The Penis Sleeve That Made My Girlfriend Cum HARD

I am so looking forward to writing this article, I have been waiting a few weeks to actually sit down and write it but I am finally here and I am so ready to share my findings with you all.

Today I am sharing with you all my favorite penis sleeve that made my girlfriend cum and made us both feel amazing.  The penis sleeve is simple but in my case very effective, let’s get into this:

The Best Penis Sleeve We’ve Used:

penis sleeve sex toy for men

Price Check: I found the cheapest price for this penis sleeve on the 10/12/2018.

Let me introduce to you the best penis sleeve I have ever used, this is the mega mighty penis extender that can add between 1-3 inches to your penis depending on your natural size.

If you want to check out the best cock rings I have ever used then make sure you click that link, it’s a hot article where I show you the cock ring my girlfriend and I LOVE.

How Does It Work?

how to use a penis sleeve

All you do is slip your cock inside of the clear sleeve which I loved as it allowed me to see how many inches I was adding, secure it in place by using the ball loop which is totally comfortable, apply some lube to the outside of the penis sleeve and get to work.

The sleeve stays in place when thrusting so you can live out your new found length and you can also just enjoy having sex without worrying about ejaculating, which makes it ideal for those who suffer from premature ejaculation or those who just want to last longer in the bedroom.

How Did It Make My Girlfriend Cum?

cartoon in pink lingerie

The penis sleeve has a realistic shape and textures which makes it more authentic rather than just a long pole thrusting into her.

I put the penis sleeve on after we had engaged in some foreplay and were both very warmed up. I made sure I put lube all over the penis sleeve and when I was happy it was secure in place I slowly guided it inside of her.

My girlfriend moaned in excitement and squirmed as I inserted the whole thing inside of her, I thrust slowly in and out of her and she clawed at my back and her entire body shifted. She was panting, trembling and telling me to keep on doing what I was doing.

It felt amazing making her feel like this, she was having so much pleasure and I could enjoy it too without the need to cum.

I kept up the same rhythm and I knew I was pushing my girlfriends G-spot, she was soaking wet and with each and every thrust she was moaning and trembling.

My rhythm was quick but I made sure to use the whole penis sleeve, pushing my whole length inside of her.

She suddenly began shaking more, her legs locked around me and she told me to keep doing what I was doing. I kept on doing it and although I was on the edge of an orgasm, I could keep doing this without worrying I was going to ruin it by cumming. I thrust and thrust until she screamed out loud and I felt her pussy clamp around the extender. She was shaking and clawing at me as I just kept on thrusting, the sheets were absolutely soaking beneath us but she was having one of the most amazing orgasms I had ever seen.

The added length had stimulated her G-spot and made her cum, it is the perfect shape to really get in there and perform and because it desensitizes your penis you don’t need to cum. My girlfriend swears by this penis sleeve and we use it so much now, she had never had a g-spot orgasm before and now we have definitely unlocked it.

How We Use It To Simulate A Threesome

simulating a threesome

My girlfriend and I simulate threesomes a lot, we love it but this is usually done with sex dolls and other kinds of female genitalia.

We have both been loving using a penis sleeve to do this, it’s something different for us and it gets my girlfriend off which we both love.

To simulate our threesome with this penis sleeve we use it during a roleplay session, I will leave the room and come back in the pitch black and won’t say a word whilst I fuck my girlfriend. We also wear costumes and pretend to be other people, there’s so much you can do with it you just have to be confident and comfortable.

Other Penis Sleeves I Have Used

I wanted to include some other penis sleeves that I have used just in case you didn’t like the look of the one that made my girlfriend cum or you just wanted to browse through a few more.

The Chunky Penis Extender My Girlfriend Begs For

my penis extender with ball loop

This penis extender sleeve is made for men who have a penis length of 6 inches or less. It adds 0.5 inches of girth to your penis giving you added confidence and more pleasure for your partner.

It can be used during sex as a penis extension or during masturbation as a penis stroker, it has stimulating textures on the interior to give you pleasure during sex or masturbation which give you amazing pleasure.

It is made from real-feel skin technology so it feels realistic and soft however you use it.

If You Want Deep Length

my realistic penis sleeve extender for most men

I love this realistic penis extender sleeve, it grants you up to 2 inches in length and 33% in girth. It is made from real-feel material and comes with an incredibly realistic feel to it. The pronounced head, veiny shaft and overall texture of this penis sleeve makes it more authentic and realistic to its user.

It’s easy to clean and easy to use, all you need to do is secure it in place with the comfortable ball loop.

This penis extender is made from temperature responsive materials so if you submerge it into warm water you will find that it makes it even more realistic and fun to use.

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