My All-Time Favorite Male Sex Toys

I have been wanting to write this article for ages now, I wanted to put all of the best sex toys I have been using all into one place for you to read and to easily locate.

I have a huge range of male sex toys that I have been loving so be prepared for this article to be overflowing with different types of sex toys for all types of people. Every toy on this list has been used by me and made it onto the list by getting through my rigorous selection process. This test consists of how well it can make me cum, what it’s like to use and price for the quality.

Let’s get this list started with one of the best male sex toys I have used this year:

Price Check: I priced checked all the items on this list on the 10/12/2018.

The Best Sex Toy I’ve Ever Used

my stamina training fleshlight sex toy for men

This is the pink lady stamina fleshlight and I love this sex toy. I spoke about it in this article: The Best Fleshlight Ever Used.

Not only does it feel amazing when you fuck it but it also helps you to last longer in bed as it really puts you to the test with its ribbed interior, tight canal and fantastic stimulating textures. I have used the original Fleshlight and the pink lady is definitely significantly tighter, she mimics the sensation of intercourse which makes it so hard not to cum but also this is what tests your stamina as you learn how not to cum and how to control your orgasm.

Another thing I love about this fleshlight is the discreet outer storage case, once the cap is screwed back on after use it looks just like a gold flashlight, it’s very discreet.

Key Reasons I Love This Sex Toy:

fleshlight in womans hand

Tests your stamina and allows you to work on it.

Discreet casing.

The ribbed interior feels insanely good.

Improve your technique.

Mimics the sensation of intercourse.

Lifelike outer features.

Comes with a sachet of lubricant, I recommend always using lube because it makes the fleshlight feel even more realistic.

More Of My Favorite Male Sex Toys:

Here’s some of the other sex toy that I can’t live without. My girlfriend and I literally use these toys every day.

The Only Penis Extender You’ll Ever Needmy male penis extender taken with professional camera

All you do with this penis extender is slip it over your cock, secure it in place with the ball loop and use your penis as you normally would. This clear extender adds between 1-3 inches to your cock depending on your natural size.

If you suffer from premature ejaculation this extender is really great as it desensitizes your penis so you can enjoy longer sessions with your partner.

The extender is clear so you can see your own penis inside which I really liked. Your partner can enjoy a longer length and bigger girth in the bedroom, which makes this sex toy ideal for roleplay, longer sessions and a big confidence boost.

My girlfriend and I wrote an article on this penis extender and how much she loves it.

My All-Time Favorite Prostate Massager

prostate massager

Enjoy 8 vibration modes and 12 intensity speeds with this prostate massager, it comes with a wireless remote that works from up to 8 meters away so you can easily control the speeds and vibrations with ease.

This prostate massager gave me one of the most fierce and intense orgasms I have ever had, it felt incredible and I didn’t have to do anything. I applied lots of lube to the sex toy, turned it on and allows the vibrations to pulsate against my perineum and P-spot which brought me to a body shaking orgasm.

The Male Vibrator Ever Man Needs

My male vibrator

Unlike many male sex toys, this fun factory male vibrator doesn’t focus on trying to mimic the sensation of sex instead it does something totally different and focuses vibrations on your most sensitive spots to bring you to orgasm without the need to thrust or even move if you don’t want too.

It focuses the vibrations on your glans and frenulum which feels so great, it is so different to anything I have used and now I love using it. I think it’s innovative and the orgasms it gives are worth every single penny.

My Girlfriend Begs Me To Use This Cock Ring

my black vibrating cock ring

A vibrating cock ring may not be what you were expecting but let me tell you, myself and my girlfriend have had some unreal sex since we have been using it.

The cock itself helps you in maintaining a stronger erection but with the added vibrating element your balls and shaft are stimulated as well as her clit. The vibrator is removable if you want to use it somewhere else but when you’re grinding up on each other and her clit is being stimulated and your cock is being stimulated by her and the vibrations, it feels like heaven.

We can even experience mutual orgasms when using this cock ring, which is something not a lot of couples are able to do.

I tested this cock ring in this article here.

Prostate Milking Toy

prostate massager

I was dubious when I first went to try out the Helix prostate massager, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be for me but I was so wrong, it was exactly what I needed.

It’s really simple to use, you just apply some lube, slip it inside of yourself and gently rock back and forth bringing yourself to orgasm with the stimulating velvety smooth silicone pressing up against your P-spot.

You can also keep it in during foreplay or sex and enjoy constant prostate stimulation without the need to do anything or press any buttons.

Penis Pump I Use Daily

my bathmate penis pump

This one is less of a sex toy and more of a sex aid, its the bathmate penis pump and although I already did a whole dedicated article to this pump which I recommend you read if you are considering buying a penis pump: testing the best penis pumps I will say that with everyday use for a few months you can increase the size and girth of your penis naturally.

All it takes is a few minutes, water and the pump and you can increase the length and girth of your penis without surgery or by doing anything dangerous.

This bathmate is so so easy to use, there’s really nothing complicated about it and if you have the patience you can grow in confidence and size.

This Pocket Pussy Is My Go-To

pocket pussy

Supertight Ella pocket pussy is a small, discreet and realistic pocket pussy that I am so glad I own and I am so glad to include on this best male sex toy list.

This pocket pussy is super inviting with its realistic lips and clitors and once you push yourself inside of the tight canal you are met with amazing textures that push and caress your penis. There’s even a hole in the base so that you can insert a bullet vibrator and really take your orgasms to another level.

For the price (under 20 bucks) I think this pocket pussy is amazing value for money, it has given me some super powerful orgasms and she is always ready when I am.

Damn! This Fleshlight Is Amazing

best fleshlight I own

Finally, on my list, we have the Flight Fleshlight, it is the number one best-selling sex toy for men. It’s aerodynamic, non-anatomical and has a breathtaking bumpy interior canal.

The canal of this fleshlight is one of my favorites, it stimulates my cock so much and makes me cum hard. I also love using it with my girlfriend as without the anatomical entrance we are free to explore our own fantasies and scenarios.

male sex toys on woman in red lingerie

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