Best Prostate Massager (Prostate Milking)

Before we begin I just want to be clear of the differences between a prostate massage and prostate milking. Essentially they are the same thing, however, prostate milking focuses more on the release of fluid from the prostate gland. Focusing on the prostate and combining this with genital stimulation is how we can milk the prostate.

A prostate massage is sometimes called prostate milking because some people like to focus on the release of this fluid but essentially it is the same thing just with a little more emphasis on the fluid.

Doctors recommend prostate milking as it is known to be healthy for the prostate gland but I do think a lot of men do it because it feels so good not just for health reasons.

In this article, I want to talk about my favorite prostate massager. It feels great, it makes me cum, it isn’t intimidating and I love it:

The Best Prostate Massager Ever Made

prostate massager

Price Check: I found the cheapest price for this prostate massager on the 10/12/2018.

This is the best prostate massager I have ever used, it is so easy to use with its remote control that controls the 8 vibration modes and 12 intensity levels that work from up to 8 meters away. It’s made from extremely silky smooth silicone and the L-shaped design means you can relax knowing that it won’t ride up inside of you and you can play with your prostate with peace of mind.

The tip of this prostate massager makes sure to direct stimulation to your P-spot and you can enjoy all of this hands-free thanks to the remote that controls everything.

If you’re looking for discretion the storage case it comes with is a real game changer as it allows you to store your sex toy correctly and discreetly. There’s even an incorporated travel lock so you can be sure it won’t start buzzing in transit. You can even charge your prostate massager via the USB cord whilst it is in inside the storage case which I thought was such a nice touch for those wanting to be discreet.

Key Reasons I Love This Prostate Massager:

prostate massager key features

Reasonably priced.

8 vibrations and 12 intensity levels.

USB rechargeable.

The storage case is really useful.

It gives me insane prostate orgasms.

The L-shape means you don’t need to worry about it traveling up.

The massager is waterproof.

Hands-free orgasms.

How I Milked My Prostate

guide to milking your prostate

I enjoy prostate stimulation, I didn’t always like it but once I tried it and realized it wasn’t as bad as it seemed I soon loved it and was asking my girlfriend to touch my ass whenever we had sex.

I have tried loads of prostate sex toys but this one really takes the crown for me, I tested out the speeds and vibrations before I slipped it inside of myself and once I was well acquainted and happy with it I applied lots of lube to myself and the sex toy and slowly guided it inside.

I was on my knees when I first put it in and gently rocked back and forth whilst touching my penis, the vibrations were breathtaking as they pushed up against my P-spot and made my entire body shiver.

For me the combined P-spot stimulation and penis stimulation was really pushing me over the edge and without being too crude I definitely milked my prostate, my orgasm was so hard and it just kept on coming and coming.

Using the prostate massager on my own is something I often do but if my girlfriend wants to get involved she loves to control the vibrations via the remote and touch my penis as the sex toy does all of the work on my P-spot.

More Of My Favorite Prostate Massagers

The toy above is currently my all time favorite prostate massager, however after testing loads of these massagers I’ve got a few others I have to mention.

Budget Prostate Milking Toy

vibrating prostate massager

A simple vibrating prostate massager that features 2 speeds and 3 patterns for you to play with. The curved tip is perfectly angled to push up against your P-spot and the design textures of the massager are there to offer you intense internal stimulation.

Enjoy the vibrations all the way up the massager’s shaft and enjoy stimulation on your perineum when inserted fully. The flared base stops the massager from riding up inside of you and the vibrating motor gives the sex toy an all over buzz.

The Prostate Massager That Can Get Any Man Off

prostate milking toy

Ideal for P-spots or G-spots this is the silicone vibrating prostate massager, it features 3 speeds and 7 patterns for you to enjoy and experiment with.

The entire sex toy is engulfed with vibration as soon as you turn it on and these can be controlled via the easy to use push-button control. The shape of this prostate massager is ideal for those looking to cum via their P or G-spot as it gives you fierce internal stimulation and knows exactly where to press for ultimate orgasms.

Top Tips For Using Your Sex Toy

sex toy advice

Always use lube, it makes your sex toy much easier to use and it helps to ease it in without a struggle.

Clean and dry your sex toy after each use and store correctly away from direct sunlight, dust and dirt.

Test out the speeds and vibrations before insertion.

If your sex toy uses batteries make sure to remove these if storing your sex toy for a while.

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