locked up, and anything else that concerns your journey into this world. It is more of a forum for questions and discussion about chastity but you will find lots of great information and guidance.
  • r/CagedAndFucked – If you don’t want to get turned on, don’t join this subreddit. It’s a beautiful and wonderful place for enjoying others being caged, restrained, fucked, and pushed to their limits. It’s an inclusive space and the stuff that gets shared here is jaw-dropping.
  • r/ChastityCuckolding – This subreddit is dedicated to all of my cuckolds out there, it’s a place for cuckolds who are locked up in chastity at the same time as being treated as the cuck that they are. It’s a place for experience sharing, advice, photo sharing, and video uploads from real cucks locked away in their tight, little cages.
  • r/chastitychoice – Although it’s a bit of a niche subreddit, it’s still hugely popular and good fun to scroll through. The whole premise of this forum is for the user to be able to choose their chastity choice through captions, stories, and any other form of expression with the concept of choosing their destiny in their cage.
  • r/keyholdercaptions – KHC is all about sexy and exciting chastity-inspired captions that aim to tease the wearer of the cage. Scroll for hours enjoying the captions already uploaded and enjoy frequent and active uploads too, have fun with these captions and let your imagination run wild.
  • r/chastityorgasms – I find this subreddit to be wildly erotic, it turns me on a lot whenever I go on. It’s all about people having orgasms whilst locked away in chastity, people share their videos, pictures, and gifs with the world and we have the pleasure of enjoying them.
  • r/SissyChastity/ – If sissies and chastity are your things, you are going to love this subreddit. It’s filled with all things sissy and all things chastity, combining the two wonderful kinks into one and giving you a whole host of content to enjoy, for free.
  • r/femalechastity/ – This subreddit is all about female chastity, it’s a place where videos, gifs, and pictures of females locked up in their chastity belts are shared non-stop. You can also find stories and discussions on this topic and enjoy the endless amount of female chastity content that comes your way.
  • r/ChastityStories/ – This works like an archive for chastity stories, all of the best fiction and facts from across the internet, submitted by real users who enjoy erotica and want to share their finds. All stories include some element of chastity, whether that be female, male, sissy, or anything else and it’s a great place to browse if you want to get off.
  • r/gaychastity/ – The name of this subreddit is exactly what it is. Dedicated to gay men and their chastity devices. You can find a community of 25K members on this subreddit who all share the same interest. Browse, join in and enjoy this community of gay chastity lovers.
  • r/MasculineMaleChastity/ – Post pictures, ask questions, and discuss chastity with men who enjoy the simpler side of this kink. These members don’t enjoy the sissy aspect of chastity nor the feminization, it’s for those who enjoy being locked up and pushed to their limits, solo or with a partner, it’s just simple fun.
  • r/ChastityCaps/ – If you enjoy humiliation, sissyfying, cuckolding, femdom, couple chastity, or just simple chastity fantasies, you’re going to love this subreddit. It’s just a seemingly never-ending thread of captions, all sorts of scenarios, and exciting requests paint the pictures on this page and I can never get enough of it.

Quora – Somewhere I think gets personally overlooked by people looking for information is Quora.
If you have a general question you need to be answered, quora is an amazing place to ask it.

It’s not as kink-friendly as the above forums, but it can be good for getting quick advice. You can find people from all over the world interested in your topic, answering to the best of their knowledge.

If you have a general question rather than requests or kinky submissions, Quora is a great place to ask and you will find a rather friendly community.

Which Chastity Forums Do I Use The Most?

I love Reddit, I think that’s clear by how many I frequent but I do find myself on a handful of forums a lot of the time. My favorites would have to be:

Fetlife,, r/chastity, r/chastityorgasms & r/chastitycouples.

If there are any you think I have missed, leave them down below and if they make the cut I will be sure to add them to my article.

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