The Greatest Male Masturbators We’ve Ever Tested

The day is finally here where I get to talk about the male masturbators that I rate highly, it has taken me forever to make this article because I wanted to try them all, do all of the research possible and make sure I was 100% certain about which masturbators I wanted to include.

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I really hope you guys and girls enjoy this article, a lot of effort went into it and TMI but I had a lot of orgasms to find out which male masturbator to include on my list.

We are going to kick things off with the male masturbator that I cannot stop thinking about, it was my 100% favorite and it needs to be first for that reason:

The Best Male Masturbator


This is the TENGA flip hole masturbator, I know that it’s so different to what we have seen before but it is so innovative and unique with its textured interior sleeve and the three exterior buttons allow you to experiment with pressure play. These buttons are on each side of the masturbator so every bit of pressure can be tailored to absolute perfection.

TENGA have created a dream come true with this male masturbator, the interior is ribbed to perfection with nodules, different textures, ridges and bumps. Once inside (erect or soft – ideal for those with ED), you can then tailor pressure along your head and shaft and increase pressure where you need it.

The sensations are insane with this sex toy, it certainly keeps you on your toes. You can start with a soft, gentle sucking technique and move onto to a deep intense stimulation, the choice is yours.

It’s so easy to clean and very discreet to store away, which I know a lot of other men also appreciate.

Key Features Of This Masturbator

male masturbator

Comes with two sachets of lubricant, make sure to always use lube with any of your sex toys.

Made from classic skin-safe TPE materials.

Enjoy pressure stimulation with the innovative three button design.

Insane textured inside sleeve.

You can use it when not erect so it’s ideal for those with erectile issues.

Drying dock ensures a thorough and hygienic clean.

The stimulation is nothing that I had ever felt before.

Reviews Of This Masturbator

male masturbator review

You can read all of these reviews and more by clicking here.

The Male Fleshlight That’s Game Changingbest fleshlight I own

The discreet fleshlight male masturbator is the best selling sex toy for men. I love the discreet exterior of this masturbator, it oozes sensuality to me and once you plunge inside of it you are greeted with a textured real-feel clear sleeve that stimulates your entire penis.

You can even twist the base as it offers you different levels of suction and tailored play.

I love this fleshlight (see my other most used fleshlights) I think it is incredible value for money, the orgasms I had with this masturbator were amazing and the fact that you can submerge it into warm water before using it to take an even more realistic level is such a great thing to me.

The interior feels so good, even thinking about it is making me hard. Each bump, nodule and texture gives you a different sensation.

The Budget Male Masturbator
male masturbator with nodules

I found this double stroker to be great value for money, one side has supple spikes that give you waves of pleasure and turn the stroker inside out and you are met with exciting ridges for lifelike stimulation.

You can even experiment with a suction technique, which takes your masturbation and orgasms up to another level. The design of this stroker is simple, discreet and straight to the point. It’s easy to clean and easy to use and feels fantastic when you slip yourself inside of it.

Must-Have Male Vibrator!

My male vibrator

Super powerful this is the cobra libre II male vibrator, it’s different to the other male masturbators we have seen on this list but it blew my mind when I first used it. It focuses on direct stimulation on your most sensitive spots rather than mimicking the sensations of sex like the other masturbators.

It has a quiet powerful motor that sends insane vibrations to the head of your penis and frenulum, it also doesn’t matter your size because this thing targets stimulation to those areas and it just feels amazing.

I didn’t know I could make the noises I made when I use this masturbator, it’s so powerful and so different to what I am used too. If you want to read more on male vibrators you should check out my article on my top male vibrator picks.

The Ultimate Blowjob Masturbatorblowjob male masturbator

This is the blowjob stimulating masturbator that engulfs your penis in its textured canal, inside you will find that there are three different points of insertion so that you can really bring your blowjob to life as these different points mimic oral sex.

Enjoy tight sensations, tongue flicking stimulation and extra deep-throating possibilities. The masturbator is non-anatomical and discreet so it really is awesome for everyone. I found that this masturbator feels even better when you use water-based lube as it feels even more realistic and just like an extra wet blowjob.

Budget Male Stroker
my purple non anotomical male sex toy

A tantalizing double ended male stroker that made me cum hard. This sex toy is made from ULTRASKYN technology that offers you a realistic sensation and feels so soft on your penis. One side is tighter than the other and both ends offer you a different kind of stimulation.

I like to squeeze mine when my penis is inside for an added pleasure but you can do whatever you like. The nodules and textures inside this masturbator feel so good against your penis, they bring me to orgasm every single time.

male sex toys next to hot woman

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